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Breaking Benjamin
Submitted by Tom Spinelli on 2008-05-15
Breaking Benjamin New Album Release Date

Breaking Benjamin have announced their as of yet untitled new album will be out September 30th, 2008.


Melodic Net Comments 

breaking benjamin gurl 4ever♥
@kazza, you're right. Give Me A Sign is on Dear Agony. :) BREAKING BENJAMIN FOR EVER!!!♥♥♥♥♥

heyy (= umm.. does anyone know the name of the album that has give me a sign on it?? I think it could be dear agony but i'm not quite suree (= thankss (= xx

nvm false info

i heard they are putting a new song on there myspace on friday august 21st called hopeless

Uploading songs on to Myspace definitely puts a pretty high compression rate on the file, I'm sure it will sound a lot better once you are able to purchase it from iTunes.

Easy way to test that is to check the other myspace songs and see if the same problem occurs

I find that the song I WILL NOT BOW is poorly mixed. It sounds decent in headphones, but sounds just awful on my 5.1 stereo surround system. Their other songs sound great on my system. I sure hope its a lower quality version meant only for myspace.

No problem, I found myself liking the song more each time I heard it as well. I don't see the time-line post anymore, so hopefully they leave it on their profile until it hits iTunes September 1st.

Thanks Fanatics i wouldn't have found that if you hadn't posted it the more i listen to the song the more i like it too

Their new single "I Will Not Bow" is up and streaming on their myspace page right now for the next 24 hours.

September 29th.

Slumber Jack Tim Vang
hell yes!

aaron durham
breaking benjamin just released news of there 4th album the title of there new album is Dear Agony and it will be on the radio and im assuming there myspace as well aug 17th and it hits stores the 29th of sept. this info cam from the band so this is the ACTUAL TRUE info of everything as of now. idk why people thought taking the blame was going to be the name of there new album hmmm

Sweet definetly worth the w8 but do u know when the actual album comes out someone...? or anybody else cause the w8 is torture but well worth it


there is a single out in august and the official album is coming out sometime in late september

i thought there wads a newer album coming out this year does anyone know if thats true?

this is from Aaron Fink Hey there Benheads just saying chao from the depths of the studio here in sunny New Jersey, the single is in da can and we gots ten more to go...peace

This is a direct quote from ben burnley from What's up everyone. I won't be able to respond because I'm extremely busy in the studio. Just wanted to drop a line and let you all know that things are going well. Looking forward to letting you all hear it.

From Mark James : Hey guys!! I just wanted to let everyone know that the new record is coming along nicely & is really moving along at lightning speed. I've just finished overdubs on a track called "what lies beneath". As of right now i've finished 6 songs. We're all anxious to get this thing done to share with the bb family all appriciate your patience while we do our thing. C u guys soon! namaste From The Shallow Bay

cool so bens doing so awsome heavy stuff cant wait to hear them thank god i have job now i can afford the new album yay =D

Straight from producer Mr. David Bendeth about the next single I Will Not Bow - "song is mixed and its damn tight and heavy, I really like this song, I think Bens Melodies are so sensational. he just keeps getting better. I heard another new song tonight he is writing live in the studio and it is SO GODDAMN HEAVY.... The talent just oozes from him all day. He is one wacky guy, but who cares when you walk the walk and talk the talk. Whoever he is makes him special and the dynamic of the band is so right for what he does." I like what I read here, the new material is absolutely gonna rock so hard.

yeah i guess i should have taken a second look at the date =/ but still Ben is hoping to finish it by summer if he doesn't just means I'll have to wait but hes taking his time which is a gd thing you cant rush perfection anyway cant wait to hear the new single =P

UK BB Fan your right that there is a tour on sep 10th but if u go tho news section and scroll all the way down that tour is old its actually from 2008 not current but they are in the studios and once there in the studios they are very quick and should be done around fall with a new single coming very soon we will definetly all have a 1 new BB song by the end of august

it more than likely will be released in august as am sure that you know ben said so that he wont be touring til hes finished the CD so please tell me why ben is touring 10th of septemeber so surely bn should be done by august or early sept at the latest so maybe 30th of august is the release date for bens new CD athough it doesnt mean thats the date the album will be finished or released mostly hoping release the waiting is killing me inside =P

What I meant was the radio single will come out before the album does obviously the recorded album single would be after the album,,,

Well actually the album would come out after the single...But I am thinking more along the lines that the album will start being mixed or just be starting on the 30th...Either way things are moving and Its coming soon...

