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latest interviews 
Pink Cream 69
<p><strong>Recently we did an interview with David Readman, singer frontman of Pink Cream 69.</strong></p> <p><strong>David talks about his influences such as David Coverdale, Paul Rogers..</strong></p> <p><strong>Also he gives us more insight on how PC69 works as a band and about the new release Headstrong which was released last year.</strong></p> <p><strong>Also he talks about his life as a singer prior to PC69 and about his solo album.</strong></p>
by Arie van der Graaf 2018-01-29

Kee Marcello
<p>Kee Marcello does not really need a big introduction, if you are familiar with the bands Europe, Easy Action and other act, you will know him. For me, growing up in Sweden in the 90s, Kee was a central part of Europe, playing on the albums Out of This World and Prisoners in Paradise. When got a chance to sit down with Kee, this was not something we would pass up. So, ladies and gents, withouut much further ado, the man, the legend, the guitar god: Keeeeee Maaaarcelloooo!&nbsp;</p>
by Henrik Holmgren 2018-01-25

<p><strong>Interview with Steelheart singer Miljenko Matijevic.<br /> <br /> <strong>After some successes back in the 80&rsquo;s hair era the original Steelheart line-up disbanded.</strong></strong></p> <p><strong><strong>In different Steelheart band formations however leadsinger Miljenko Matijevic kept on going with many ups and downs along the road.</strong></strong></p> <p><strong><strong>He talks about how his stage accident&nbsp;affected his career.</strong></strong></p> <p><strong><strong>Also he gives an insight on The Doors with whom he did 2 tours,&nbsp;his influences and also the recent Steelheart release Through Worlds of Stardust.</strong></strong></p>
by Arie van der Graaf 2017-12-01

<p>Interview with Steelheart singer Miljenko Matijevic.<br /> <br /> <strong>After some successes back in the 80&rsquo;s hair era the original Steelheart line-up disbanded.</strong></p> <p><strong>In different Steelheart band formations however leadsinger Miljenko Matijevic kept on going with many ups and downs along the road.</strong></p> <p><strong>He talks about how his stage accident&nbsp;affected his career.</strong></p> <p><strong>Also he gives an insight on The Doors with whom he did 2 tours,&nbsp;his influences and also the recent Steelheart release Through Worlds of Stardust.</strong></p>
by Arie van der Graaf 2017-12-01

Adrian Vandenbergs MoonKings
<p><strong>Arised from the ashes in 2014 is Adrian Vandenberg, with his new band Vandenberg&#39;s Moonkings.</strong></p> <p><strong>After conquering the world with his breakthru band Vandenberg back in the 80&#39;s he got many invitations from other rock legends who wanted Adrian to play his guitar with them.</strong></p> <p><strong>He landed a job with Whitesnake and plays on their biggest single Here I Go Again.</strong></p> <p><strong>Adrian gives a full insight in past present and future talking about the various bands he played with, his musical roots, several lawsuits in which he had to defend his own name Vandenberg.</strong></p> <p><strong>&nbsp;He talks about his current band Vandenberg&#39;s Moonkings which just delivered their new album MKII.</strong></p>
by Arie van der Graaf 2017-11-09

Robin Beck
<p>Here we go... Talking about <strong>Robin Beck</strong> isn&#39;t something really easy. What to say about a singer who should have been as big as Lita Ford and Doro Pesch? What to say about an artist who&#39;s got a classic album as &quot;Trouble Or Nothing&quot;?</p> <p>Robin Beck has always been one of the greatest female voices of rock, other than being one of the nicest people I have ever met... This interview with her shows us her own view of her career, which started in the seventies and is still going strong. Robin&#39;s new album, <strong>&quot;Love Is Coming&quot;</strong> is out <strong>NOW</strong>!!! As good as it seems to be, one can expect another great, classic AOR release of a singer who proved long ago to be essential when we dare talking about melodic rock.</p> <p>Ladies and gentlemen, with you, the one and only <strong>Robin Beck</strong>!!!</p> <p><em>Criss Sexx</em></p>
by Criss Sexx 2017-10-13

Jeremiah Freed
<p>After 14 years, meldodic rockers Jeremiah Freed are back with one brand new EP. finally got the chance to talk to the band about the hiatus, history and the possibility of &quot;Companion, part II&quot;. Here is what they had to say. Ladies and Gents, Jeremiah Freed!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
by Henrik Holmgren 2017-10-04

