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Submitted by Kaj Roth on 2006-06-14
The Continuing Saga Of Augeri?s To Be Or Not To Be

This just came in,Svante Pettersson (sound engineer for Swedish radio has posted a blog regarding the show Journey did at Sweden Rock Festival,you can find the link below his comments.
This is an interesting read:

"I am just back from Sweden Rock Festival, one of Europe?s biggest hard
rock festivals. At the festival, I was working for Swedish Radio as a
producer for some of the live recordings done for the radio. Normally,
I am a live sound engineer but once a year, I tag along with my old
friends at Swedish Radio to have some fun on this great festival.

The biggest topic of discussion among our crew during the festival was
without doubt the Journey show. Things started off weird in the
afternoon when we realised that not only had they brought their
producer and studio engineer Kevin Elson along to mix the show, he had
also set up his FOH world at the very back of the house, backstage! He
was standing behind our recording truck with his stuff, listening to
the mix through two stage wedges standing on top of his console.

We were recording the show for the radio and the SRF dvd but beside our
48 track Pro Tools recording, we were told by Elson numerous times that
we also needed to record his mix that went to the PA. Fine, an extra
stand alone CD recorder was brought in.

I watched the show from out front and had a great time. The band
sounded excellent. I decided to watch the rest of the show from the
recording truck. Good sound and tv monitors with a feed from the big
screen out front. Even better than watching in your living room. :^) I
went backstage and on the way, I checked out Kevin Elson in action at
the same time.

When I got into the truck, our engineers was making funny faces and
saying things like, "poor guy!" Lead singer Steve Augeri could not sing
at all! No, it?s not the old rethoric of calling a singer with a bad
day someone who "can?t sing". Steve Augeri was constantly out of tune
and when he tried to reach the high parts, his voice just died in a sad
croak. But didn?t it sound good in the PA out front? I went out to
check again. Yes, the vocals sounded terrific. Was I going insane?

I went back into the bus and the engineers started to question my
sanity too as nothing could be done out front to fix this disaster. The
main project manager for our business at the festival showed up and was
as surprised and puzzled as I was when he heard what was coming down
that vocal line to the truck.

After a lot of running back and forth and scratching of heads, one of
the recording engineers plugged in a pair of headphones into the CD
recorder that was recording Elson?s house mix. In that mix, the vocals
were perfect. With one headphone on and the other listening to our feed
in the bus it was obvious that something fishy was going on.

We looked at our surveillance camera on stage and noticed a guy sitting
a bit out of place to the left of the drum tech. I went up on stage to
have a look and there was a guy with two digital multitrack recorders,
apparently sending a prerecorded, correct vocal to the house mix but
not to our bus. There were also some prerecorded synth pads and backing
vocals but we got those to the bus.

This raised so many questions and things running in our heads:

* This was not a temporary solution to help a guy having a bad day on
tour. You don?t bring that rack with recorders and one extra guy on
tour to have a backup in case the singer gets a cold. Ok, the rack and
the operatot could have been flown in but wouldn?t it have been easier
to just cancel the show if the guy was sick?

* Another thing suggesting this was not just a guy with a bad throat
was that in our feed, the "real" live vocal line, Mr. Augeri was not
holding back like he probably should have done if he had a bad throat.
He was launching head first into the performance screaming his lungs
off. If he has a throat problem, it will only get worse by this

* Neal Schon of Journey has said in interviews that Augeri had throat
problems on the last tour, forcing them to use the drummer to sing lead
vocals on some songs. On the last album, Augeri sings half the songs
and the other members sing the rest. "Because it was fun" according to
interviews with band members. Yeah, maybe so but maybe also to help a
singer who can?t sing?

* If the singer really is this bad, why not just kick him out?

* The other band members put on a stellar show. How do they feel on the
bus every night knowing they have to substitute their singer with a
tape? How fun can that be?

* How could Kevin Elson think that our recording engineers wouldn?t
notice anything? Wouldn?t it have been easier to feed the prerecorded
vocals to our bus too, or just deny us to record the band. We get to
record many bands but there are those that refuse too, without giving
any particular reasons. The first time one of our engineers went out to
talk to Elson during the show, Elson had the fixed vocals in his
monitors but he told our guy that "we probably have to take this home
and fix the vocals", as if Augeri had a bad day. Why lie a colleague
right in the face like that? Later, the cd from the FOH mix was
approved for broadcast the next day. No fixing needed because it was
already fixed.

I don?t have any strong feelings against spicing up a live show with
some fatter backing vocals or backup things that makes the show better
but substituting the lead vocals? Reverse karaoke? I?m a big Journey
fan and I don?t get sad or angry, just very confused."


