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Ken Andrews interview 

Ken Andrews
Submitted by Kaj Roth on 2007-03-11
Ken Andrews is preparing to release his new album SECRETS OF THE LOST
SATELLITE. His first solo effort under the artist, producer and
multi-instrumentalist?s own name will be released on Dinosaur Fight
Records in stores March 13, and digitally February 27.
Hello Ken, at last some new music from you - why did it take 4 years for you to release a new album?
Ken: After Year of the Rabbit, I needed a break from trying to be an artist and the rat race of trying to sell records. After a couple of years of break time, I started writing songs for my own enjoyment. That was the beginning of this record.

Did you write all the songs on "Secrets of the lost satellite" after the Year of the
Rabbit album or have you had some of them with you longer?

Ken: All of them, except the drum track from “In Your Way”, were written after Year of the Rabbit.

The album title has sort of a Sci-Fi feeling to it like a movie title, what´s the story behind it?

Ken: The album title is inspired by some of the different lyrics and themes throughout. It just seemed to capture a certain essence of the record.

I realize that this album is more synthesizer based compared to your earlier work with
Year of the Rabbit, On and Failure - did you start composing more on the keyboard
instruments this time instead of the guitar?

Ken: On (Shifting Skin) is more electronic than this record. To answer your question, almost all songs on this record were written on guitar as a starting point.

I know you produced the excellent album with First Wave Hello that also happens to be your backing band on the upcoming tour, have you produced their EP too that will be
released in spring?

Ken: I only mixed their album, ‘The Lord and Its Penguin’. I did not work on the EP.

If I got this right, will First Wave Hello open the show with their set of songs before
entering the stage with you?

Ken: Yes

Will you perform songs on the tour from all your bands (Failure, On and Year of the

Ken: Yes

I read something about you producing a demo with a band called Telecast a while back, whatever happened to that band?
Ken: The last I heard, the lead singer was persuing a solo career. I don’t know if the band broke up or is on hiatus.

When I listen to your new solo album, I get the feeling you have been inspired by 70´s
space rock bands like King Crimson and Hawkwind. Can you elaborate on your inspirations?

Ken: King Crimson was definitely not an influence on this album. Bands that I have been listening to over the past few year that I feel influences me are Doves, Air, Boards of Canada, and Radiohead.

Do you find it easier to write songs in the minor key compared to the major key?
Ken: I do not know keys. I play by ear.

Your vocals on this album also brings thoughts to the late Kevin Gilbert who released some amazing stuff with Giraffe and Toy Matinee, are you a fan of his work?

Ken: No, I don’t know it.

Can you tell me a little more about the project Los Angeles Digital Noise Academy that you have together with your wife Charlotte Martin and Jordon Zodorozny of Blinker The Star (which by the way is a brilliant band), will there be a cd?
Ken: LADNA is what I call a digital band. Our MySpace page ( has two tracks up with descriptions about how we wrote and recorded them. Stay tuned for a release.

So what is your favorite breakfast, what is it that you can´t be without in the

Ken: This is a serious and fun question,I’m getting into fruit smoothies lately.

A final question, have you produced any other artists/bands that will be released
later in 2007?

Ken: Right now there is nothing coming out, except the new album from Thousand Foot Krutch. I don’t know when it will be out.