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American Minor interview 

American Minor
Submitted by Kaj Roth on 2005-11-25
Hello there,what?s going on right now with the band?
The band: Bud has been jamming in the hollers of West Virginia with old men in between fixing apartments with his dad, Gragg and Knox have been stoned playing video games, Bruno danced at a tranny bar in his underwear for drink specials in NYC this weekend, and Rob has been on shopping for belts. We head back out on the road in January, for now we are just enjoying the holidays.

You?re a guitarbased rocknroll band with some organ on a few songs,but would you use synthesizers if the song needed it?
The band: Yes, like Led Zeppelin though. Not like some posers with asymetrical haircuts and skinny jeans.

Are you getting any airplay on radio?
The band: Yes

You?re signed to Jive records that has some of the biggest pop bands in the world (Backstreet Boys,Britney Spears),are you not worried that the label won?t promote you as muchas them?
The band: We arent worried about shit.

There are a lotta 70?s vibes in your music,but it was different back in the 70?s where the bands actually could release a couple of albums that were more experimental and no big sellers but still be on the same label,something that is impossible today.
The band: We dont really think about label expectations when we are write music, we just try to write good songs. You know, our record thats out now, for example, doesnt sound like anything thats selling.

I have noticed that the whole stands as songwriters behind the whole album,but isn?t it always a few in the band that makes more music than the rest or are you really jamming as a band while making music?
The band: No song would be the same without everyones input. Everyone plays a role, albeit different roles,that go into the songwriting. Rest assured, some of our songs started out as nothing other than a stoned out jam session. And even the songs that came to the table pretty developed by one individual evolved into something completely different once everyone had a hand in things.

Have you been able to do shows on big arenas yet,if so - what places are the best to play,small clubs or big arenas?
The band: The best places to play are the ones filled to capacity with people that like rock and roll. Weve played to 10,000+ and as little as 50 people crammed into a tiny bar...and its all the same to us as long as the energy is there.

What do you feel about reality TV?
The band: It depends on the show, and the characters. Not even the concept really. For example,Donald Trumps apprentice is way better than Martha Stewarts version of the Apprentice. I hate how she writes thank you letters to the people she dismisses. What a fake bitch, you know? Fuck KMART.

Will you still be around in 2009 when perhaps there might be a 40th anniversary festival at Woodstock,is it a dream to stand on that stage?
The band: We dream of being at Woodstock in 1969. The attempts to re-create that have been unfortunate. People dont care about love, and change, and standing behind whats right like they used to. Its all a ADD riddled nihilistic mess these days. Woodstock wouldnt be about standing up to the powers that be and changing the world---it would be about $8 coca colas, setting shit on fire, and grabbing womens breasts in mosh pits. But hell, itd be good exposure, wed play it.

You know the saying,it takes a lifetime for a band to make their first album but only have a year to make the follow up,do you have material for a second effort?
The band: We wrote half this album 3 weeks before we recorded it. I think it took a lifetime for us to figure out how to write a we arent sweating the second one.

What album in your collection can?t you live without?
The band: Bob Dylan - Blonde on Blonde


Did you know that?

Their name is Icelandic wordplay: while the individual words Sigur and Rós mean, respectively, Victory and Rose, "Victory Rose" wouldn´t be grammatically correct; the name is actually borrowed from Jónsi´s younger sister Sigurrós Elin, who was born the same day as the band was formed, and then split into two words.

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