IKNOWALL i went to the website and saw the date but i dont know wat the date means cause i know that the album isnt coming out on 6/30/09 its coming out in like september with an august single

IKNOWALL It works for me or just go to and click on about to drop it has the date for 6/30/09

Hey .... the link that u put up is from last year it said june 24th 2008 not 2009 so thee info is inacurate

If thats some kind of joke your going to be a very hated man... if its real then i love you lol

Listen I was on producer david bendeths website and there is a section for things about to drop okay well heres the link look what it says for breaking benjamin

just thought i should post this link... does it mean the CD wont be out till later?

Ya its gonna be amazing!! =]

I can't wait to hear the song, I know it will be awesome.

I was just on the home page of there 1st song is to be entilted I Will Not Bow and they are in the studios

I know ben is afriad of flying but as ben has stated he willgo as far as a boat willtake him so it might take a little longer to get from place to place but it doesnt stop ben bringing his music to everyone =) but we will have to wait and see

New song by August - This link has some information by the producer David Bendeth, if you feel like going through and looking at all the posts, his user name is mrclose - They haven't said anything about an album yet, David said they are starting with the single first and they will see what happens from there.

krono where on shallowbay is this?

I finally heard on shallowbay that BB is in the studio making their album I also was on there and heard about there august single but they have not made a cover for their album yet hopefully there album comes out late summer early fall when everyone is back in school

UK you know Ben is afraid of flying right?

I can't wait to hear the new song, new material from Breaking Benjamin is always a good birthday present for me in August.

Hey everyone!!! Breaking Benjamin is in THE STUDIO RIGHT NOW...SO EXPECT AN ALBUM THIS LATE SUMMER OR FALL!!!!

someone... can you put the web address for the release date on this page plz thx krono


yeah ben almost finished the album now just afew tweeks and ben finished this summer is gonna be awsome with bens best music yet hopefully he manages to tour outside the US i mean come on the rest of the world deserves to watch ben perform live =D if not well am off to america for my 20th Bday guess i can watch him then

ok i just went to and that shows when they tour and Breaking Benjamin said they weren't going to tour until they finish there new album and they have 1 date set on there web site for september 10th which means that they know that there new album will be out before september 10th

Well I cant be sure but i heard that Breaking Benjamins new album is to titled take the blame or taking the blame im not sure which one. Also, late summer is like september so the album should come out around mid August until early October.

ms sexy
I have a REALLY good feeling that it will come out in around August, September, October, or November. I just do....:)

their is no confirmed release date all that is confirmed is that it will be in late summer as Ben said himslef he didnt give a release date or a title just the words "late summer" so wait till it is actually confirmed before giving out a date

What makes you think its coming out 8-19-09, or where are you getting your info from??

CHANGE THE NEWS. IT'S F N WRONG!!! It's 8-19-2009

yeah well i thought the sept 08 thing well i heard is was gonna single one of his songs that will be on his new album but i see your point i mean you cant really trust the radios cos they do make alot of mistakes but he has been working on it for a gd while so who knows maybe DC101 will be right we just have to wait and see

Hey UK BB fan, im not freaking out or anything, im just stating my opinion. Im not saying that BB won't come out with an album this summer or 2010, im just estimating when it will come out. And about that DC 101 thing, remember about a year ago when radio stations said "Breaking Benjamins 4th album will come out September 30th, 2008." and people starting believing it? Yeah, I have a feeling this summer release thing is something like that. Im not disagreeing with you, I just won't accept any info from anyone unless it is straight from the Breaking Benjamin main website, or any other reliable sources (for example: David Bendeth).

