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Hinder interview 

Submitted by Johan Wippsson on 2006-07-29
Theyve got ravereviews... theyre a priorityband at Universal... Theyre out playing with tons of other great rockbands... So it was about time we tracked them down for an interview... here is it for ya... HINDER...
First of all I wanna thank you for an awesome album in ?Extreme Behavior? that was one of the best releases in 2005 in my opinion. Really classic rock, but in a modern way!
Hinder: Thank you very much, that is a great compliment since that is exactly what wanted to accomplish. That is why we hired Mike Fraser to engineer the album. He has done a lot of the great classic rock albums

Hinder is a pretty new band for most people. Can you tell us a little about you and how you got formed?
Hinder: Blower and I (Cody) met while we were in college. We threw a big-ass party and hired a couple of cover bands, and the singer from one of the bands really caught my ear. So, I introduced myself to Austin and a couple of weeks later, the three of us were a band. We met Mike and Mark a few years later after doing some demos in Canada and deciding to showcase for some labels.

I was a little surprised when I saw Brian Howes of Closure name on the album. How did you team up with him?
Hinder: We were going to an independent album so we were searching for producers and found Joey Moi. We didn?t know it at the time but he was partners with the singer from one of our favourite bands, Closure. So we went up to Canada and wrote some songs with Brian and became really good friends.

I can see that he has been important for your album with producing and also involved in the song writing. Is it possible that we can see the same collaboration on the next album?
Hinder: I think that is a definite possibility. He is an amazing producer and we work great together.

Do you know if Closure is still alive?
Hinder: Well, I get the updates from time to time but I really can?t say yes or no. I guess we?ll all just have to wait and see.

When listening to your album it feels like you?ve been inspired by classic rock ala Aerosmith, but also some more modern rock like Nickelback and Buckcherry. What bands has inspired you to sound the way you do?
Hinder: Well you have listed a couple of them. Aerosmith, Bad Company, Buckcherry, Motley Crue, and several others.

Was it from the beginning crystal clear how you would sound from the beginning?
Hinder: Not really because when we first started the band, we were writing separately and were all in a different place mentally. But once we got up to Vancouver we started making it more of a team effort so our personality as band started to show through a lot more.

When haven?t seen a new super selling rock band with attitude for a while. Why do you think?
Hinder: I?m not sure what the hell happened. All I know is that all of the sudden rock got really fucking lame and depressing. Everybody just wanted to cry about everything. Rock N Roll is meant to be fun

I read that you released an independent album called ?Far From Close? some years ago. Is it possible getting it somewhere these days?
Hinder: We sold out of those a long time ago. It?s really not worth even worrying about it in my opinion. We weren?t even a complete band at that time and really had no clue what we were doing.

How would you compare it to ?Extreme Behavior??
Hinder: Well, its a little more???how should I say it???um, 1998 sounding.

Did any of the songs on it make it to your new album?
Hinder: nope

Also read that there was a bidding war about you. That must have been really great! What made you to choose Universal?
Hinder: I truly believe that they are the best label out there right now. They had all of the same ideas that we did and they let us be ourselves. They gave all the creative control that we wanted and that was very important to us. We didn?t want a label that was going to make us be some fake band.

Have your label been supported you in a good way?
Hinder: So far they have been amazing. We love everyone there and totally appreciate all their hard work.

I can see that your schedule is very tight at the moment with a lot of tour dates. And you will be playing a bunch of great bands like Godsmack, Nickelback, Chevelle and Hoobastank. It must feel really great for you?
Hinder: Of course its amazing to share the stage with bands that we?ve listened to for years. It?s also great to be able to learn from such great performers.

How?s the life on the tour? Different than expected?
Hinder: Life on the road is great. It is different than we expected but in a good way. We get along with each other better and we party a lot harder. All the stories that you hear about being in rock band and partying??.you should multiply it by ten.

Thanks for your time and hopefully I will see you in Stockholm later.