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Flipp interview 

Submitted by Kaj Roth on 2003-10-10
The saying goes:?where ever there?s smoke,there?s fire? but there?s a new one out,hotter than fire,hotter than hell and it?s ?where ever there?s a CXXK,there?s a FLIPPHEAD?,Mr.Flipp himself BRYNN ARENS is a part of the Cxxkrockers FLIPP that is the best thing that has happened to this world since Kiss! The Sensational Alex Harvey band sang about ?Action strasse? back in 75 and that?s exactly where Brynn lives and that?s where all the action is???..take it away Brynn!
Hello Brynn and thanks for last time,it?s almost been a year since "Volume" was released,how has this year been with promotion,concerts and radioplay?
Brynn Arens: Fucking great year, we just finished the video for the next single "I Still Love Rock and Roll" off "Volume" and are about to release the single so all is good...check it out..

You recently played on X-fest with bands like Audioslave, Saliva and Evanescence,I read that you caused a little commotion with dropping lots of feathers during your show from a helicopter that Evanescence (who played after) crew leader Rich Kelly beat up your guy Shawn Walgren for, at the side of the stage. Did you drop him a VIP card to "The fight club" afterwards?
Brynn Arens: Ha, good one, actually that was two different shows, the Evanescence debacle happened in st. louis and holy shit what a bunch of pussies.No fucking rock and roll in that camp thats for sure, I mean Like your going to get tickled to death or some shit, X-Fest we dropped like 500 pre-ripped feather pillows from a helicopter threw 50 from the stage and the Flipp fans all brought a bunch as well so it was one huge ass feather storm, and no one got punched at X-Fest, at the Evanescence show we only busted open three of them,I guess Flipp is good for weeding out the phonies, you can also check out the video of it too. We did score a bunch of good pain relievers from the emergency room when we took our road manager there though. And by the way Shawn Walgren has more rock and roll in him them all of Evanescence and there crew put together.

How was the gig on X-fest?
Brynn Arens: One fun moment came when I brought a girl Flipp fan from the audience and gave her 20 bucks to go get corn dogs for the band and we handed them to Kilo who did a drum solo with them, one busted off the stick and he caught it with his mouth and ate it... aaaahhhh Tasty rock and roll meat on a stick...

If we were to do a Melodic.Net-fest here in Sweden with bands like Sex Pistols,Cheap Trick and Kiss,would you come to make the night complete?
Brynn Arens: Fuck no question..we?re so there ... fill your liquor cabinets here comes Flipp...

Flipp music has some major Party status,haven?t you got any offers of being on any soundtracks ?coz you sure could fit in nicely in a movie like the "American Pie" sequels for example?!
Brynn Arens: We have songs in the movie Chasing Amy and we appeared in and have songs in a couple different Troma films. Lloyd Kaufman in a crazy sick fucker....

I noticed that Paul Stanley is going to do a new solo album for the first time in 25 years,I come to think about you right away when I read that he?s thinking on lending other songwriters skills for the album, why won?t you write him a stunning rocker?
Brynn Arens: I would love the chance to rock out with mr.Paul Stanley.

Have you written any new stuff that is meant for an upcoming album and if so,got any crazy titles...?!
Brynn Arens: Yeah tons of stuff, Im doing bong hits and writing songs all the time, as a matter of fact yesterday I finished one called "Lets All Get High", I think Kilo should sing it.

Have you tried some songs Live to see how they work?
Brynn Arens: Yeah, Bubble Gum Machine,Unreal,Nutshell Hotel, etc. etc. etc

When can we expect to see Flipp entering the studio for the new album?
Brynn Arens: Im jazzed about the new single and video for "I Still Love Rock and Roll" so well rock that shit then start to think about the next one.. Id like to call it "Go Fuck Yourself" ...

Would you like to work with Art Alexakis again or do you have someone else in mind?
Brynn Arens: Yeah Id work with Art again but I am also interested in producing it myself or with a couple other people I have in mind as well. Hell who ever shows up and is into it is all good with me. To make a Flipp record or video you pretty much just roll tape..

Art sounded a bit like Flipp in some moments on the latest Everclear CD "Slowmotion daydream",producing your bomb "Volume" must have made quite a big impact on him,will maybe Brynn produce his next album instead?
Brynn Arens: That would be fun.Art?s a true rock and roller.

Are you thinking of doing any new recordings of old stuff like you did on "Volume" with remakes of songs from "B.I.O.Y.A",I was thinking of the splendid "I wish I was a planet" from your first album for a little bonus for all that haven?t heard that album yet or can?t get it for some reason?!
Brynn Arens: Hmmm.No not really, I want to do a new one or maybe a live DVD/CD would be cool too.

I would love to hear you do a cover of Ian Hunter?s classic tune "Cleveland Rocks" ?coz even if Presidents of the United States of America?s version on the Drew Carey show was good,your would be whole lot better and suit your sound like a glove,have you ever played it?
Brynn Arens: Not that one ,but its funny you mention Ian Hunter as he is one of my all time favorites, I think he is one of the best song writers to ever walk the planet. Check out.. ?Irene Wild?...

There will be a release of a new single early july,this time it?s "I still love rock?n?roll" and it?s the 4th one with a video (the first 3 ones are "Ohyeah", "Clone me" and "Rock star"),I watched the video at your site and it?s always a pleasure looking at a Flipp video. This is what I?m missing on MTV and other video channels,"relaxed feeling good" videos that Flipp does so well......are you getting any airplay for them?
Brynn Arens: Not yet,all though the first thing we ever did as a band was the video for "my generation" and it got played quite a bit on a program they had called 120 minutes. And we just delivered the video for "I Still Love Rock and Roll " to them so well see what happens.

What?s in your CD player now?
Brynn Arens: A new band from Rochester Minnesota called "The Fuck Ups" youll be hearing from them, if not there music youll see them on americas most wanted.. or maby the Jerry Springer show.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could pick 3 things to bring with you,what would that be?
Brynn Arens: A guitar, a loud ass Kustom amp and a generator to power it. oh yeah and an airplane

Since you started out as an independent rock band on the first two albums,what do you have to say to all those people that thinks that indie bands either can?t play or write songs?(we on have to put up with such stupid inputs from ignorant people sometimes)
Brynn Arens: Some of the greatest bands havent even gone as far as indie, shit man their in there basements or garages doing bong hits and rockin out with out any care as to who knows them or not, rock and roll lives in your gut and in your pants.Indie or not has nothing to do with nothing. The reverse is also true where indie bands think major label bands suck too, I mean fuck get over yourselves you rightous pussies, Just play your fucking guitar.

I saw that Britney Spears was one of the nominated on the Hollywood walk of fame recipients for 2004,it can?t be for lifetime achievement or what do you gives a little sour taste in the mouth when she?s among honourable nominees such as Nancy Sinatra,Journey and Jose Jose!
Brynn Arens: Yeah, well who fucking cares.You can always go there and have your dog take shit right on it if you wish.

"Volume" is the most played album this last year for me so I hunger for a new one to be made,please hurry so us Flippheads can sleep good at night again......................
Brynn Arens: I will never stop rocking weather its big or small you can believe that, I couldnt stop if I tried, Its in my blood along with all other sorts of illegal substances... ROCK AND ROLL FOREVER...NOW "GO FUCK YOUR SELF"