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Alessi Bros interview 

Alessi Bros
Submitted by Rick Huisseune on 2006-06-20
Much to my surprise was the "Just Like That" comeback album of the Alessi Bros. It became a pretty fun enjoyable Pop/Rock West Coast album with great hooks and vocals of both Bobby and Billy Alessi combined with some excellent guitar parts of Peppy Castro (Balance) and drums of Mike Ricciardella. I really enjoyed songs like "No Gettin Around My Love" and "Livin With A Broken Heart". Actually this album reminds me a bit on a - up to date version mixture - somewhere between Toto and Tycoon. If your into some good old melodic clean fun songs with tender vocals then your set with these brothers. I asked them a few questions about their past with Barnaby Bye, present with Alessi Bros. and future plans .....
You guys have a great history,Who doesnt know the world hitsingle "Oh Lori". Just for the facts how many albums in total did you released so far with Barnaby Bye and the Alessi Bros. ?
Alessi Bros: We released 2 albums with Barnaby Bye on Atlantic records, Room To Grow and Touch, we were signed by Ahmet Ertegun. After that we went to LA and signed with A&M records. We did 4 albums there, Alessi, All For A Reason, Driftin and Words and Music. After that we signed with Quincy Jones and Warner Bros. We recorded Long Time Friends produced by Christopher Cross. After that we released Hello Everyone and most recently Just Like That. Of course there were several Best Of released over the years. We are currently working on a long awaited third Barnaby Bye LP entitled Thrice upon a Time.

When did you release your last album, what year was that and why this come back release?
Alessi Bros: The last LP was Hello Everyone and it was released in 2004. We were getting so many requests for more Alessi through our web site that we decided to put it out there just for our fans around the world.

Is Pink Records your own label ?
Alessi Bros: No, Pink records is a small label that is based in Holland, and parts of Europe.

You have to tell us about your Dutch connection, how did you guys came involved with Holland so much ?
Alessi Bros: We have always loved Holland and they were the first to welcome us back. Once again through our web site through out the past 5 years or so we have been contacted to do various TV shows and eventually became affiliated with 2freeagency. Louie Van der Stuyft has helped us by introducing us to Pink Records and promoting us in Europe.

You even have a Dutch band ? Tell our readers everything about this ?
Alessi Bros: When we were first asked to perform live in Holland, the cost of bringing our own band made it impractical. 2freeagency has access to some of the best musicians in Holland. We have 2 bands, an unplugged band that consists of Harry Tumansery on Guitar and Jeff Patty on Percussion. We also have a Drummer, Bass player and Keyboardist that we add for the larger venues.

How did you came in touch with Peppy Castro ?
Alessi Bros: We met Peppy Castro while performing in the Broadway Production of Hair. Bobby and Peppy quickly became great friends and enjoyed sharing their music and brought Billy into the mix and that was how Barnaby Bye was born. There was a different drummer in the beginning but when the band was signed to Atlantic Records we decided to ask Mike Ricciardella to be in the band.

Do you guys have plans to tour throughout the States and Europe with JUST LIKE THAT ?
Alessi Bros: We have been doing various concerts on the East coast with Barnaby Bye and we also do some Alessi shows for our fans in the States. We are planning a Theater tour in April 2007 with Kik Productions and the Tour is called ?Ocean? We will be performing with Julya Loco and Erwin Van Ligten.

I guess its a little bit more difficult to get airplay with an album like JUST LIKE THAT in compare with like so many years ago, do people still remember who you are ?
Alessi Bros: That is the reason we are doing this. People didn?t forget us and we are reminded of that everyday through the web site and can see some of the letters we?ve received on our ?your kind words..? page at

To what music do you listen yourself thesedays ?
Alessi Bros: We listen to all kinds of music from Hip Hop to Classical. Being in advertising, you have to keep up with what?s popular. But we still enjoy the melodic pop like Keane, Michael Buble, Maroon 5 and Aqualung just to name a few.

What was the most succesful Alessi Bros song so far to date and which album of yours had the most sales ?
Alessi Bros: Of course the most successful Alessi song was Oh Lori and that LP was our biggest seller. We have had the honor of selling over 10 million records through the years and still counting.