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Submitted by Johan Wippsson on 2003-06-13
Flipp shakes the world

In the wait for a new album from Cxxkrockers FLIPP that slowly and bit by bit conquers the world, Super rock hero Brynn Arens and Co of the band has a new video available of Flipp's performance at X-Fest.
This video should be up on in the upcoming days as well,if you haven?t heard these crazies yet-go out and ask your record store to order some copies of their latest and excellent album VOLUME......and nothing will be the same again. Taken from the new press release by Flippcentral: "All hell breaks loose at a sold-out Evanescence concert in St. Louis, Missouri as Minneapolis rock band, Flipp, opens for the MTV buzz-band. 1,700 concert goers, hungry for a bit a rock-n-roll melee, got more than they bargained for. The crowd?s ecstatic reaction to Flipp was causing quite the stir among the headlining act. It was the middle of their last song, when Brynn Arens (lead singer of Flipp) invited someone from the crowd to play guitar with the band. While the unsuspecting fan jammed out with Flipp, Brynn grabbed a pile of feather pillows, ripped them open, and walloped the crowd member with feathers that filled the room in an instant. ?It looked like an avalanche of feathers hit the place,? said Nick Tveitbakk, a stage-hand. Immediately after Flipp?s set, the very large tour manager of Evanescence, Rick Kelly, approached Flipp?s tour manager, Shawn Walgren, on the stage and cold cocked him with a rapid fire succession of blows to the head. The stunned crowd looked on as Walgren walked away hoping it was over. Just then the enraged man came from behind and threw blind punches to the back of Walgren?s head. The attack continued, as Evanescence?s tour manager then began to literally kick Walgren in the ass. ?I can?t believe someone would assault me with such force over a bunch of feather pillows?? stated Walgren. Evanescence?s tour manager was arrested by local law enforcement and taken to the police station while Walgren was checked into the emergency room.
Most bands would probably take this incident as a sign to give up their traditional finale, but Flipp saw this as an opportunity to go even bigger next time around. On Memorial weekend in Somerset Wisconsin, Flipp proved they could take a radio festival and make it one big mess, as it was meant to be. The crowd at the 93.7 X-Fest got a surprise that sent them for a loop. As per Flipp?s usual shenanigans, they chose to do a number on this year?s concert by having a helicopter pilot fly over the crowd and drop opened feather pillows onto the fans. As can be imagined, this was 100% pure rock-n-roll havoc, but the attendees of the concert were more than impressed. During their last song, the helicopter pilot began circling the stage, dropping 300 ripped feather pillows as some die-hard fans tore into pillows of their own, creating an ocean of feathers over the entire amphitheater. This may have caused a slight ruckus amongst the older, boring people at the concert, but it involved the crowd and made them feel as though Flipp took entertaining them seriously and they were getting their money?s worth."


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