Plan Three
<p>After some years, Plan Three is finally back with a new full lenght album, due later this year. had the opportunity to sit down with the band, to talk about the new album and some other stuff as well. Here is what they said:</p>
by Henrik Holmgren 2017-09-07

Rik Emmett & RESolution 9
<p><strong>Rik Emmett</strong>&nbsp;was a relatively unknown singer/songwriter/guitarist on the local Toronto scene in September of &rsquo;75 when he joined a newly-formed hard rock trio called&nbsp;<strong>Triumph</strong>. By &rsquo;79 three albums had gone platinum in Canada and two charted in the States, receiving serious radio airplay. By &rsquo;81 Triumph was firmly established as one of the premier touring rock acts in North America, with generous FM radio airplay support and heavy rotation on the fledgling<strong>&nbsp;MTV</strong>&nbsp;cable channel. In the next seven years, the band released ten gold albums, with four turning platinum in Canada. In the U.S., two went gold.</p> <p>(previously posted on Palace of Rock, here is a short feature about&nbsp;the music scene of Toronto with Triumph guitarist Rik Emmett)</p>
by Kaj Roth 2017-08-29

Vault 51
<div> Vault 51 is an alternative rock quintet from Atlanta, GA. Despite facing many obstacles that would force most to disband and move on, the group instead chose to persevere and press on with what they set out to accomplish. After years of developing their unique sound, Vault 51 is thrilled to release their debut EP &#39;Kid&#39;.</div> <div> had a chat with their bassist Alex Garmon about the EP, politics and their hometown.</div> <div> &nbsp;</div>
by Kaj Roth 2017-08-08

Mr. Big
Mr. Big just released their new album Defying Gravity.<br /> Bassplayer Billy Sheehan is the founding member of this great band which gave us hits like &quot;To Be With You&quot; and &quot;Wild World&quot;.<br /> Billy talks about his beloved bass guitar &quot;The Wife&quot;, his past, and off course also about the new album which he considers more cohesive compared to the previous release.<br /> <br />
by Arie van der Graaf 2017-07-31

After spending 25 years in the music business, a time full of full of sweat, tears, joy and even blood, Edguy is releasing their much anticepated anniversary release &quot;Monuments&quot;.<br /> An album drenched with history from this very succesful powermetal band from Germany.<br /> We got the change to do an interview with singer/frontman Tobias Sammet also very well known for his Avantasia project on which he worked with several major rock and metal artists.<br /> Tobias talks about the difficulties during the early Edguy days, all the way to Avantasia and where Edguy stands currently with this upcoming milestone release.
by Arie van der Graaf 2017-07-10

Tommy Paris
<strong><span style="font-family:times new roman,serif;"><span style="font-size:14.0pt;">TOMMY PARIS INTERVIEW</span></span></strong><br /> &nbsp;<br /> <span style="font-family:times new roman,serif;"><span style="font-size:14.0pt;">Who doesn&#39;t remember Tommy Paris? Well, for those who don&#39;t, he was the guy who replaced original Britny Fox singer Dean Davidson, and whose incredible pipes and talent took the band to &quot;the next level&quot; with their 1991 &quot;Bite Down Hard&quot; album, which only got the recognition of its being the band&#39;s best album ever till this day. Here&#39;s a complete, down-to-earth interview with the man himself, who talks about his days with Britny Fox, his other past and present projects and, especially, about his brand new, very first solo album, the stellar &quot;Tommy Paris Band&quot;.<br /> <br /> <em>Criss Sexx</em></span></span><br />
by Criss Sexx 2017-05-28

Last year Inglorious, fronted by Nathan James was interviewed after the release of their selftitled debut album.<br /> This year they are already releasing a new album entitled simply as &quot;II&quot;.<br /> Now instead of doing another interview with Nathan we thought it would also be nice to get to know one of the guys from the amazing Inglorious rythm team.<br /> So therefor we asked Bass Player Colin Parkinson to climb into a pen or laptop to answer some of our questions about his past as a bassplayer, his current and past gear, the bands he played in and about the upcoming Inglorious album &quot;II&quot; which will be released on May 12th.
by Arie van der Graaf 2017-05-04

Art of Anarchy
Just prior to the release of the new Art of Anarchy album &quot;The Madness&quot;, guitar player Ron &quot;Bumblefoot&quot; Thal managed to find some time in his busy schedule to answer some questions.<br /> Read this interview about his career and about the working progress to write and record this highly anticipated album<br /> Thal also talks about the fact that Scott Stapp entered the band as their new Lead singer.
by Arie van der Graaf 2017-03-03