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Autovein interview 

Submitted by Johan Wippsson on 2006-08-07
Autovein what a great band! Straightforward and timeless rock with a modern twist that would go really far if they?ll get the chance. They should have had an album out these days, but after their label changed their staff including all the people that were working with the guys, the band had to leave. But hopefully their GGGarth produced album will find a new home, cause it?s a real GEM. Read what happened and what is to come with the guys?.
Hey there, how are you?
Bryan: reat - thanks for asking.

What happened with deal with Columbia? I was the expecting your album to be out there this year, but you?re not there anymore? Why?

Bryan: You know - we really dont know. in Dec of 2005 - they got a new
Chairman and Director of Marketing - in Jan of 2006 they fired like 40
some-odd people. Everyone we knew there was gone. It was only a
couple of weeks after that we found out they werent going to put out
the record. We dont even know if the new people listened to it.

What will happen now? Are you shopping the album to different labels or is it stuck at Columbia.

Bryan: Shopping, yes. Either find another Major, or put it out Indie and
work it a little more grass-roots style. Either way - were proud of
the record and we think it needs to be heard. Were just gonna do
whatever we can.

Could you feel that you weren?t high priority at the label or did the news came from nowhere? They must have believed in you! The album is a
hit and would have been one the best released this year in my opinion.

Bryan: Thanks. Again - were really proud of it. We never really got
involved enough with the label to get a sense of "priority" or not.
It took us a really long time to turn the record in - so it wasnt
really officially delivered until just a couple of months before we
got dropped. We werent even on the schedule yet.

What will happen to the band if ?Bullets & Bruises? won?t be out? Is it possible to continue after a disaster like this?

Bryan: It will be out in one way or another. But regardless, bands go
through phases - well regroup and do it all over again - because we
feel compelled to do so. Theres nothing else really that make me
feel useful, personally...other than music. So - thats what I keep
doing - at least as long as Im blessed with the opportunity and means
to do so. Its a privilege really.

You worked with GGGarth ( Rage Against The Machine,Chevelle, Fivespeed) on your album. What?s the story behind that? Did you send him some demos or did the label pick him, or?

Bryan: Both. Part of the record-making process was a 6-month search for
the right Producer. Gggarth was the guy - it just took us a while
to find him. I think someone at Columbia suggested him, and then
he flew to St. Louis to meet us...pretty much knew we were going to
use him a couple of hours after meeting him. Hes a tremendous
talent with a no ego and a HUGE desire to make beautiful music -
even if its the heaviest shit youve ever heard - Gggarth finds
the beauty in it.

I saw some cool pictures of his place up in Gibsons B.C, Canada.
Were you up there? It seem to be a very cool, pretty different.

Bryan: Yeah - its a great way to make a record. Youre a 45-minute
Ferry ride off the coast of Vancouver - totally isolated from most
of whats normal. Its peaceful, comfortable, and allows you to
bury yourself in your record without too many distractions...other
than frisbee golf and ping-pong.

You?re a new band for most people can you give us the short story about you?

Bryan: The story IS short. I record some demos in 2003 in my basement.
Those caught the attention of a few ppl, including my Manager, Josh
Karchmer @ Louder Than Bombs (The Juliana Theory, Open Hand).
Shortly after we met - he introduced me to the Fine brothers (Matt
& Jesse) who were, at the time, not doing much with their band
(Celebrity). We played about 15 shows and had a deal about 5
months later. We spent the next year and half completing our debut
record, which, for the time being, has yet to be released. But,
again, were working on that :)

You?ve changed name a few times the last year. First from ?The Adored? to ?For The World?, probably because there?s a band called
Adored. But why the last change? The advance cd that I?ve heard and seen has the name ?For The World?.

Bryan: We sold "The Adored" to a band in Los Angeles that claimed to be
using it first. I, personally, was over the name anyway, but we
had a hell of a time coming up with the replacement. We actually
called the band Discover for about two weeks, then someone at
Columbia hated it. We agreed so we changed it to For The World,
which isnt much better...we ultimately ended up changing it again
a couple months later for the label...thats when we came up with
Autovein - which was just two words that Jesse and I liked the
sound of...we just said fuck works. And I think its
fine. We like it now.

Aren?t you afraid of confusing your fans with all those changes?
Bryan: Yes. And it did. Weve had a really hard time keeping in touch
with our fans. Right after we formed, we disappeared for a year
and half to make the record - and then we never came back under the
same name. Its been terribly confusing.

Any story behind the new name?
Bryan: Not really.

Did you release anything under your first name, The Adored? You don?t sound like newcomers to me at all! If so, is it possible to get it somewhere?

Bryan: No - we sure didnt. Just made demos...most of which I recorded in
my basement - a few of which I did in Memphis. None of its out.
You could maybe find it on the Internet if you were REALLY willing
to give it some time. :)

I must say that I?m amazed of the songs I?ve heard so far. It?s like hearing the best moments of Foo Fighters, but on the same album! Have Dave Grohl and the band influenced you in any way?

Bryan: Thank you. I dont know about the best moments of the Foo
Fighters - theyre pretty hard to top, but - yeah - I think its
obvious that Dave and his writing have had an influence on me and I
like it that way. Doesnt bother me at all when people are able to
pick out my influences. If they dont like it - I didnt record it
for them anyway. As much as I love the Foo Fighters, though - the
funny thing is, there are a lot of other really strong influences
on this record that most people dont pick up on...but thats ok
with me, too.

What do you think of the rock scene at the moment? Any favorite bands out there?

Bryan: Theres a rock scene?

Favorite bands, I dont know about favorite bands, but right now
im listening to a lot of Indie music...I love Rogue Wave, and the
Shins. Theres not a lot on the radio, for example, that Im in
love with. If you like Tom Delonges voice (Blink 182), the Angels
and Airwaves CD is really different in a good way. My friends have
me listening to Dredg a lot more, too...the new record is great. I
think were still stuck in a time where so much stuff sounds the
same, so I tend to attach myself to things that I think are a
little bit of an escape.

Are you out playing any shows at the moment or have you anything booked for the future?

Bryan: Sure. Were not really touring at the moment, were mostly
working on writing and recording new songs but weve got a few
shows lined up around town, including an opening slot for LIVE in
St. Louis, MO (our hometown) on August 12th, for the Live on the
Levee Concert Series. Good times. Lightning Crashes, man. I
shouldve written that fuckin song.

What will happen next? How does the future look for Autovein?
Bryan: Same shit. Pardon the expression. We write music, we record
music, and we look for fans that wanna hear it. Ive been doing
this for about 5 or 6 years now and every year is different, but
every year is still just the same. On a label, off a label, new
band members, old band members - we really dont change what we
do...we just wanna play music...and again, its our privilege

Thanks for the opportunity! Let?s hope that the album will be out!
Good luck!

Bryan: No...thank you.