dude chill ok i know it takes a good while but Ben was working on songs since sept 08 and had all the songs written in january and went in to studios late march when actually talking to him he told me it should be out by late summer so unless a meteor hits the recording studio i dont think ben will disappoint any of us it was also stated on DC101 that breaking benjamins new album will be out by late summer but the release date or album name is still yet to be revealed so look at that its been what 9months in the process so 'someone' dont comment on something you dont have a clue about =P

Well all of you think about this for a second. Do you think an album can be written in just like, a month? No. Album writing takes several months to finalize. For example, SLipknot said they started writing new stuff (all hope is gone) in January 2009. When they finished, they released teasers in april and through out teh summer. Finally, in june they released their hit single, Psychosocial. Then 2 months later, came All Hope Is Gone.So that is like what,8 months? So when we get that OFFICIAL update from the band, it will take more than half a year to get it out there. But then again, i could be wrong. I honestly hate this wait for the new everyone else it. If we get an update by June, then by fall time we'll get a single, then the big numero cuatro will come out winter 2010.

BB Fan 89
i hope you are right UK BB Fan

well according to ben burnleydont ask how i found him on CoD5 i just got really lucky with my life =) he says that it should definatly be out by the end of summer or somewhere in the middle and ben is an amazingly skilled as a hardcaore gamer. ben + tank = win =D

they have not set a date, i was hearing something about it happening in october though.

I am 52 yrs old, have 4 teenagers, and completely took a music break the entire 80's... but who gives a rip about any of that. Because of BB I have heard myself saying things like... man, I can't wait for their next CD!... and...I have a favorite band! You know, adolescent shit like that. Something in the incredible lyrics and hard pounding togetherness has me f n hooked. What a gift these guys have for getting in deep and bringing it home. Such feel good anger... dangerously honest... and somehow makes you know that If I find a soul who is also addicted to these songs they must be an all right person. Spiritual beyond religious so much so I doubt a candy coated creature would even hear it. I love LedZ, The Doors and The Who.. but BB is totally in a league of their own. Will the world ever know? Don't know and don't care. Keep it coming!

according to wikiedia am not saying that its correct that on 7th of apr they have stated that the CD will be out late summertime so july/august time but the offical release date and the name for the album hasnt been announced yet but hopefully the info is correct since i dont want to be waiting til next year =/

Now I'm beginning to think that Breaking Benjamin won't have an album out 'til winter time, or early 2010. I'm guessing a single in the fall time. I hope to God that atleast we get to see what the hell they are doing in the studio, or anything! Live chats would be fine too.

i don't care for what album its more like Breaking Benjamin hasn't let any of us down with any of his CD's so far i don't think he will start now his 4th album will be immense just like the first 3 albums so come summer comes the best CD ever!!!!

Jessica :) x
wooo, really random comment coming here... london tomorrow. yay. been wanting to get to london for a while now. i hate the midlands. should be good. come on bb i really need some music to listen to on my journeys. xx

I'm hoping this album turns out less like "Phobia" and more like "We are not Alone" with a nice mix of several different styles of songs like "Rain" and "Forget It" were. I beleive songs like that highlight their talents (vocals especially) way better than the grungy and darker stuff like "Evil Angel" and "Had Enough". But regardless of what direction they go I'm still gonna get the Album as soon as it is released :)

I honestly dont think we will have an album til late summer, at best. I also think it will be there best effort so far, since they have had A LOT of time to work on this album, more time than they had for We Are Not Alone and Phobia.

well good to know you wont be shooting yourself lol =P (sorry if i offended you in anyway) and yeah great year for music as you said i cant wait til summertime i'll probs be checking everyday just looking if the album is releaased or able to be ordered yet =)

Check their Myspace, guys. They said they "hope" it'll be ready by summertime. So don't expect it until Summer actually hits. Even then I'd assume it'll be towards the end of summer at least, because he said they'd be recording in the studio over the next few months. That was on January, and a few is three-ish, so April is the soonest if my math is correct.

