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Agents of the sun interview 

Agents of the sun
Submitted by Kaj Roth on 2003-10-10
Agents of the sun- a 5 piece hard rock band from Baltimore that delivers amazing harmony vocals packaged in a bright but rocking sound,hearing their debut album ?Aurora? is the perfect medicine and the balance we need towards the numetal explosion this world is witnessing. It wasn?t so strange that we at wanted them as the Band of the week in the beginning of this october when Autumn falls,Agents of the sun?s music shines over us like a bright summer sun,guitarist Jason Fubler of the band was the one who had to stand in the line of fire of my questions,shoot Agent Jason,shoot!
Hi there and thanks for a positive sounding hard rock record with maybe the most beautiful cover artwork of the year!
Jason Fubler: Thanks so much Kaj. Our drummers girlfriend Cat designed the artwork and we all fell in love with it instantly. We are all for the most part pretty positive people so we wanted something that would reflect that. This is Jason one of the guitarists answering these questions by the way.

Everything has been going very fast for you guys from the first rehearsal and only 8 weeks later to the gig as a support act for Trust Company that was the reason that you were signed to DCide,3 months later you recorded the upcoming album "Aurora" and with the result in my hands I can only say that you have done a fantastic job,it must have been more that you wished for?!
Jason Fubler: It definitely was. I have never been surrounded by such an amazing group of talented individuals in my life, so Im counting my blessings. The chemistry is just so right with this band its crazy. We are like a family ya know? The record is surely our greatest achievement to date. All your hopes and dreams wrapped up in a neat little package. Its really exciting

The good thing about the album is the bright and positive feeling I get while listening to it,I get happy if you know what I mean and still it?s filled with great hard rock riffs that makes me wanna rock all night,it?s rather odd to sound your way in these agressive numetal times so what?s the secret formula behind this uplifting story?
Jason Fubler: We just all love music and we know what makes a song great. We just really try to apply that to our own music. Music has always been my release from all the problems in life, so I think we all just wanted to make a record that people could identify with, while making them all realize times can be tough but you will always overcome in the end. You just have to think positively and work towards your dreams and they can be real.

One other thing that is a bonus nowadays in this genre is your amazing harmony vocals in the same high class as King?s X and Saigon Kick,was that an important thing for all members to be able to handle when joining the band?
Jason Fubler: I think we are just really lucky having so many people in the band that can sing so well. All the harmonies you hear on the record are done live, because there was no need to do vocal overdubs.

How many songs did you write for the record and were there any leftovers that are good enough to end up on a 2nd album?
Jason Fubler: We are constantly writing new music. We actually have 3 that didnt make it on the record that we can use later. Weve written about 10 other new songs since then too that we put in when we play live.

Are all the members involved in the songwriting process or is it one person that comes up with most of the ideas?
Jason Fubler: Everyone is involved in every aspect of the writing process. It all happens in the rehearsal room

Did you experiment with what type of sound you should have or did it come naturally?
Jason Fubler: It came naturally. I really think we were in a band together in another life or something. It just seems like we all know exactly what to play when someone plays something. Ive never been in a band where the writing happens so fast.

You have shared the stage with many great bands such as Trust Company, Saliva,Cold,3 Doors Down and Theory of a deadman....does the band become heavier Live or do you maintain your fresh sound that we can hear on the album?
Jason Fubler: I would have to say the ENERGY is way more intense live, which makes things a little heavier. The songs are pretty much the same though. We are just a really energetic band and we vibe off the crowd.

I guess it was a lotta fun recording your debut,but will it be even more funnier to do the next album from the first stage of writing songs to completing them in the studio?
Jason Fubler: To be completely honest everything involved with this band is fun. Im having the best time of my life and doing it with my brothers.

What bands have you grown up listening to and what bands out there today do you like to listen to?
Jason Fubler: I grew up listening to the Beatles, Michael Jackson, Jefferson Airplane, Jimi Hendrix and Simon and Garfunkel. Then I really go into Metallica, Alice In Chains, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and Pearl Jam. The bands I really enjoy now are Deftones, Trust Company, Cold, 311, Incubus, and stuff like that. I pretty much listen to everything. Im a pretty big Police and Bob Marley fan too.