You can read more at this link,just copy and paste or click on the source link below.


Melodic Net Comments 

Pineda is the real deal: CBS morning show, Ellen, Superbowl, Oprah and a movie later, noone even remembers this.

James, as far as I know...its called LIVE because its LIVE and not playback. Go to a Britney concert if you want playback. Pay expensive tickets to see a person lip sync? Then its a fucked up world indeed. I hope we never get to hear or see another fake thing like this ever again.

The guy was having problems...big deal. I hope he has recovered and is doing well. All this nonsense of looping/dubbing and the like is just stupid. The guy had issues with his throat and had to leave before he could what. "Oh, my gosh! I didn't actually hear him sing last night...I heard a recording of him singing....Oh, woe is hoo...What am I to do?" How about shutting up or suing?

Ted Oliphant
Yes it?s true, the hard drive crashed and there was poor Steve Augeri naked with his real vocals coming through the P.A. Deen Castronovo (who can play all SteveSmith?s Drum parts while singing all of Perry?s vocal parts perfectly) saved the day by jumping off the drum riser and taking over vocals. His roadie took over drumming. No one has heard Steve Augeri sing for 3 years. I did a video of them in 1999 at Concord Pavillion and poor Stevie (a very nice guy) was having trouble even then. People told me it was the best Video of Journey they had ever seen, all except Neal Schon who watched my video and cringed as Augeri regularly went off key and his voice cracked. Neal has perfect pitch. Herbie Herbert (former Journey Manager) told me "Man when I first heard Augeri?s audition tape, I said he owns these songs." But the following year Stevei A. was in trouble, by the time they did the Live DVD Video from Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nocturne (The video production company formerly owned by Schon & Herbert) had to isolate all of Stevie A.?s vocal tracks and "Fix" them in Pro-Tools, correcting pitch etc. A deviated septum surgery didn?t help matters at all. When you watch my videos "Concord & Beyond" &"Fillmore Boogie" on the website (Click on "Fan Club" then "Photos & Videos" to download, you?ll notice I had to take Stevie A. out of both videos or they never would?ve seen the light of day. Former Journey guitar wizard/composer George Tickner told me yesterday "It?s pathetic, now they?re only in it for the money". Former Production Manager Allen Craft also is "Feelin? That Way" he said to me "You can?t stop the Gravy Train" . Seems like this Gravy Train has de-railed itself, now it?s a Crazy Train. By the way I was at Skywalker Rance when Journey recorded "Trial By Fire" and Steve Perry was pleasant and could still sing great. If they had waited until Perry decided to have surgery on his own and not gone out with Augeri, Perry would still be with them today. I always said "Hell, just put him in a wheel chair and get him to the show and "Wheel In This Guy". Oh well as Perry said to Jonathan Cain "You know there?s no going back" Ted Oliphant Las Vegas, Nevada

It?s not so much more!!!the dirty dozen is what fans are there to hear and who makes up most of that ???hmmmm...Go figure...and sure the hard core fan listens to more but the majority casual fan ...wants steve p songs and they?d love to have him back even more!!!imo

Hey,if that?s the case - why do they continue to base their shows on 95% of Steve Perry material?

Steve Perry will never return
Wildone, face it, Steve Perry does not want to be a singer anymore. No-one will ever sing like him that?s for sure, BUT Journey ?s music is so much more than Steve Perry.

Yah he sings ok...He?s no steve perry ...but he?s ok!!

Well well well
Stevie has gone home, I hope he recovers soon and that he will be back stronger than ever. I also hope that this will put an end to the agressive atmosphere on message boards like this. btw JSS is a great singer, I wish I could go see them

and the crumbling continues!!!!

News of the allegations were broadcast last night on KLOS 95.5 a mainstream classic rock station in Los Angeles.

I better pray to god???LMAO!!!way to funny i can stand toe to toe with the best of them your idle lil threats just make me laugh...Hey are you still gonna throw your money away on karaoke night???and don?t worry about back talk ...There all out of white adidas in my area...(but i?m sure you have yours just waiting for the mystical scarab ship to save your sorry ass!!!)

None of your Business
You are the dumbass Wildone for being one of Crazy Deano?s pathetic no brain cult followers!!!!! Journey is on tour and nothing is going to stop them especially not you or the rest of your fellow web psychopaths that are spreading these vicious lies and rumors! None of this is true and you better pray to God that you never show your evil ugly face around Back Talk again ASSHOLE!!!!!!

So.. the tour starts today, I have;nt seen any pressrelease that it ?s going to be cancelled..

none of your buisness ...well dumbass i haven?t posted there in awhile i got booted for saying what was on my mind and steve a was a fine fill in singer ...till all this crap happened!!!

