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Plan Three interview 

Plan Three
Submitted by Henrik Holmgren on 2017-09-07
After some years, Plan Three is finally back with a new full lenght album, due later this year. had the opportunity to sit down with the band, to talk about the new album and some other stuff as well. Here is what they said:
Welcome to, thank you for doing this interview! How are you guys doing?
Very good thank you, we're excited and happy!

Finally, some positive news, that you guys are coming out with a new album. What have you been up to since the rather brilliant single “When everything comes to an end”?
Yes! It took a while didn't it? Sorry about that. Mostly we've sorted out some boring stuff on the business end of things. We landed a new record deal with GAIN Music for instance, and put all the finishing touches to the new album and so on.

This is the first interview we do, so let’s start with the basic. Who are Plan Three?
We are six friendly guys from Stockholm, Sweden who share a common creative passion to make music. Some of us have played together since we were kids and some have joined up along the way, but all of us share a brotherly love to each other and the music that we make together.

Is there a story behind the name?
Well back in the beginning some of us were in two different bands before joining up in a third, new constellation. So out of two obvious choices, Plan Three was a third alternative, simple as that.

I have heard you guys on Swedish rock radio for years, but that big break has eluded you so far. Do you think that this new album will finally give you your big break?
We sure hope so! We really believe this is our best work to date and we can't wait to share it with everyone.

What has been the toughest part of the band’s journey so far?
Just life in general probably. Things happen all the time in everybody's lives, births, deaths, and other overwhelming things. Even though the friendship between us in the band has always stayed intact, the conditions and life situations are constantly changing. Adapting to that is always challenging.

Speaking of the new album. What can we expect from that? Can you give us any themes or song titles and the meaning behind them?
Well the new album will probably have both familiar things and some surprises. Hopefully that’s a good thing! We have everything from a big, anthemic, uplifting rock song called “The Otherside” that deals with exactly those life changes just mentioned, to an intimate ballad with just vocals and piano, written in just two hours and inspired by the genius of the legendary US scientist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Carl Sagan. And everything in between!

When writing music, what inspires you? Who and what are your biggest influences?
That radically differs between the six of us, which is exactly what makes the music interesting. It can be other artists or songs, but it can also be other forms of art, everything from movies and literature to science and other things. Somehow though we all seem to share a common vision for what that means in the end musically for Plan Three. We’re still on this journey forward, finding our place along the way, but we know we’re on the right track!

What advice would you give to people starting bands today?
Just be true to yourselves in all that you do. In today’s social media-centric society, it’s easier than ever for artists and fans to connect. That makes honesty and being genuine super important and if you’re not, that shines through.

Tell us the craziest thing that has happened on tour!
Well once we had a pretty crazy after party at the hotel after a gig, which we won’t go into detail on. But the day after someone in the band decided to clean up the place and that meant him throwing empty beer bottles out the window down to the street below! The idea was good but the execution… not so much!

What do you do when you don’t create music, do you guys have day jobs?
We all have day jobs, sure. Everything from common office jobs to producing music for a living. It’s actually our drummer Kristoffer who has recorded and produced the new album. So that’s pretty awesome!

Normally I ask artist/bands if they are coming to Sweden to play, but I guess that is a stupid question for you guys. Are you planning on go on tour soon after the album and if so, where are you looking forward to go to?
That’s the plan! Nothing officially confirmed yet though but we would love to play everywhere, both at home in Sweden and in other countries that we know have people waiting for us.

I read and hear every now and then that Rock music is dead. What is your take on the subject?
That has always been the saying hasn’t it? Whether it was because of disco in the 70s or EDM today. It’s still not true though. Rock music may not be in the forefront at all times, but it’s always there and that’s because of the loyal fans and listeners who’ll never stop being passionate about it.


What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
Do or do not, there is no try. /Yoda

Name one song you guys sing in the shower. Not assuming that you all shower together, haha!
Probably one of our own new songs, rehearsing!

If I get caught speeding with your music in my car, will you help me pay the fines?
Hey, maybe not pay the fines but we’ll try to make it up to you some other way, how about that? A place on the guest list for a gig perhaps?

Where is the best/worst place you have ever played a gig at?
One of the best gigs we ever had was right here at home in Stockholm a couple of years back. We had family and friends present and that’s always special, to get to show our loved ones what we can do with all the time we’ve spent in the studio making songs and in the rehearsal space. It feels good to make them proud.

Is there a dream location for Plan Three to play?
It’s less about where we play and more for whom we play. Just to get to play for lots of people who appreciate what we do is enough, no matter where.

If you could bring any band or artist in the world on for a big world tour, who would it be and why?
Well now that the band Live are back together with original singer Ed Kowalczyk that would be an awesome band to get to hang with. They’ve always been a huge inspiration.

Are there any specific songs that you guys kind of wish you had written?
Lots probably, but instead we can let those songs inspire us to hopefully write great songs ourselves!

To sum things up: thank you so much for doing this guys! We will end with your reason(s) why 2017 belongs to Plan Three. Take it away, boys!
Thank you! This year we will finally get to give something back to all our loyal fans that have patiently been waiting for new music from us. A new album that we are super hyped about is coming this fall and hopefully we will get to come out and meet everyone also and play these new songs for everyone who wants to hear them. That’s why 2017 belongs to us, both Plan Three and our friends.