I read a statement from singer Ray Dobson when saying,-"I was at the train station the other day and I was just listening in on other people,and you know how everybody talks about the weather? I want to be bigger than the weather!" Well,just recently you had stand the test of the hurricane Isabel sweeping over the east coast where you are stationed,first of all-did you make it through alive and well? and secondly,-the whole world spoke about Isabel so makes it kinda hard to beat if Agents of the sun is going to be bigger than hurricanes?!
Jason Fubler: Fortunately we were in New Orleans when Isabel hit so we didnt have to deal with any of it. All our families made it through well though. I have faith in our music so well just have to see.

It doesn?t happen that often that hurricanes comes that way across your area now because they usually takes a more southern direction across Florida,how did people around your place take it the time before Isabel swept in over the coastline?
Jason Fubler: Hurricanes really arent that bad. Im from Bermuda and we have hurricanes all the time. You just have to wait it out and everything will be alright.

What will the near future look like for the band,are you gonna continue touring as you started in August through September?
Jason Fubler: We are going to continue touring in support of the record as long as possible, then I suppose well go back in and make another one.

What has the response been so far from the press about the album?
Jason Fubler: Amazingly, all the press has been incredibly positive. I dont want to shoot myself in the foot, so Im just gonna leave it at that. I must say that the response has exceeded my expectations. Im so proud to be part of this band.

First single is "Come together"(Killer),are you getting any airplay for it?
Jason Fubler: We just started to receive airplay for Come Together. Its pretty exciting. We are going off to play our first headlining radio sponsored show tomorrow and we are all waiting to see what happens. We all kind of have butterflies in our stomachs. We cross our fingers and hope for the best.

Other single candidates in my opinion are my fave "Wellness"(awesome axework), "Sincerely yours"(superb refrain) and "Fear of heights"(like hearing a tougher version of SEAL),what song could be the next out to radio?
Jason Fubler: I think we are gonna wait and see how well Come Together does at radio and then pick a next single after that. My personal choices would be either Wellness or Sincerely Yours. If we make it to a third single I would pick Fear Of Heights. Thanks for all your awesome comments.

When most albums seems to fall at the end of the record,"Aurora" stands strong to the last track "Picture perfect"...there are no fillers in sight so to speak,are you perfectionists when it comes down to composing?
Jason Fubler: I would have to say that yes we are all perfectionists. We all set out to write the best song possible. If just one person doesnt vibe, then it goes back to the drawing board. We arent finished until everyone is happy with the song.

When I listen to the music,I noticed the magnificent and groovy bassplaying from Frankie Hernandes,how often do one play airbass to a record instead of airguitar? I do when I listen to Agents because it?s filled with great basslines,does he have a lot of freedom playing his own way?
Jason Fubler: Everyone has the freedom to play their own way. We are a democracy. We all just try to play whatever fits the song best. We are all pretty much on the same page all the time so that makes things easier. We just know what kind of music we like and what we wanna do to make it good.

So you know,Agents of the sun will be the Band of the week on our site between Sept.29th and Oct.5th so I hope it?s inspiration enough to write some more killers?!
Jason Fubler: Thanks so much for that honor. We really appreciate it. Everything inspires us. Its just so hard to believe all this is happening so quickly. Dont worry we wont let you down. Therell be more "KILLERS" just for you.

If you met genie in a bottle and had 3 wishes,what would you wish for?
Jason Fubler: To play music for the rest of my life and make a living at it. 2. For my daughters to have the happiest life possible. 3. To continue to be best friend with my band mates and make great music.

Thanks for taking the time doing this interview and say hello to the guys in the band, you have fans over here in Sweden that won?t forget about you!
Jason Fubler: Thanks so much Kaj, spread the word. We must visit Sweden and play a show soon. Agent J out???..