"Comment by OU812 at 6/19/2006 4:38:07 PM -This all such bullshit. This story is no where except a few message boards. Journey isn?t going to address this because it?s all bullshit. It will all just go away. Now if Deano would only go away, this topic would end." WRONG!!!! This blurb went out yesterday to radio stations nationwide on their prep service. The Eagle is very much mainstream media. Time for Journey to wake up and smell the coffee!! They?ve already been canceled on ROCKLINE!!!! JOURNEY SINGER ACCUSED OF LIP-SYNCHING If an anonymous blogger is to be believed, Journey concerts haven?t exactly been live performances. The Escape To Tape site has messages from "rockndeano" that say Journey frontman Steve Augeri (pronounced aw-JEER-ee) has been lip-syncing on stage to a pre-recorded vocal track, while the band plays live behind him. To prove his point, "rockndeano" has been posting live audio recordings and video footage online that he says prove his point, but several of the clips have been removed from their hosting site, and the blogger says pressure from Journey?s management forced the hosting sites to take them down -- but a couple of audio tracks can still be found. There?s been no public response from the Journey camp, but the band?s webmaster is refusing to allow any discussion of the topic on the message boards "until the rumors and speculation are officially addressed." Based on his posts, "Rockndeano" expects a response from Journey at any time. To check it out for yourself, go to Neither the blogger nor Journey?s publicist responded to messages yesterday (Sunday, June 18th)

Hey OU812....the story has just hit the airwaves.

The Def Leppard tour will bring Journey to the attention of the mainstream media for the first time in nine years. And meanwhile - after every show more bootlegs of their bogus show will circulate and the story will build and build. Journey have only got away with this because they are such an obscure outfit now. But this summer? Sit back and enjoy weeks of disastrous PR.

This all such bullshit. This story is no where except a few message boards. Journey isn?t going to address this because it?s all bullshit. It will all just go away. Now if Deano would only go away, this topic would end.

So Andrew posted a news update. People, tis is nothing. We are about to hear for real an admission of this by the band. They should make Augeri stand up there and make an apology. That guy is anything but classy. Phoney crooks.

None of your business
Hey Wildone, I would just like to know why you are still posting on BT and acting like you support Steve and the band when you are over here spilling your bullshit? Are you bi-polar like Dean? You are so pathetic!

well i went to a few of last years show and was palnning on a few this year till i heard all this crapp and even though i love the band I?m not gonna pay for a phoney show so you wont see my ass at the show ....( like i was really worried if you did lmao)

I sure hope I don?t see your sorry asses at the shows. Hey Wildone so why are you still going to pay the money to go see a show? Dean, your girlfriend seems to still enjoy the band. I see she still posts in BT, hmm must be concert time and time to schmooze the band members again !!

vandetta???Dude pull your headout of your ass..if your into getting ripped off then thats all up to you...But when i pay good money to see alive performance that?s is exactly what i expect to get ...

Less and less people buy into this? What planet are you living on? This story is spreading everywhere and even the die-hards are excusing the lip-syncing than than denying it. Journey issue a statement offering "heartfelt" thanks to the fans in Europe who they?ve just been miming to. And you think this means the story is over! That?s totally absurd. Well, I was one of those fans from Europe and this shameless statement has done nothing to stop me feeling ripped off and deceived by a band I?ve loved for over twenty years. The decline of this band has reached an all-time low. First, the utter commercial failure of "Arrival", "Red 13" and "Generations". Second, the loss of a major record deal. Then the cruise ships, rodeos and private corporate parties. And now the lip-syncing.... Wake up to reality! How can any self-respecting Journey fan tolerate the the inepitude and cynicism which has characterized this band since 1998? Enough is enough now. It?s just too sad and embarassing. I hope Schon and Cain finally let go of their past and retire the battered Journey name - and show the courage and integrity to move on to new projects.

Stephanie STFU

The vendetta is the scumbags that are Journey pulling this shit. They get what deano gives them..all of it

Just give up the vendetta Wildone, it?s obvious that less and less people buy into this , the press reease Deano and you promised about cancelling the tour won?t come instead the band issued a message thanking all the wonderful people of europe who very much enjoyed a show of a band of pure musicians, if you don?t go find another band as good as Journey, I hope you find one.

and it?s funny how people bring up milli vanilli ...look how long they pulled it off!!!Oh and lets not forget the awards they?ve won doing it...

money and fame do alot to blurr people ....If the tickets are already sold and the funds are comming in they may not want to give them back ....and i think it?s would be hard for anyone to be watching a show andf Guarantee that there not doing it...

I think everyone is blowing this out of porportion. Seems like a personal vendetta against Augeri AND the band. Why make such a fuss. As I said "You didn?t discover Milli-Vanilli"..........

