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Drew Alexander interview 

Drew Alexander
Submitted by Johan Wippsson on 2006-08-24
Smart pop with a unique production signed Tommy Henriksen (Clear Static, Still Standing) is the winning concept for the upcoming artist Drew Alexander. His ultra catchy tunes are impossible to resist and it?s just a matter of time until his signed. talked with him about what?s happening at the moment??.enjoy!
Hey there Drew, how are you?
Drew: Hey Johan, Im good, thanks.

You?re new for most of our readers, can you tell us a little about yourself?
Drew: Well, I am a solo artist out of Scottsdale, Arizona. I write and sing songs that are fun to listen to and fun to write. Usually they turn out poppy, uplifting, and quite electronic. I play the piano pretty well despite a complete lack of training, and I am a budding producer.

What made you to start writing songs? When did you know that you had this talent?
Drew: I personally signed up for the soprano boys choir at my private school in 4th grade. It was there that my passion for the turn of a chord progression truly grew. That, and thousands of hours doodling on every piano Ive ever laid eyes on shaped me as a musician.

There are some awesome songs up on myspace produced by the hero Tommy Henriksen(with two awesome solo albums). How did you meet him?

Drew: My manager, Chad Bowen introduced me to Tommy, as they have been friends for years. Tommy liked my songs, and I liked everything hed ever produced. I was on the next plane to L.A.

You got a very cool sound, pretty hi-tech in a classic singer songwriter package. Has it been a high priority for you and Tommy to get this unique sound?
Drew: Absolutely, it was almost a prime directive. Luckily, Tommy and I share a passion for innovation. If it isnt fresh, it isnt exciting. Even during the recording process, people told Tommy and me our unconventional approach would never sell. Tommy has great instincts, though, and hes fearless. Id like to think we share these traits as well

How far have you come in the recording process? How many songs are recorded so far?
Drew: We finished 4 songs so far (it is no coincidence that 4 is the maximum number of songs an artist can put on their Myspace at a time). I suppose we will just keep recording songs until the album feels finished.

How is Tommy to work with? Does he give you and good advices about the business etc?
Drew: I have gained more business and technical wisdom from Tommy than I ever would have imagined. He seems rough around the edges at times, but its his real New Yorker side. On the other hand, Tommy is one of the last sincere human beings in Los Angeles. His work ethic is something I aspire to.

How looks the nearest future for you. Are you talking to any labels at the moment?
Drew: The future looks bright! We are talking with labels right now, which can be a tedious process. After that, we return to work on the debut album, maybe film a music video, and there are whispers of a TV show...

What?s your goal with music? Is it to get a records deal or is it just to be able to live as a musician, or?
Drew: I guess my ultimate goal is to do what I love (play music), and maybe drive a nice car because of it. Nice house? Not necessary. Ill sleep in the back of a restored vintage muscle car.

You?re from Scottsdale, Arizona. How?s the music scene there?
Drew: Tempe, the college town home of ASU is just next door to Scottsdale, and the music scene is pretty good down there. My music scene is Myspace, though. And it is HOT.

What?s the story behind ?Shake?? I love that song! It?s a hit!
Drew: Shake is the culmination of all the melodrama Ive experienced in the handful of serious to semi-serious relationships throughout high school. I had a girlfriend when i wrote it. She thought it was pretty cute.

You have a very modern and fresh pop/rock sound that also feels very natural that people can relate to. What artists have inspired you to sound the way you do?
Drew: I have deliberately tried not to emulate any artists sound or format. But there are artists out there who inspire me to compete with them and to love my own music as much as I love theirs. Lately, Keane, Muse, Phoenix, Radiohead, and Imogen Heap have gotten a lot of plays on my iPod, and I suppose Ive been influenced despite myself.

What do you think about the business today? Any favorite artists out there?
Drew: I love where music is headed. ESPECIALLY in Europe. The latest albums by Phoenix, Muse, and Bloc Party are not only engrossing, they make statements about the past, present, and future of music.

What will happen next? Record some more songs?
Drew: First, I have to write them! Even before that, I plan to revamp my home studio so I will have a convenient place to record and develop ideas. The computer I currently use just turned 7 years old. Not good, haha

Thanks for your time Drew and keep up the good work!
Drew: Thanks, Johan. Any time :)