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Jim Crean interview 

Jim Crean
Submitted by Arie van der Graaf on 2016-06-16
Jim Crean is known best for being leadsinger in Appice Drum Wars. Get to know him better here while talking about the past, his new album and the artists that guest appear on this promising release.
Who are your main musical influences? 

Steven Tyler

Ronnie James Dio

Robin Zander

Phil Naro

Frank Dimino

Mike Tramp   

Which song by another artist would you have loved to have written yourself? 

That's a tough one, probably Dream On by Aerosmith.   

Pick three albums that you would take to a deserted island?  ­How about five albums! 

1)Talas­Live Speed On Ice 
2) Scorpions~Animal Magnetism 
3) White Lion~Pride 
4)Dio­Holy Diver 

Can you describe the importance of music in your life? 

Music is the air I breath,My inner being & my pure existence!   

What's the strongest memory of your career so far?  ­

Playing many festivals in front of some big crowds...I am the singer for the Appice Drum 
Wars Featuring Carmine (Ozzy/Rod Stewart) & Vinny (Black Sabbath/Dio) Appice,so  many great Tours with that Band!   

Which goals in life did you achieve and which ones do you have left?

I have won countless Music Awards, Lifetime Hall Of Fame Awards, etc...A goal that I feel  I will reach is having one of my records achieve Gold status.  

If you could start over as a rock singer, would you have approached your career  differently? 

Yes I would have relocated to Los Angeles at a young age,when the scene was breaking  many bands from my era.   

Do you have an important topic which you need to share through your music?  ­

When I write songs I try to leave the idea open to the listener.Important songs can mean  many different things to many different listeners.

What is your perspective about the musical climate today?

It is a double ­edge sword.On one hand it is a lot harder to sell records,because people  just do not seem to buy music anymore like they did years ago,However in this age of the  Internet, Bands and music can become more accessible to the fans!    

How would you describe yourself as a rock singer?  ­

I just really enjoy singing and performing & try to bring it 100 % every time.       

Album questions:

On your new album you have many appearances from other artists Can you tell us about the recording process and the musical direction you feel  comfortable with?  ­

Yes I have so many amazing Musicians on this record & really feel that the World will  really enjoy it.   

What is different on this album compared to previous releases you've worked on?  ­

I feel the song's are REALLY strong and I think this time I have a lot of chemistry on all  the songs.   

Did you get any support from the album guests regarding the production and writing  process?

I called upon many fiends that I have made in the business to help in the recording  process.   

Your first single on the album is "Can't Find My Way" from Freak of Nature and is in fact a duet with Mike Tramp (Freak of Nature / White Lion). Can you tell us in detail why you chose to cover this song, and how did you manage to  have Mike Tramp sing it as a duet with you?  ­

Mike is a very close friend of mine,so all along he was going to appear on my new  record. I chose Can't Find My Way because I always felt that that was such a great song  that Mike recorded with FON,but really never recieved it's due. I really felt that this song  needed to be recorded again with a modern feel. We both went into the studio  together, Mike sang the whole song,then I sang the whole song with the intentions of  taking the best lines. It came out so well,that we decided to make it a duet, and then  harmonize the chorus's. I asked my Friend and bandmate Carmine Appice to play the  drums & then asked Tony Franklin (The Firm/Blue Murder) to play bass on it .It was really  cool because Carmine & Tony are the Blue Murder rythem section! I am very proud of  this song.Mike really wanted me to put my own  take on it and make it my own, and I feel  that we captured this!    

What are your other favorite songs on the album and why?  ­

I feel That the Dio cover of "Caught In The Middle" featuring a duet style with myself and  one of my favorite singer's & good friend Frank Dimino (Angel) which also features The  Original Dio Rhythm section of My Fellow bandmate Vinny Appice (Dio/Black Sabbath) on  drums & Jimmy Bain (Rainbow/Dio) on bass. This recording turned out to be one of Jimmy's(Bain) last recordings before his untimely death,a few weeks after he recorded  it. I really like the way "Shut Your Mouth" & "Miss Me" came out as well!    

What's the best and worst during the recording process of the album?  ­

I love EVERYTHING about the process! The worst part is when your make a great record  like this one & when it's on a Major Label like this one's on,you have to wait for Street  Date's,etc before the whole world can  hear it ! The record was completed month's  ago, yet only a few were allowed to give it a listen.Man ya know how hard that is to keep a  secret like that!    

Can you tell us something about the idea/message behind the album?  ­

It's just a old school kick ass AOR style rock record!   

Tour questions:

What are the touring plans to support the release?  ­

We have so many pre­sale Records already in Russia,Europe & Japan, So I plan on many  overseas tour's.Appice Drum Wars is already booking shows now in Europe & South  America so I will be selling a lot of albums on that tour.    

How excited are you to bring these songs to the stage?  ­

Very much! The whole record has such a live feel,so these songs are going to be a lot of  fun to play live!   

What can you tell us about what to expect when going to a Jim Crean show?  ­

A lot of energy.

Best personal tour memory so far?  ­

We (Appice Drum Wars) did a west coast tour last summer and performed in front of big  crowd's &  had many big name celebrities & musicians such as AC/DC,Iron Maiden etc. In  the audience.    

What's the best and worst being on tour?  ­

I love playing in front of so many new faces in different cities,meeting the fans,signing  autographs & the over­all ALL Star treatment (limos,5 star,etc) that we  receive when out with My National band Appice Drum Wars!  The tough part of touring is being away from family.    

Can you tell how it feels being on stage?  ­

When you're on & the crowd is big & with you,there is no better feeling!     Is there anything special you do just before hitting the stage?  ­I have been doing this for so long,there really is nothing more that I do than walk out on  stage and give it my all.

Funniest thing which ever happened to you or the band during a show?  ­

Recently while out on the road ,the theatre was full (sold out) about 6,000 people,and we  we are  all backstage in my dressing room about to go on,the intro tape is playing and I  was holding my mic in my hand but forgot to hit the mute button, so while the intro was  playing the whole crowd was listening to us telling jokes laughing etc during the whole  into!We come out and everyone stands up starts clapping & laughing,LOL.