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Automatic Loveletter

Automatic Loveletter interview 

Automatic Loveletter
Submitted by Andrew Ellis on 2010-06-26
Automatic Loveletter got their debut "Truth Or Dare" out now and it's a brilliant record that will take them very far. We got the chance to ask Juliet a bunch of questions and here's the result of it, enjoy!
Hey there, how are you? I'm great! Day before Warped Tour..kinda tired but excited! Your debut record is out now and it must a GREAT relief? YES! :D Finally! sheesh! But this isn't really your debut, more like the official debut. Can you tell me a bit what happend to the Matt Squire produced album that you record a couple of years ago? Thats a good way of putting it:) Well, after we recorded it, Epic told me to put a band together and go out and tour, and to gain a fan base. Without any support. So I did..2 years later after having done that, they decided to support me again. We recorded a few more songs that were to go on the Matt Squire Album, and as we were gearing up to put the album out, the president of Epic got let go along with 50 other bands including me. So the album is now locked away in the dungeons of Epic records. That period must have been really tough for you? Personally I was frustrated and couldn't understand that you didn't get a release date. It was..i was constantly asking myself "wtf?" haha well i'm glad i wasnt the only one that was frustrated:D Did you ever doubt that you would have the album out? Never! Even read that you burned records to finance touring etc. Is that true? haha yes, and made feather hair clips to sell.. But now your fantastic album is out and it's a blast. You must be really happy with the result? YES! i am! Im very happy and i'm even happier its getting such a great response! How would you explain the album compared to the previous recordings and how you feel about it today? More rock, less emo. Better raw vocal performances..and i feel like its blossomed a bit. Some songs are brand new and some are from the Squire sessions I guess, but in new versions. Was it hard to select the songs for it? No it was pretty simple actually..we all knew what the best songs were and it sorta just gracefully came together:) Did you record any songs that will show as exclusive tunes? There are some songs up my sleeve i hope to share exclusively very soon! On "Truth Or Dare" you worked with Josh Abraham, known for his work with 30 Seconds to Mars, Velvet Revolver, Staind, Linkin Park etc. How was it to work with him and are there any plans to work with Squire again? It was great! Really brought it together well and we had such a great team to work with as well..everyone was super talented. I would always love to work with the talented mister Squire! To me the new album has a bit bigger sound compared to the EP. Was this something you wanted when entering the studio or is it just something that happened? I had that intention:) I wanted it to be something that when we played it live or on the stereo, it fill up the room and or venue. So what happens now, a lot of touring I guess. Do you have you have any confirmed tour yet? We start the Vans Warped tour tomorrow!! And are currently working on a fall tour:) That's it, thanks for your time and hope to see you in Sweden soon! Any last words to the readers? jag älskar er alla (I love you all) xo Juliet


Did you know that?

Radiohead – originally known as "On a Friday", the band was given two weeks after signing to Parlophone to change their name. The band renamed themselves after the 1986 Talking Heads song "Radio Head" on the album True Stories, claiming it as the "least annoying song" from the album.

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