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Corin & Edman interview 

Corin & Edman
Submitted by Rick Huisseune on 2007-01-09
Never thought i would see the day to hear the most excellent West Coast album that never was made in the 80s by a Swedish duo. For some this "Roc de Light" album by Corin & Edman may sound super clean, for others it will be the most perfect album of the last decade ! I have to confess that when im in the mood for pure West Coast it simply cant get any better than this result. Therefore i really cant pick out which song is the best on "Roc de Light" cos they all sound equally fine. This does actually sound like if Toto wouldve continued with Bobby Kimball on Fahrenheit in the style of David Packs "Anywhere You Go ..." album. And the best fact i can add to this is that the CD doesnt sound dated at all ! More than time to ask the friendly G?ran Edman the following questions .....
1) "Roc de Light" is the best West Coast album ive heard in ages,
its nearly a cross between Totos "Fahrenheit" and David Packs
"Anywhere You Go ..", actually your release sounds more as Bobby
Kimball continued on Fahrenheit instead of Joseph Williams .... do
you see this as a compliment ?

Goran: -Oh yes

2) Im surprised that you made contributions with rather a lot of
Melodic Metal bands in the past, with your voice this release must
be a dream come true ?

Goran: -Well I find it stimulating with variety and therefor it has been
a lot of projects in the past.
From Metal to Westcoast and progressive rock it?s quite a big step
and demands different skills that can be quite challenging.
It allows me to modulate my voice in new directions.

3) Corin & Edman is definetly the strongest i heard out of
scandinavia since .... Time Gallery and West Of Sunset, im also
amazed that you guys dont have an accent at all, how did you do
that ?

Goran: - The only explanation I can come up with is that we read English
as our first language in school and also that Swedish modern
culture is very mixed up with American influences.

4) Im very curious to know your 80s heroes in music .....
Goran: -My 80?s heroes where basicly progressive rockbands like Genesis
and Yes.

5) I?m being honest with such a classic unreal West Coast
masterpiece like this but I?m not that thrilled about the artwork of
the CD, it looks almost like this was print in a hurry, i truly
believe this album wouldve sell way better if it was covered in a
painting or something else than a picture, agree ?

Goran: -I see what you mean but prefer to remain neutral when this is more ore less in Claes concern.
He has approved the concept and financed everything

6) 25 or 20 years ago this release also wouldve been on a major
label in States selling tons of it .... like many of us you must
also miss those (nostalgic) times ?

Goran: -I guess it was more rewarding during the 80s. The music industry
has changed drastically in comparition.
Now Its a very narrow
mainstreem music field controlled by a few major companies
The internet though provides an opportunity for smaller acts or artists to make their music available which is good but then on the
other hand we have the problem with free downloading that is absurd.

7) Do you and Claes actually perform live on stage in clubs in
Sweden ?

Goran: -No we have not done any gigs so far.

8) I believe Claes Corin has a daytime job, can you live out of
your musical career ?

Goran: -To be I have a daytime job as well. Then I dont
have to worry about the big bills anymore. I have to admit that it
drains me of energy from time to time but when I have no children
to support there is plenty of sparetime for me in the home-studio.

9) Hopefully this wont be the one and only of this duo, do you
have plans to record more releases ?

Goran: -I would say that there is always a possibility, without making any

10) I wonder if you took this album overseas, cos its suprisingly
to see that there are no American musicians on "Roc de Light". Did
you have any reactions so far from people in the States ?

Goran: -It would be nice if we could get a release in US but it is
difficult for small European acts to get a decent record-deal over

11) Explain us the rather strange title "Roc de Light" ??
Goran: Claes came up with the title. It has no deeper meaning I guess.
Roc as in Rock
and de light as in delight. A kind of luxury adult pop rock AOR.
As Claes expressed it.
-"I woke up one morning with the title on my lips and it kind of
tasted that well so I decided to keep it".

12) Favorite song on this album and why ?
Goran: Tricky question but if I have to pick a favorite it would be "Good
luck charm".
It?s a kind of moody song that pull some sentimental strings in my
heart with a lyric that was written in therapy during difficult