Jessica :) x
hey uk bb fan, i ain't gonna go shooting myself :P i am excited tho, some awesome albums coming out this year..... bb (obvs), paramore's 3rd coming out in the summer and oh yeah, the one we've all been waiting for, Green Day are back with a new album in may!!! yay, what a good year for music :) xxx

well something went wrond cause it is march of 2009 and no cd :) but im still positive go BB

brett lukasiewicz
yea u guys are like the best band ever i need some advice, me and my buddy are startin a band and i want to know if u had troubles. oh and before i forget i love the song "sooner or later" even though its old. and keep me posted on the new cd comin out my email is so it can be easier to contact me. please keep me posted thanks i greatly appreciate it oh and good luck on the new album comin out!

i just hope the album comes out before someone shoots themselves not pointing fingers *cough jess* only joking but yeah am hoping the album will be released soon and my job actually starts giving me some hours or the other jobs i have applied for actually hire me god damn recession but until then i'll have to wait i hope its like 2-3 aswel although it could also do with a dash of the first =P the'll have to rank it higher than platnuim BB for life

First off, Yea this is bullshit, wee all know this.... Secondly, I want to see their next album be more like their first. Saturate was raw and beautiful. Not to say i dint like the other two, We are not alone was brilliant as well, but They need to trace their roots a bit. Also if you want to hear some good rock, Check out Positive Chaos, you can tell they get some influence from these guys,

Jessica :) x
omgosh, argh, why haven't they brought it out yet? lol. mind you, i haven't got any money so if they can wait til march i will be thankful. i hope the new album will be like the second or third album. cause they were the best. :) come on BB hurry up :P

nope they havent released anything yet on a release date for the new CD but shouldnt be too long now hes been working on it since somehwere in the 4th quarter of 08 so your just gonna have to wait

sooo do yall know anything cuz they havent realised anythign on their bwebsite in liek forever

your not the only one excited i mean come on its Breaking Benjamin its hard not to be excited when hes CD is so close to completion =P but anyway jess thanks again for the info on a cheaper way to buy awsome music =D

Jessica :) x
i know. i'm getting excited now. :) x

Thanks Jessica much appreciated ^^ i definatly buy from cant wait for the release =P

I Cannot wait already :( omg its gunna be soo amazing! love bb thanks jess is good XD *Living Is hard enough without u fucking up!*

Jessica :) x
hey uk bb fan, i read your comment below about it costing a lot more to buy the breaking bejamin album cause your from england, i am too but if you order the cd from it's free delivery and basically the same price so don't buy it off amazon or something like that. just thought i'd let you know, :) x

insert name here...
i heard its gonna be 1st or march new album but you cant always trust wikipedia so dont blame me if am wrong =P

yeah jessica ;) your right =P it is to be released soon but ts a possibility its gonna be taking the blame but it isnt offical yet but as jess said listen to some other music for the mean time such as Under The Flood, Norther or even demon hunter atleast it will stop you hanging yourselves waiting for the CD to come out =P

Jessica :) x
Comment from Mark at 15 Sep 2008 12:17 -Erh, yes they will, they have even said themselves, it's called Taking the blame and is due for release the 30th of september 2008 so suck on that. :) ^^haha, check out this comment, made me giggle, erm, dearest mark it's like 13th January 09 and they still haven't released any info, so suck on that. lol. this whole debate is pretty kick ass funny, I mean, yeah I can't wait for the CD to come out but seriously does it matter when? Just listen to some other cool music in the mean time, like that Patrick Droney dude, his songs are pretty darn cool. lol. Anyways, I love Breaking Benjamin, who couldn't? lol. :) x

#1 BenHead
hey guys so is their an actual release date or are all of you guessing and fighting over if your right lets get one thing striaght check shallowbay first off guessing wont really help and second theirs not even a schedueled release date yet or even a name for the new album. By my guess it will be this year but i havent a clue when about but am glad hes taking his time if he hurried it up he might mess up the CD so he wants it perfect for all the benheads out their so until a release date is made quit complaining if anyone has a problem with the truth keep it to yourself because it makes you look more retarded than the person who said something retarded.

i'd like to be first inline in england but for some reason they dont seem to release his albums in England so i have to wait til their released in America and order over seas its cost hell ofalot more aswel =/ but meh hes awsome so its worth it =P hope its released soon

it's 1-5-09 and no CD yet wtf im getting impatient. but it will be way worth it so imma wait...and be first in line to buy it =P

idk a good name
when does it come out and wtz ben's xbox acount name

NOBODY gives a damn if you play xbox live with ben. get a job. the album will come out when it comes out.

