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Serious Black interview 

Serious Black
Submitted by Arie van der Graaf on 2016-09-15
Seemingly from out of nowhere Serious Black emerged from the ashed in 2015 to give us a debut album which got positive critics worldwide in various music media.Often a staring band has some early line up issues before the right line-up is astablished.
Serious Black is no exception.
After only 18 monht after the debut album the band gave already birth to the follower "Mirror World".
Meet Serious Black, in their own words the seem to be ready to conquer the world.
An exclusive interview with the band's bassplaye Mario Lochert. 
Who are your main musical influences?
well i have no influences, we play and write what we want, so nobody says, we need to play like this band or that, i think we all together have this much experience and knowleg in music, that we are creating kind of our own style. but if you want to discribe our music, with other bands, you can say a mix between avantasia, kamelot, helloween with a touch of old bon jovi :) 

Which song by another artist would you have loved to have written yourself?
November Rain Guns n Roses

Pick three albums that you would take to a deserted island?
actually, you can take 3 albums , to the island, it helps nothing without electricity and a cd player :D
but i would take a best of bon jovi, mötley crüe dr feelgood and metallica black album

Can you describe the importance of music in your life?
music is my love passion and life... without music i go crazy , lets say its my live elixer

What's the strongest memory of your career so far?
well on stage its when u are standing in front of 20 000 people and they singing your song , in real live of course when i met metallica, scorpions and the first chart entry, first record deal and first concert.

Which goals in life did you achieve and which ones do you have left?
i am 37 years old and my dream was always to stay on the stage, and earn my money with music. but i had to quit with playing soccer. but lets see what future brings, if i have a goal than i try to reach it :)

If you could start over, would you have approached your carreer differently?
If i could start again ... i would go directly into music!

Do you have an important topic which you need to share through your music?
we do lyrics out of real life, future, and past - our songs are not telling about oarks, dwarfs, dragons and heroes .
each song has a message and everybody can find hisself in different life positions.

What is your perspective about the musical climate today?
well the illegal downloads are a problem thats right , so for me its very important to create a great booklet, that the people who buy the cd have something special ... and playing live amazing shows ... than its working :)

How was Serious Black formed as a band?
i was booked by masterplan as soundguy, me and roland were talking about the music industry  and roland asked me what i wanted to do in the future. i had many years the idea to create a band with only bandleaders as member, to check out where a band could be based when all members pulling the same rope. rolands first thought was - fuck we all will kill each other ... i just say lets try maybe we can push it to top ... that was finaly the story, domi was in, thomen as well and urban too ...
ready to conquer the world.

Why were there changes in the line-up within the band?
this is easy to explain, actually nobody, expected this success, and of course with this output you need to tour rehearse, more and more, for roland is was the decission masterplan or serious black and he decided to step forward with masterplan which is his baby . thomen got a back issue, so we had a replacement for the hammerfall tour . thomen came back on the festivals season , after a few concerts his back problem started again, and we needed to decide, that with our touring plans we would need to cancel shows. but finaly i think with alex and bob we found very good replacements for them  - we are happy anyway!

Can you tell us something about the different characters in the band?
dominik : quiet guy and diplomatic, alex : strickt and faithfull, bob : funny but he knows exactly what he wants, urban: 100% singer :) if he wouldnt be a singer - he would be a guitarplayer :)))), jan: musician, me more buisnessguy than musician
i think each of us are doing music for a long time as full professionals, we all know how to work, alex on drums, bob is an outstanding talented musician etc.

You 2nd album came very quickly after the debut, isn't it rushed a bit?
nope its not , we want to build up the band, and the writing was more easy that expected, the songs rule, rock and this is the morst important thing!  if you do something, do it on 100% or let it be. we had 18 month between the albums ... i think its the best period to rellease.

How do you guys work when writing songs, do you guys do this all together or is there a mastermind?
we try always to work together, for example, "the machine is broken" and "you are not alone" were written during the gamma ray tour inside the tourbus. we build up a mini studio in a lounge and started some recordings. arragemets etc we do actually complete together and so on ... i think its great to work like this. thats the way how we can combine all our thoughts and ideas.

What are your favoutite songs on the album and why?
personly, i like "the life" a lot - its an awesome song - for me the best one on the album great lyrics, driving and awesome chorus like a hyme . also ""mirrorworld" awesome riffing and great intro . as long as iam alive - its rocking and your car is driving 200km/H faster :) FINALY I HAVE TO SAY THE COMPLETE ALBUM sounds great - give it a spin and check it out!

What's the best and worst during the recording process of the album?
well the best is you go into the studio with nearly nothing and you leave the studio with a sounding product . its great to hear how the ideas comming inside and how it starts to grow. the worst thing is that u are not playing live in this time  and to play with Klicktrack

Can you tell us something about the idea/message behind the album?
on this cover and albumtitle, everybody from us has is own ecplanation. for me personally the cover shows a mirror which looks friendly and when i look on the morning into the mirror i want to find myself again, with all that i have done etc.. the name mirrorworld was the idea, because it sounds,and you dont have to add on a name santanas european tour ... you just have to add tour behind and its mirrorworld tour .... ;)

What are the touring plans?
The name says it Mirrorworld Tour - we want to squeeze the world in our hands. planned are some tours worldwide in 2017

Many fans are fairly new to seeing Serious Black live.
Can you tell us about what to expect when going to a Serious Black show?

i think this is a very good question. on a serious black show they see 6 friends and they celebrate music together. fun, friendship and rock n roll. also after the show we take a long time with all our fans on the merch. everybody gets his autograph and we try to answer to all questions. making photos etc. a band to touch.

Best personal tour memory so far?
hammerfall and gamma ray tour with serious black

What's the best and worst being on tour?
the worst  is when u get ill on tour and you are away from home
the best is that when the door of the bus is closing you have your own world, and u get an additional family for those weeks. . and its great to see that people like the music you wrote at the bottom of your house :)

Can you tell how it feels being on stage?
hmm.. for me its one of the best feeling on his earth .... the adrenalin is climbing, and you just want to go out on stage ,...and then the kick when u enter the stage - thats life!

Is there anything special you do just before hitting the stage?
yes after dinner sleeping till 1 hour before the show..., getting up drink a ice cold red bull, make the hairs wet and take the stage clothes on .... then u know its time again ... oh how i could forget to say. BOB LETS KILL!

Funniest thing which ever happened to you during a show?
i started the handclapps part complete out of rythm

Anything else you would like to add and share with your followers?
we are - soon on tour in september and october - give the record a spin, visit us on one of our shows and rock on.