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Submitted by Kaj Roth on 2009-05-25
Andrew McNeice of no longer with Angelmilk Records

Andrew McNeice has decided to leave Angelmilk Records, hereĀ“s his statement:
Hi folks,If you had not already heard, I am no longer working in any capacity for Angelmilk Records aside from finishing up some administrative duties.
 It was my intention and desire to stay with the label and see through the releases that had already been signed and delivered, but due to ongoing disagreements with label owner Andy Bramhall, that is sadly not possible.I have been continually pushing to get things done in a more timely fashion, but have been unsuccessful achieving this.
I am still very proud of the releases I brought to the label and feel a profound sense of disappointment that I can't help bring those to the record buying public.
The Chris Antblad and Novak releases in particular I think are of world class songwriting standard and will impress all lovers of this music. The difficulties and delays in getting anything done are beyond anything I could have imagined and will hope that the remaining releases due can be treated with the respect they deserve and issued at some point this year.
Thanks for the support from you all and the press coverage given to us.As far as I am aware at this time, the iPool system will be closed in the near future.
 What happens to the label and the remaining releases (Vox Tempus, Infinity, Rick Springfield Tribute, Novak, Chris Antblad) is something I have no control over, but I will hope for the best as the melodic music scene needs artists and labels like this to help continue deliver the music we all love.
My best regards to you all,Andrew.


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Andrew got canned, that's the truth.