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Ari Hest interview 

Ari Hest
Submitted by Rick Huisseune on 2007-12-18
We at always support the most gifted and talentful melodic singer/songwriters in todays overwhelming world, whenever it is in AOR, West Coast, FM Rock or Pop/Rock, whatever you wanna calll it. Throughout the years there´s been so many, some vanished from the face of the globe, some really made their trademark and even some stood the test of time. But somehow there´s always room left for new or surpringly new names that i wasn´t beware of. Let´s take this Ari Hest guy, another brilliant songwriter with 6 (!) albums on his haystack before this fantastic "Break-In" release this year. I honestly gave up on him after i couldn´t track down his website but funny enough thanks to the Donnie Iris site i got hold of the friendly Ari who was kind enough to respond to the following questions .....
1) Honestly i had simply no idea you released like 6 previous
albums before this "Break-In" release which is a unique magical
masterpiece to my ears ! How come this "Break-In" blows me away
and that i didnt hear from you before .... can we say it could be
lack of promotion ?

Ari: - Lack of promotion has something to do with it, but really its
been a combination of things that have led me to where Im at now.
The thing about it is, I really like the position Im in. I am a
musician, creating all the time, and making a living doing what I
love and not many can say that. Ive done the indie thing and the
major label thing, so I know what its like. Sure I want more fans.
So does Radiohead. And so does the guy who is lesser known than I am.

2) Where do you actually hail from ? Born somewhere on east coast ?
Ari: - I was born in a suburb of New York City called Riverdale.

3) I tracked you down through the Donnie Iris site .... what is
your link with Donnie Iris from Ohio ?

Ari: - Wish I could say hes a good friend of mine but honestly I dont
know Donnie personally. But thanks Donnie, wherever you are.

4) You really had a big help on this album from producer Mitchell
Froom, was this the first time you guys worked together and if so
how did you crossed eachothers paths ?

Ari: - This was our first album together, and Id like to think its not
the last. I had a blast working with him. I sent he and a bunch of
other producers a bunch of my demos prior to making the album and
he was really into the idea of working with me, so we went for it,
and Im really pleased with what we accomplished.

5) I was a fan of his first band Gamma and later on his work on
the best Rick Springfield album .... were you familiar with these
80s Froom works ?

Ari: - Honestly, no, but I am familiar with lots of others. Crowded
House, Ron Sexsmith and Los Lobos, to name a few, were artists who
had made albums with him where I loved what I heard.

6) You have to explain us the beautiful frontcover artwork and
title of your album ..... cos you really indeed broke in into my
list of fave releases so far this year .....

Ari: - The artwork is a hybrid of a couple of ideas. My idea was to
make the cover an illustration from top to bottom. Columbia wasnt
into the idea completely so we compromised and we threw pics of me
into a bunch of illustrations that were developed according to
concepts from the album.

7) They say that the most enjoyable roads never take that long and
thats the only part of critic i could give to your new
release .... awesome tunes but not too long in the end, whys that ?

Ari: - I like 3 and a half minute pop songs. Always have. Ive never
been into the Jam band world, and I grew up listening to the
Beatles who only occasionally swayed from the 3 to 4 minute area.

8) Before releasing your albums as a solo artist, were you
actually part of a band before and .... do you have you own band
thesedays ?

Ari: - My old band was calles Synapse. We were shitty. We thought we
werent though, so at the time, and this was a good eight years
ago now, we played every gig we could in and around new york. I
hope the recordings we made are gone for good. Funny thing is
everyone in the band was talented, we just had no definition.

9) How big is your deal with Sony/BMG, how many more of these
masterpieces can we expect in the (hopefully near) future ?

Ari: - My deal with Sony/BMG is officially over. Im happily independent
and planning to release a ton of new music in 2008.

10) What other singer/songwriters out of your area/neighbourhood
do you like ?

Ari: - To name a few: Julian Velard, Michael Brunnock, Jenna Nichols,
Mike Viola.

11) Funny enough as much as i enjoy "The Break-In" i really cant
pick up a favorite song cos they are just all equally from a high
top level, maybe the titletrack is my fave (longest track too) and
"Big Ben" as the follow up, which are your favorite ones to play
and did you wrote any personal expierences ?

Ari: - I dont really have a favorite, but if I was pressed to pick one
it would be Bird Never Flies. A few of the songs are personal, or
at least started out that way but grew away from their origin. My
older records are quite a bit more personal. I purposely tried to
keep me out of this one more than I have on anything else Ive done.

12) Last question, Theres no doubt this album will end up in my
top 10 at the end of the year .... which are your favorite 5
albums (if 10 is too much to mention) so far in 07 ?

Ari: - Im not great with album names, so Ill just say artists: The
Sea and Cake, Wilco, Neil Young, Patti Griffin, Crowded House.

the best way to get my album is through I tunes, and if youd
prefer a cd, please go to