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H.E.A.T interview 

Submitted by Johan Wippsson on 2014-05-12
Swedish sensational AORsters H.E.A.T are back with their 4th studio album and the 2nd with Erik Gronwall on vocals. But this time around it without founding member and guitarist Dave Dalone. So I got hold of keyboardplayer Jona Tee and talk to him about their new album Tearing Down The Walls and some other stuff. So here it goes.
- Hello guys, how are you doing?

Jona: I am all good my friend!

- Your back with a brand new smoking album called Tearing Down The Walls. Tell us little about it.

Jona: It turned out really well! It’s the album I’ve wanted to listen to myself the most out of all H.E.A.T albums. It has a little more balls and the songs are a bit wider in terms of style than before!

- You used Tobias Lindell as producers again like you did on the Address The Nation album. He has done a fantastic work. Was he the first choice for this new album and why?

Jona: We felt that we did a great job with ATN and we really didn’t wanna change a winning concept. He’s a complete nutcase as well so he goes perfect with us! Haha

- This is your second album with Erik as frontman. Did you work in any other way if you compare to Address The Nation?

Jona: It was actually kind of the same process, a little smoother this time around. More beer overall.

- Now that Erik is pretty new in the group. What music influences has he brought to the band?

Jona: He has actually been the singer for a longer period than Kenny at this point so I wouldn’t say he is “new”. Having said that, he brought in the mantra “a good song is a good song” and maybe pushed everyone into daring to try new things.

- This is the first album without founding member and guitarist Dave Dalone. How was it to record without him or was he involved in any way?

Jona: Dave and I mostly wrote “We will never die” and that is the song that most resembles the “old” H.E.A.T I guess. The recording process went pretty much the same as with Dave. Rivers had to do a little more work himself but I reckon it wasn’t too bad for him.

- I think the variation on this new album is wider, were you mix more tougher and rougher rockers with typical H.e.a.t sounding AOR gems. Was that something you aimed for this new album?

Jona: Not on purpose while writing songs, but maybe a little when we picked which songs to record. We wanted a broader album where you can find what you want to hear when you’re in a specific mode.

- You have couple of outside songwriters that has helped you out on this album. Can you tell us about them?

Jona: Fredrik Thomander and Sharon Vaughan are both accomplished songwriters with a lot of big hit songs behind them. We wrote “Eye for an eye” with Fredrik and “All the nights” with them both. “Laughing at tomorrow” was written with our good friend and songwriter Aaron Sterner (he has his debut album “Time to rise” on Spotify, great stuff).

- Tell us the choice of making A Shot At Redemption as the first single?

Jona: It was actually the song the record company guys liked the most and wanted to go with. We couldn’t agree more. A great hooky song that stretches the boundaries of H.E.A.T.

- On the single you have done a great cover of Patrick Swayze´s She´s Like The Wind. How did you come up with the idea to make a cover of that song?

Jona: It was Tobias idea actually. He wanted us to record a cover for fun if we had the time. We had some time left on the Sunday the first week and we learned the song real quick and recorded it in like one or two takes. Good stuff!

- There´s planty of ear-candy on this new album, can you tell us about couple of them?

Point Of No Return

Jona: Great opener! Will blow people’s heads off live! Has that Asian-Kung-fu-spiritual-thing going on in the intro. :


High octane energy kick in the balls!

We Will Never Die:

A cool groovy/moody song about how to stick together through thick and thin!

All the Nights:

This is probably the moodiest H.E.A.T-song to date. It was recorded by me and Grönwall with the Yamaha grand piano in Studio Bohus one late night session, a few weeks into the recordings.  

Eye for an Eye:

A big song about restraining yourself and be the bigger man.

- Then there´s Mannequin Show. The chorus made me think of a Britney Spears Oops...I did it again. Has anybody else mentioned that to you and was that songs made as a tribute to Max Martin or is there another story behind it?

Jona: Yes, we’ve heard it I think 100+ times at this point. It’s a funny thing, I just wanted to make an ABBA-moody song (like ‘Lay all your love on me’) and it turned out to sound a lot like “Woman in love” by Barbara Streisand but people think it resembles “Oops..” (When I’d say it’s more alike ‘Baby one more time’).
I guess it’s just one of those songs you feel like “where have I heard that one before?” with. J

- Are you gonna go out on tour right away when the album is released?

Jona: Yes! Our first show is in Borås 11th April. Then it’s all Sweden in April and in May Europe awaits.

- Can tell us about one of your recent live show where you opened up for Scorpions in Spain?

Jona: 1500 people in one of the best cities for hard rock in the world! Need I go on? It was so epic man!

- Tell us what albums you’re listening to right now at home?

Jona: Just discovered “DGM”! Gonna sink my teeth into their discography.

- If I say Firefest what do you say?

Jona: Headlining the first day of the last Firefest ever. It will be very emotional for all of us. They have meant very much for us in our career!

- Ok, thanks for taking your time to do this interview. Good luck with the new album and do you have anything you would like to say to our readers?

Jona: Just that I and the guys can’t wait to meet you all on one of our shows, that’s what we live and breathe for! Lots of love to you all!


Did you know that?

Pantera’s Dimebag Darrell was buried w/ the black and yellow-striped Charvel electric guitar pictured on the cover of Van Halen II.

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