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Kyoji Yamamoto
Submitted by Kaj Roth on 2011-02-02
Legendary Japanese Guitarist Kyoji Yamamoto With First International Release

Youre the drummer for one of the most well-known bands on the planet. Its November, 2003, and youve just
begun a year-long world tour by finishing up 2 sold-out dates in Tokyo in front of 26,000 rabid fans. What do you do now?
Do you reach for your pharmaceutical of choice? Do you take advantage of the local lovelies backstage?
Or do you just get back on the bus and fire up the game console?
If youre Lars Ulrich of Metallica, you grab your new bass player, Rob Trujillo, and go out into the night in
search of the Holy Grail of guitar gods. You ask the taxi driver to take you to the Roppongi district, home to nightclubs,
seedy love hotels and the occasional Yakuza. There, in a small nondescript club, you jam the night away with one of the
finest guitarists the world has never heard of.
For 3 decades, Kyoji Yamamoto has enjoyed a stellar career in his native Japan, first as the leader of the seminal
Japanese bands BowWow and Vow Wow, even appearing onstage at the renowned Reading Festival, as a member
of the supergroup Phenomena II, and then as a producer and a solo artist. Despite a brief flirtation with international
stardom in the 1980s, when Vow Wow relocated to the United Kingdom to ride the New Wave of British Heavy Metal,
he has existed in relative obscurity in the West.
Until now.
City Boy Records (New York) has just released Voyager: The Essential Kyoji Yamamoto, a compilation that,
for the first time ever outside of Japan, brings together 13 of the finest guitar instrumentals from Kyojis 3 solo
albums on one CD: Mind Arc (1998), Requiem (1999) and Time (2005). With extensive liner notes, never-before-seen
photographs and 2 exclusive unreleased downloads, this CD release is the perfect introduction to a musician
whose time has finally come.
From the arena-rock sound of "Voyager" to the hauntingly beautiful version of "Ave Maria"; from the
Hendrix-inspired "Walrus" to the flamenco rave-up of "Spanish Pirates"; and from the aching blues of "River of Time"
to the anthemic "Time (I Have Seen Everything and I Want to Tell You Something)," this CD will take you on a long
and unforgettable voyage from Japan to your soul. All you have to do is let Kyoji Yamamoto be your guide.
Link to the Kyoji Yamamoto video for "Spanish Pirates" on YouTube:


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