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Will Hoge interview 

Will Hoge
Submitted by Rickard Holmgren on 2009-06-13 favorite Will Hoge was badly hurt in a motorcycle accident a while back. Now he is on his way back, take a look at what Will had to say about the accident as well as about the future.
First of all, thanks for taking time to answer my questions. How are you doing Will?
Will Hoge: Much better these days. Thank you.

You were in a nasty accident. What happened exactly?
Will Hoge: The short version is that I was struck by another vehicle while on a motorbike. Man meets van, van wins. It was a pretty rough situation, but I’m grateful to be making strides toward a full recovery. The docs seem to be impressed with my progress and I get to play rock n’ roll again, which is all I could ever hope for. This whole process has reinforced that we can never take anything for granted though. Many people have been in my situation and had much worse results.

Let’s move on to more music related questions, shall we? Your album “Draw the Curtains” was album of the year of 2007 in my opinion. I did however read a really negative review somewhere online. How does a bad review affect you?
Will Hoge: Thanks. I’m glad you liked the album. I don’t read many reviews anyway. I know what I think of each album, so positive or negative reviews don’t change anything for me. However there are definitely some folks who don’t care for my work. There will always be folks who don’t like what you do. I try to write for the song. If I do that well, the rest will happen on its own.

What does the future hold for you?
Will Hoge: Finally getting back to playing live with the full band. That’s feeling great. Just wrapped up a new studio album, ‘The Wreckage’ which will be out in September in the States and TBD in the UK and Europe.

How does the song creation process look for you? How do you start writing a song?
Will Hoge: It’s really different every time. Sometimes it’s lyrics, then melody. Sometimes it starts with just music. I don’t really have that figured out yet. There’s sort of a magical quality to the process to me still.

What influences your songwriting?
Will Hoge: EVERYTHING. Truly

Who are your favorite artist(s)?
Will Hoge: Most American music from 1955-1977 and 4 British bands.

Is there a song that you wish you had written?
Will Hoge: Lots of them. Too many to name here.

Who would be on stage with you in the ultimate lineup?
Will Hoge: Dream band for me: I get to sing (sorry, I’m selfish), Al Jackson, Jr. on drums. Paul McCartney on bass and background vocals. Duane Allman and Malcolm Young on guitars. And Benmont Tench on keys.

What is your best touring experience?
Will Hoge: The fact that I get to tour and play music for a living makes them all a pretty good experience.

What is your worst touring experience?
Will Hoge: Nothing that can be retained in the printed word.

Are there any plans of touring with your younger brother Josh, now that he has released an album on a major label?
Will Hoge: He just sat in with us at a show in Nashville. It was great getting to sing together. No plans for touring in the near future. But he’s out there getting it done and I’m supremely proud of him.

Will we ever see you perform in Sweden?
Will Hoge: If you don’t, there are some people who are going to get fired on my end.

Thank you Will for answering all these questions. Do You have any final words for’s readers?
Will Hoge: Keep listening and supporting live music. Without you I can’t do what I do. None of us can. That’s something I try to remember every night.