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Heavens Basement interview 

Heavens Basement
Submitted by Johan Wippsson on 2012-12-16
UK based Heaven's Basement is one of my favorite band right now- Love their mix of classic rock and more Modern Rock, which have taken the genre to a new level. Melodic Net got the opportunity to ask the band some questions and here it is….enjoy!
Must say it is a blast that you have played in Sweden for the second time in a short time. How have the gigs been?

Awesome, Sweden happens to be one of our favourite places to play and visit ! it's great to come back on the Seether tour after playing here so recently with Halestorm. 


Sweden is perhaps best known for pop and metal, but there is a great interest for more classic rock as you play, surprised?

Not really, we've known Sweden has a great hard rock scene for a while, we've played with bands like Hardcore Superstar and Milliencolin in the past. You guys also have some of the best festivals in Europe like Sweden Rock and Metaltown so hard rock really is alive and well in Sweden. 


It has been a great wave of new bands from England with you, Young Guns, Don Broco and Kids In Glass Houses, to name a few. Do seriously now that we can compare UK with the U.S. in terms of good classic rock, which was a while ago, like 25 years ago. Why this new period do you think, "good" parents who grew up with Whitesnake, Rainbow, Def Leppard and UFO perhaps?

Sure, theres a lot of bands from the UK at the moment doing well, we don't really consider ourselves in the same scene as those bands you mention, sonically wise anyway. The new wave of british heavymetal is a great example, we're proud to come from a country that produced some awesome bands in the 60s-80s. 


Was it clear from the beginning what kind of style you wanted to play or is it something that evolved during the years?

It was clear from the beginning, I personally was brought up on classic rock music from my parents and my father was a drummer in an 80s hard rock band so I've always been around that style of music. Its the same for the other guys too, everyone has always played this type of music and wanted to before we knew each other. Our sound is always evolving but thats the way it's suppose to be. 


Heaven's Basement is a relatively new band with a couple of changes in recent years. Can you tell us a little about you? How did you meet?

The band was formed in 2008, myself and Sid are the remaining original members, other guys came and went but it was only a matter of time before we met Rob (2009) and Aaron(2010) to complete the band. Me and Sid played in a band briefly before this and we actually played a show with Robs former band in 2009 so we were all in the same circles. The UK is really small so you soon get to know all the guys that play a similar kind of music. 


You will release your upcoming album Filthy Empire in January 2013. Is that still the case, do you got a date?

The street date for Europe is Feb 6th. 


Are you ready with the material, know which songs will come up with? Assuming that "Fire, Fire", "Paper Plague" and "Executioners Day" will be on it? Do you have some other titles that you can reveal?

 Sure, the whole track listing is as follows. 

1. Welcome Home

2. Fire, Fire

3. Nothing Left to Lose

4. Lights Out In London

5. I Am Electric 

6. The Long Goodbye

7. Heartbreaking Son of a Bitch

8. Be Somebody

9. Can't Let Go

10. The Price We Pay

11. Jump Back

12. Executioner's Day


The tracks that I've heard so far sounds amazingly good and can't wait for the whole album. For me it feels like the 2012 version of Heaven's Basement sounds a bit bigger, a bit edgier and a band with even more muscles in the sound than. How would you compare yourselves now with 2010 version?

Thank you! i'm glad you like what you've heard. I completely agree that we sound bigger and edgier, the Unbreakable EP was a good introduction to the band but Filthy Empire is the album we always wanted to make. We took our time getting it right before committing to make the album, this gave us time to develop more as a live band and it also allowed for our songwriting skills to grow, 90% of our songs are about direct experiences we've had and the other 10% is about subjects we feel passion for. 


This time you have worked with John Feldman (The Used, Story Of The Year, Panic! At the Disco). How did you contact him?

It was actually quite an unplanned meeting, we were in LA meeting various producers to see who we wanted to have produce the record. John Feldmann's name was put forward by Meredith Chinn our A&R person. We didn't really know much about John's producer background to be honest as a lot of the bands he's worked with are quite different to how we sound, but once we got into a room with John there was an instant chemistry that worked so we choose to run with it and get the album done. 


But it is not the first time you work with a bigger producer. You recorded a bunch of songs with Bob Marlette. What happened to the material?

We still used a lot of that material on the album! Even if it's just small sections. Song's like Can't let Go and The long goodbye were wrote in sessions with Bob. we love Bob, just like John Feldmann he's a great guy to work with and i'm sure we'll work with him again. 


How was it to work with these two? Guess you learned a lot? Was there any difference how Feldman and Marlette and worked in the studio?

 We learned lots from both. The common theme both John and Bob have is getting the best out of our song writing, that's the single most important thing. luckily we play together really well so getting the performances out of us as individual's isn't something we need guidence with! Each one of us plays and sings with passion every time and all of the time. 


So what happens next, more touring I guess?

Yes, we finish the Seether tour on Dec 9th, then have a London headline show. Up next after new year is a tour of Canada with Buckcherry which starts on Jan 2nd. We also have some headline shows in Feb (uk) and we've started getting booked for European festivals such as Hellfest, Graspop, Nova Rock and more to come. 


Hope that you will come back to Stockholm and support Filthy Empire next year. Any plans for it?

Hell yes, Sweden is an important place for us, we've started getting a lot of friends there so it's one of our main countries we plan to visit many times. 


Thanks for your time rocker, any last words for the readers? 

Sure, thanks to anyone who's supported us over the past few years, our album comes out in Feb so check it out and we'll also be touring like a bitch next year so come along, see a show and have a beer with us!