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Inglorious interview 

Submitted by Arie van der Graaf on 2017-05-04
Last year Inglorious, fronted by Nathan James was interviewed after the release of their selftitled debut album.
This year they are already releasing a new album entitled simply as "II".
Now instead of doing another interview with Nathan we thought it would also be nice to get to know one of the guys from the amazing Inglorious rythm team.
So therefor we asked Bass Player Colin Parkinson to climb into a pen or laptop to answer some of our questions about his past as a bassplayer, his current and past gear, the bands he played in and about the upcoming Inglorious album "II" which will be released on May 12th.
How are you doing Colin?


I’m really good, thanks. I’m currently getting my gear together for HMV Instore acoustic shows and Album launch.


First some general questions i'd like to ask.

Which song by another artist would you have liked written yourself?


That’s such a tough question to answer! There are so many… Any George Harrison song.. Or prince song…Toto… Right now however i’m listening to ‘Living on a Prayer’. I never ever get bored of that song!


Name three albums you would like to take to a deserted island and why exactly these?


Prince -‘Prince’…’Bambi’ is a song i’ve wanted to cover for ages now. ‘I feel for you’, I wanna be your lover’ etc amazing!

David Lee Roth - Eat ‘em and Smile.…. Such a great album that I have very fond memories of listening to constantly and learning the songs from. The band are simply awesome and David Lee Roth is… well, David Lee Roth!

Marcus Miller - ‘The Sun Don’t Lie’ or ‘Renaissance’. Both are such great albums and very influential on my playing although not rock music. Marcus Miler’s Groove and Compositions blow me away everytime I hear him.


What are your thoughts about the music climate these days?


I’m hopeful that decent and genuine talent is coming back through the ‘Protooled to death’, production line style shit that we’ve had for the past ten plus years… In most genres!

Great artists and bands are making more noise and getting more attention…

It’s refreshing to hear and see that.

One of my favourites of the past few years are ‘Band of Skulls’. I love their music.


Busy times i suppose with the new release coming soon, but before we get to that, lets first go for a journey back in time.

Who or what got you started in wanting to play an instrument, and how old were you?


Yeah we’ve been extremely busy sorting things out for 2017 behind the scenes…

My Dad was a Bass Player and so it was in the Genes..I’m the Fifth generation to play bass on his side.

One day he was decorating the dining room and pulled the corner unit out.

There staring at me was his short scale Jedson bass.

I picked it up and taught myself ‘Another one bites the dust’ and I was hooked!


Can you give the bass enthousiasts a peek into your gear, what setup do you mainly use live and did you use the same on the albums?


I use Warwick basses (A custom ‘Masterbuilt Streamer CV’), Warwick ‘WA series’ amps and cabs, Rotosound strings and Nordstrand pickups…

I used the same rig as I do live on this album.

On ‘Inglorious’ I used my old Eden E300t with a 410 and my 1984 G&L SB-1.

I love that bass but it’s too fragile to tour with now.


Who were your idols back then?


When I first started my biggest influences were Flea, Tim Commerford, Cass Lewis and Hugh McDonald..

Then, as I got into it, I found Jaco Pastorious, Billy Sheehan and Marcus Miller which opened the bass right up!


How do you look back at those early years?


Very fondly as I loved discovering the possibilities and different approaches to bass and Music in general.

I also learned a lot from being in so many bands with many different personalities!


If you knew back then what you know now, what would you have done differently?


I would’ve maybe watched my words and made more of opportunities.

It’s all part of growing though as I was first signed at 16 and went through a lot early on


Can you tell us something about the bands you played with previous to Inglorious?


My first band, ‘Skinflik’ was with Phil and a guy called Tom.

We toured the UK and recorded at some great studios here in the uk, worked with Mick Fleetwood, Benji Lefevre (Led Zeps sound engineer), Big Mick Hughes (Metallica’s sound engineer) and played at MIDEM music festival in Cannes…..

I also learned how to drink a lot!

‘Dead Relative’ was great. It was fronted and produced by Imran Hanif who was a massive influence on my playing, writing and general approach to music.

It was around the time of new metal and we were managed by ‘No name management’ who managed Slipknot and Mudvayne who we were fans of at the time.

We toured the UK and recorded an album in LA with James ‘Jimbo’ Barton before it was unfortunately shelved by Island records.

I’ve also done a lot of session work. Both in London and Copenhagen.. That was great fun.


How did you become the bassplayer for Inglorious?


My Cousin, Drew (now the rhythm guitarist), Played with Nathan in a show and obviously knew Phil through me so he got us an audition for Nathan’s solo project for an album that he had recorded at that time.

