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Pink Cream 69 interview 

Pink Cream 69
Submitted by Arie van der Graaf on 2018-01-29
Recently we did an interview with David Readman, singer frontman of Pink Cream 69.

David talks about his influences such as David Coverdale, Paul Rogers..

Also he gives us more insight on how PC69 works as a band and about the new release Headstrong which was released last year.

Also he talks about his life as a singer prior to PC69 and about his solo album.

Which song by another artist would you have liked written yourself?

I would have like to write “Whole lotta Love” by Led Zep!


Name three albums from another artist/band you can't live without?

Wish you were here, Pink Floyd. Abbey Road, The Beatles and Electric Lady Land, Jimi Hendrix.


Who is your biggest influence as a singer today?

My biggest influences as a singer, are Paul Rogers, Robert Plant, David Coverdale, and Ronnie James Dio.


If you knew back then what you know now, is there anything you would have done differently?

Well I would've listened more at school, I spent most of the time in the music department playing guitar and singing. Which was cool, but later in life you realise the order of things that are important.


Back in the days in 1994 you became the singer in Pink Cream 69, replacing Andi Deris who left to become Helloween's leadsinger.

How did you get the job?

Well in the UK I was always looking in a magazine called Melody maker, I always looked for bands that was looking for a singer with a record deal. At that time there were lots of advertisements in the UK and abroad. One day I came across a very interesting advertisement in Germany, I sent a cassette and the rest is history.


Can you tell us what you did prior to Pink Cream 69?

Before PC69 I was in many local bands, I spent my youth practicing like most other people I'm writing songs. We played a lot of the time in a very famous bar called the Carlton in Burnley. As time went by I started to audition for bands in London, I had a little success and spent some time living in London sleeping on somebody's couch. Later I made my way to Newcastle where I would play with Thomas Mac Rocklin “the kid from the Steve Vai video the audience is listening”


You were also the singer in the Stefan Forte's band Adagio between 2000 and 2004 and with Voodoo Circle.

How do you look back on working with them?

I enjoyed my time very much with both bands, Adagio was a French band so I spend a lot of time in France but unfortunately I didn't learn the language. Voodoo circle was based in Germany, we made 4 fantastic records and for me personally it was time to Move On.


You have an impressive biography of projects and bands in which you are/were involved.

Looking back at the projects you did in recent years isn't it hard to keep track regarding studio recordings and liveshow planning?

Yes it's very difficult, but with technology that we have today linking the calendar in the laptop and in the telephone it's possible to keep track about of what's going on. But still there will be double bookings, And people wanting to play all on the same day. Sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy but that's the business. Even a carpenter has many different clients, otherwise he would have nothing to eat.


You released a selftitled solo album in 2007.

Can you explain how different this work is compared to your work with the bands you work with?

Well this is very different, I had to make all the decisions on record and played lots of guitars most of the backing vocals, wrote the songs and lyrics. Generally it's like working with somebody else but everything's on your shoulders. It was an enjoyable process not necessarily working with the record company but in the end it all worked out. I would like to make another album but with the current music business it seems almost impossible.


How do you describe Pink Cream 69's growth as a band over the years ?

I think we've grown very much also as people and players, but also we probably took too many breaks between records and we lost a lot of fans. But in November 2017 we made a new album called Headstrong. Our first concert this year is in Miami on the Monsters of rock cruise.

We finally go on tour with Pretty Maids in March playing most of Germany and France. And in the end it's been over 30 years, for me personally it's been 22 years with the band.


Recently you told me online that the latest album Headstrong needs more attention.

Something many bands are struggling with these days.

How do you see the future regarding selling your music?

This is a very good question, and I wish I knew the answer to this but who knows of course the CDs are slowly dying out. People still buy albums and we are very glad about that, it makes it possible for us artists to continue making records. But with more and more streaming I'm not sure how it will continue in the future, it's also about education for the fans to realise that if nobody buys the album how was it possible to pay the studio? it's a long story.


On the previous release Ceremonial you quoted that you did many projects and that this album felt like coming home.

Still feeling at home with the new release? And how do you compare Headstrong with Ceremonial?

Yes it did feel like coming home and it was a good start for us to continue until look into the future, but with Headstrong and felt good to return to more the heavy side of Pink Cream 69.

Headstrong has more a redline running through  the album, ceremonial was a little bit more experimental you could say, and I think that headstrong delivers what the fans expect from PC69.


How do you guys write your music together?

Well as I live in the Netherlands now, there is obviously a distance between the band and me that also means practicing on recording. Of course it's not so far away and everything is possible, where the Internet lets us down with streaming, it helps us a lot with sharing new songs and trying out new ideas. So none of the writing is done over the Internet trying ideas, different melodies and different guitar stuff….


It is great to have a very talented producer in the band with Dennis Ward.

Have you guys ever considered of making an album using a different producer to get a new or unique approach at things?

I'm sure we would like to maybe to try somebody else and I'm sure Dennis would too for a different angle on everything, but why when he does incredible job? he's also a great singer, great songwriter I'm not sure if there's not much that he is not good at, Dennis you can give me the money later. lol!


After songs are written you come to the certain point that they are being recorded, how do you guys work on that process together?

Well back in the day you would met and jammed the songs, but these days a lot of it's done in the box. When you have a producer involved from the first moment it saves lotta time and energy to really start from scratch working in the computer from start to finish.


What can you tell us about the different characters in the band?

For example, is anybody superstitious or having any unusual/unique habits while on tour?

Well to be honest I could tell you some amazing stories but I think work on quite normal guys, I probably spend a lot of time trying to find my own space. When you're on the road for more than two weeks I need to find my own thing, Dennis was always sick after 2 days lol. To much party I guess, but its very cool with the guys…..


How important exactly are lyrics in your music, are there any messages/topics you feel you need to share with your fans?

The lyrics are very important, in the past maybe not so much….but more and more we try to write about todays situations and things that are on our minds and probably on other peoples minds too


Which song is your fav. on Headstrong and why?

“Walls come tumbling down” this is I song that I knew would be the first video on the album and the most like the PC69 of the past, kind of a hit for us….


I there anything special you do to prepare yourself just before you hit the stage?

Well I work on my voice a bit more and Im trying to do more fitness at the moment, but it doesn’t get any easier…..


What is the funniest thing that ever went wrong during one of your live performances?

OMG. Thats not an easy question. But I was playing in Kerkrade in the Netherlands with my own band. And our Bass player decided to go to the toilet before the gig, but we didn’t know so we went on stage without him :-( It was an impossible situation, not one that I want to repeat lol


Recently you also joined Almanac and Pendulum of Fortune.

Are there any other future projects you'd like to tell us about?

Yes I did so lots to do……no at the moment I have enough to do!


Why did you move from Germany to Holland?

Well I met my future wife in 2013 and I decided to move to Waalwijk, I have always wanted to live in the Netherlands and this was my chance, a lot of people as why? I guess Im slowly crawling back to the UK!

Thanks David for taking some time answering these questions.