UK BB fan
Damn if i could play xbox live with Ben i'd never leave the house your like the luckiest guy ever dude(btw my gamer tag is 'xSKx Leviathan' if anyone would like to know =P) but yeah the CD should be released early next year buy the looks of it but from what i heard he has some new materials and all that so shouldnt be too long P.S. i know he has his Phobia's but i hope for him to do a european tour i mean its my goal in life to see Breaking Benjamin live

BBFaNaTiC19 knows his shit, I play XBox Live with Ben almost every day as well and he is just chillen and trying to make this album as best as possible. He has no idea what a release date may be...just be patient...

the last thing I heard, it is scheduled to be out in May!

ricky leavitt
the other breaking bejamin was the shit so i would think the new album would be good. so ill end up buying it just to see if they can pull it off again.

i heard via Cage Rattle Radio that it's should be out on December 20th 2008 but i guess we will have to see

cant wait for the album,i expect it by about february.i hope they do more stuff like the songs on saturate instead of all there mainstream stuff.

hey u all fighting because of date.!?

dont buy their new album. no good. i knew.

yeah right...i heard it was end of 2008 or early 2009 bootleg info

Pssshhh i bet there wont even be a single until like january or febuary, at best!

kid that last commented is retarded

u guys r all stupid it will be out in2011 get real i heard it from my my dads friends uncle moms sister who said that ok

Well, some stuff may have been recorded by now, but he still writing on the album. There is no official release date yet, just keep checking in.

I just talked to Ben today, and he said he is currently still writing for the new album. Nothing has been recorded yet or anything. We may be looking at the first half of 09 sometime for the new album release.

well obviously this is a load of does anyone know when the real release date is?

I play with Ben on Xbox Live almost everyday, I'll know before you.

yea right....i work for a rock radio station...i will know what goes on before they release it on

Their album isn't gonna be out on the 30th, and where the hell did you get "Taking The Blame?" They haven't announced anything on the new album yet (other then they are currently working on it), they are currently still writing and stuff. We got a while to wait still. Keep checking, when something regarding the album is announced, you will probably see it there first!

P.I. Staker
Maybe they'll announce what it's called and when it's due on the 30th? That or a single would ROCK! But I can wait. Whoever came up with "Taking the Blame"...gross...

Erh, yes they will, they have even said themselves, it's called Taking the blame and is due for release the 30th of september 2008 so suck on that. :)

who ever this shep kid is be patient. 2 years between albums is actually very quick. this is my favorite band. cant wait for your new album.

y cant there be a new album by sept...if they have everything wrote it wont be a problem...and it has been 2 years

This information was on their page: 06.24.08 | Album Number 4 Update All you Benheads, we hope this message finds you well. After a well deserved break from touring, we are busy crafting all new material for the 4th CD. Preproduction continues daily and we are looking forward to making the best possible record we can. Again we are working with talented David Bendeth and will record at his new studio in New Jersey. We hope to have something hit your ears in the winter with another tour to follow. All our best to you and yours, BB

I hope they don't rush it and bring the album out that quickly anyways. I'd rather hear a new single at the end of the year, with an early 09 release for the album.

I was told by some people at their official site, If they say no new album by September, there wont be a new album by September. They are the official site, so they should know.

xm radio is also comfirming 9/30/08 as the release date

Come on, new cd in September....? It's hard to believe with the mainstream success they got with Phobia, that nothings come up except on here. I doubt it comes out this year

It was confirmed by a reliable source,the information is true.

The Dreamer.
Um... May I ask where you got this information???

Anonymous One
New single at best by September, if we're lucky.

This is false information, breaking benjamin will not be releasing a new album by September.