That album didn’t get any attention and we were already writing material which we recorded… That became the first album.


Lets make a leap forward in time.

Inglorious released their debut album last year.

What is your fav. Song from that album and why?


I love ‘Warning’. We play it better live… I think it’s too slow on the album. It’s a great live song and has a high energy!


This selftitled debut had loads of very positive credits on various music media. Like the 5/5 rating gave the album.

Did this give you guys any pressure/stress to live up to those great credits?


Yes, thank you guys!

We can’t do this without your help and we’re very very grateful to all who take the time to listen to us.

No, we didn’t even acknowledge the pressure that people try to put on you.

We just did like we did before..

Got together and wrote on acoustics.

We’re not precious and will say if somethings not good enough..

It’s fine, we move on.

Then we all go for a few beers!


Recently you had a change in the line-up on guitar, can you tell us why this happened?


Yeah it’s unfortunate and happens in the early part of a lot of bands careers.

To us, when we got together in May to write, something had changed in Wil.

He was there physically but not ‘present’..

He just didn’t seem interested in ideas that we brought in or much of the stuff that was being written in front of him.

He was on his phone constantly and didn’t contribute greatly at all to the writing or recording of the album.

I spoke to him recently and it transpires that he was mentally exhausted with everything that was going on and found it hard to keep up with the rest of us, especially on live performances.

Obviously it’s a very hectic and busy life being in a band that’s working so hard and can pull your head in many directions!

He’s got a new project going though now which is cool and I wish him all the best with that.


Can you tell us what the difference is between the debut selftitled album and the new album “II”?


It’s a more consistent album.

The songs work well together and the mix is bang on.

Kevin Shirley did a great job at mixing us.

It’s big sounding but everything has it’s place and own thing going on..

I love it!


You guys are really going back to the 70's basics doing as much as possible live in the studio, not using clicktracks et-cetera.

This live feeling is something you guys are proud of.

I totally love this way of recording capturing a live feeling to the sound.

Can you explain to the world why this is important to Inglorious?


Because our main influences recorded this way.

We want to sound like we would live with No overdubs or doubling of guitars and vocals.

We want people to hear the songs too without studio trickery and like they’ll hear them live.


Can you explain how this works, do you guys first practice the songs before entering the studio?


We rehearsed for four days before going into the studio fine tuning parts and arrangements.

We then go in, setup, get our sounds happening and hit record…or ‘click’ record!


The first album had some songs longer in length giving it an epic feeling.

This time the songs are shorter and the feel on the new album is slightly heavier, was this planned?


No, it’s just the way that they turned out.


On the previous release there were some guest writers like for example Joel Hoekstra from Whitesnake/TSO.

Is this also the case on “II”?


No, we wrote everything.


How do you guys write songs, all together in one room or is everybody writing separate parts and afterwards molded into one song?


Both. There’s a couple that I wrote with Nathan and a couple that Adde wrote with Nathan. Everything else is three or four of us or all of us.


What can you tell us about the different characters in Inglorious?


Watch spinal tap! Just kidding ;).

Adde loves Country Music, Mirrors and Electronic devices,

Phil loves drinking the rider, Chicken and Cheese,

Nathan loves his own room, good monitors and red wine,

Drew loves Riding his bike, The Sprat and Winkle line and 80’s rock… and I’m the bass player - enough said!


Is anyone in the band having strange habits or is anyone supersticious, this is your chance to share?


I wouldn’t say anything derogatory about the guys…

I guess the usual: Hanging dirty underwear, Sleeping pills, Sharting, Snoring and general boozing have brought a few problems at times.


What do you do together seconds before entering the stage?


Hug and wish each other a great gig.


What is the funniest thing that ever gone wrong during an Inglorious performance?


We always have a laugh at something but nothing specific. Although I was sick right before, onstage and after a show at the Limelight in Belfast… Dublin had me the night before! Phil also played in soiled pants.


What can we expect after the release, will you guys take the world by storm with an extensive tour?


We’re heading out to Europe to play various festivals and a few of our own in Germany which we’re all looking forward to..

European crowds have been amazing to us during our last couple of timeshare and we can’t wait to come back!


Now i always finish an interview with this question:

Which question did i forget to ask, a question you are hoping to answer in an interview, but was never asked you before?


I don't know???? What’s your favourite cake?


And the answer to this question is?


My Aunties Lin’s Lemon sponge! Everytime. Thanks!

Thanks Colin for taking the time and answer our questions.
Good luck with the new album

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