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The People The Poet
Submitted by Tom Spinelli on 2012-10-13
The People The Poet post new album demo

Because Of The Blues
by the People the Poet

About The Song

When we received the story it was around the time that the Conservatives were voted in and we were going through a recession. The story was from an older guy's point of view. He was also someone we knew, and someone that had helped us as band. As soon as i received it, it felt very relevant to write a song about it and share his experience in the 90's economic depression. There are a lot of people out of work and going through the same today, and we can only hope that Glyn's honesty and our song can help someone going through something similar. One of the lines which i didn't include in the song but has stuck with me is "appreciate what we have, not what we lose"

i wish that i could find it funny
but it was mind that made money, now it is money that takes a piece of mind,
im finding it hard to find all the things that money cant buy.
the hunger is getting the better of me and that rope looks appertizing hanging tightly from the tree
so we cut down the trees for the warmth only to feel the overdraft
so i took the remains to craft my family a raft.
here i am caught in the river banks that wont let me go offshore,
A father, a husband who cant provide for his family anymore.
I remember that day so clear i watched my house get reposesed,oh how that day would change my life and the way we dressed

imagine your standing there staring at your child, who is ready to go walk into the wild,
she's stood there ready to leave cause she believes its one mouth less to feed,
we're not living in a recession we are living in a depression.
so i followed the screams for help to a city of children, where the screams got louder in a city made up of powder
i climbed up the rocks to a place they called the bronx
the kids here dont have no father figure, the kids here find it hard to see how life could configure
they dont know life for its true value, they dont build dreams and theres no statue,
no liberty, cause there all living in the fear of the iron lady
they shut down the 12 bars because of the blues, now we're back there because of all of you
so lets take back whats ours and paint this town red
back in the 90's they took my company car, but if they took away my families company i wouldnt have got far

released 08 October 2012


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