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Allele interview 

Submitted by Kaj Roth on 2011-11-24 got a hold of Allele´s lead singer Wally Wood where he announced there will be a 3rd album coming in 2012, plus why his hometown Jacksonville is such a shitty place for bands nowadays.
1.Why did it take 6 years to release a follow up to your debut "Point of origin" (2005)?

Wally Wood-Well,I left the band in late 2006 for many reasons. The band wrapped it up not long after. I took some time off, called Kelly, Tim and Gian back in 2009 to start playing with the thought of re forming on a low key level to basically just write a record for the hell of it and there we went. I had not planned on leaving the band until it happened. But, shit happens!

2.It was first announced that the new album would be called "Something cured", but then changed to the official title of "Next to parallel".
What does Next to parallel mean really?

Wally-Next To Parallel is the meaning of standing aside your life and seeing the impact, the changes, the way things play out. Standing beside yourself in a different and looking back in. I have been through a lot of emotions the last few years. From leaving the band to coming home and having the two most amazing gifts for daughters anyone could only dream of having. For me it means really, basically seeing your life with some perspective.

3.The first album was produced by Ben Schigel but for the new record, you decided to produce it yourselves with some help from Trapt bassist Pete Charell.
Did you want to have more control over the sound this time?

Wally-Absolutley yes. Ben is amazing, We just wanted a more raw instead of polished sound this time. We seriously didnt even want to have anything to do with the record label industry simply cause we were all just comfortable in our lives. But we found, what we felt at the time, was a comfortable liscencing deal and so the record was nationally/internationally released. Pete was killer to work with as well, he is a funny and awesome cat to hang with.

4.Guitar player Lane Maverick left the band in 2009, he was replaced by Mason Romaine but now I read that Lane is back in the band. Why all these changes?

Wally-Lane isn't back in the band, that is a misconception. And saying he "left" is a bit of a stretch. We replaced Lane for a lot of personal reasons at the time. We did temporarily have Lane join us for a couple of shows and that was all, because Mason couldn't play them at the time.

5.Allele broke up in 2007 but you reunited in 2008 again to start working on a new album, will the band be around for a few more years and can the fans expect a 3rd album?

Wally-Yes, we are actually going to start writing the new record MUCH quicker this time. Like, maybe the spring. We are going to bring something that would be considered quite a jump in style. Have to wait....hehehe

6.What would you say is the biggest difference between Point of origin and Next to parallel?

Wally-I would say without a doubt, the raw intensity. We didnt have that with POO> I mean, I literally flew out to Laguna Beach to hook up with Pete for vocals and had NOTHING written. It was a complete vibe-written record vocally. Kelly didnt even write leads until I got back, and did so as he was tracking. It was refreshing to put something together in such an unproduced and raw way. Probably couldn't pull it off again though!

7.The first single from the new album is "Let it go" but I feel there are way stronger songs on it like "Something cured", "Feed the wolves" and "What I get".
Does your label Goomba Music decide which songs to release to radio?

Wally-Like most partner ships, we collaborated but they respected and honored our wish for let It Go. I think the song is not our best by far, but a good intro. Has a solid message and killer riffs. Makes MY head bounce:) Just a more even toned across the board song we thought..

8.What would you choose between being a host at Letterman´s Late Night Show for one night or a co-starring role in a CSI episode?

Wally-CSI BICHIZ!!!!

9.Youre from Jacksonville, Florida which is the hometown for many great bands like Shinedown, Burn Season, Cold, Molly Hatchet and Lynyrd Skynyrd.
Is it a good music climate for new bands to get started and play in clubs etc?

Wally-Hell NO!!!!!!!!!! The music scene is a complete joke in J'ville, depressing it is so bad. There is ZERO support from and form of radio or real band promo in this town. It is a shame given we have produced about the largest amount of multi platinum bands out there...hmmm right?

10.What was the first album you bought on vinyl?

wally-Nope, 8 track baby! Zeppelin....well my dad bought it for me

11.Any plans on doing shows in Europe?

Wally-If they will have us, we will ROCK THEIR FACES OFF!


Did you know that?

John Mellencamp was never comfortable with the fact that he had changed his name to the stage name ´Johnny Cougar´. However, his success made it difficult to change back, so in the 80s he became the hybrid John Cougar Mellencamp.

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