I?ve seen Journey live a lot and I can guarantee, they are NOT lipping an ENTIRE show. I can not believe that Neal Schon, with his years in the business and hard work, dedication would allow this to happen. It can not be an ENTIRE show. A little help here and there, SURE, why not? Technology is a wonderful thing!! Especially if the singer is having a "bad day". Would Augeri risk his HARD EARNED reputation and lip an ENTIRE SHOW?? Which one of them said "yeah, sounds good to me, let?s just fake it"............ PLEASE!!!!!!!

deceiving there fans is not what it?s all about ...That?s why there called LIVE performances...and help in a few parts well I guess is ok but for a whole show come on you might as well be watching a dvd..

What?s the big deal??? You didn?t uncover a Milli-Vanilli here! Augeri can sing, and if he is using tracks, he?s using his own voice!! So maybe he?s got some throat problems, give him a break!!! If they have to use tracks here and there, so be it! BIG DEAL! Don?t slaughter the guy, jeez!!!!! I don?t think true blue Journey fans will care, It?s all entertainment! As long as they entertain the audience, that?s what it?s all about.

" -I don?t believe it. I work with a lot of pro vocalists and heard some sing to backing tracks, and I don?t think Steve is one of them. Doesn?t have the range??? I heard him hit notes on last year?s tour that I?ve never heard Perry hit. Give the guy a break." That is the problem. He didn?t hit a single note last year. He mimed to a Disc from 2001. Duh!

Try for his job...can?t do it thats why i don?t ....and maybe he should give it up if he can?t either...remeber that?s why he gets paid the bucks ...and yes by the fans....You go to work you do the job you get the check simple as that ...if you don?t then you don?t get paid pretty easy to understand

Jaime Vendera
I don?t believe it. I work with a lot of pro vocalists and heard some sing to backing tracks, and I don?t think Steve is one of them. Doesn?t have the range??? I heard him hit notes on last year?s tour that I?ve never heard Perry hit. Give the guy a break. Why don?t one of you try for his job then and see if you have outstanding 3 hour shows night after night. Jaime Vendera

Hey Frank, I am getting hungry you ignorant bastard. please send me 4 double cheesburgers and a bucket or two of fries, with a pint of ranch dressing. On top of that, I will take a litre of Coke, not diet, and a chocolate shake. Thanks big guy

wow wow wow spreading like wildfire.

Thanks big guy, that hit the spot. The added surprise of pizza and a gallon of wine was pleasant. keep up the good work.

Hey Frank, throw me a dozen Ho ho?s and a chocolate cream pie you fat bastard. Hurry up. Hey, while you?re at it pound a couple milkshakes too;.

It?s funny how everyone is shying away from the topic!!!Lets keep this on track and lets be real folks something is going on with the band and they need to fess up.Lets not focus on all the bullshit just the problem at hand that needs to be addressed.

"Stupid assed bootlegs?" Your band with your singer produced them. So why shoot the messenger? Shoot the guilty.

Hello all............... I will decide just what the Fuck I want to have happen next week. Until then, Penny, shut your hole.

Nobody was caught channeling in a lip tape back during the Holland show...halfwit. That was just Perry being an overly fussy primadonna faggot. Don?t worry. This story is gonna break and it?s gonna break big. Augeri will never work in the music biz again.

Same thing happened in 1978 in Holland, Journey was not satisfied with the recordings and they refused broadcasting, guess who the singer was back then, Steve Perry.. so he can?t sing either ?

Again.... What is it with you Augeri fans? Is it because you have been living in such a styate of denial for nine, long years about the sad decline of this band? Or are you just sweet, trusting souls? The band are clearly deceiving you to cash in on the legacy. Could it be any more obvious?

Again.... What is it with modst Augeri fans? Is it because you?ve been living in succh a state of denial in the last nine years about Journey?s sad decline? Or are you just a sweet, trusting bunch? The band are clearly deceiving you to cash-in on the legacy of the band. Could this be any more obvious?

Former Fan
Look, Journey is in a bind, folks. As I see it, they have two options. Hire this guy: OR Hire this guy: Augeri is toast vocally. He is currently touring with a range even less than that of Perry during FTLOSM. JSS doesn?t have the range, but could really shake things up in a good way and would re-arrange the songs accordingly. Chalfant is a SUPER singer and was a viable option a decade ago, but may be a little over the hill vocal-wise these days. That, or the guys just throw in the towel.

you all will have a great big wake up call real soon ....keep your eyes and ears open!!

That proves nothing cept maybe Kev still digs the old trans, zilch, NADA..just like Deano?s stupid ass pathetic