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Submitted by Emilio LV on 2007-04-16
Listen To The First Killer Hit From Stereoside Upcoming Album!

Stereoside have posted their new single "Sinner" online. The track comes from the bands currently untitled debut album which is expected to hit stores July 10th.


Melodic Net Comments 

Jeff,when are you gettin Eric to join the band?You guys just got to do that leglifting song.Its great.
2007-04-25 02:22:28

I Love Herb
I wish he would post the song Jeff Shields and Eric Durrance did "Like A rollin stone..." it is awesome, yall. Please Jeff if you read this - post it for us on your myspace. But enough of that - I want to hear the new album coming out in JULY! P.S. I am in love with your security director HERB.
2007-04-20 06:10:17

Jeff is a musical genius.Listen to Stereosides wake up cd and hear what Jeff has done for this band.Without Jeff they would just another garage band.
2007-04-20 01:58:42

Nigel Heath-Smith
This band would really be big if it were the ´80,s...but today the vocals lack real substance and the lyrics are predictable,the guitars uninspired insipid mush,with bass101 thumping away with a hamfisted drummer. If this is a killer hit,I would hate to hear the filler.
2007-04-19 23:29:15

i have the jeff shields album - he actually has 2 of them , he did one with his old cover band rizer, and then he did another one, but it wasn´t with eric, eric owned the studio that it was recorded at but jeff played every instrument, and he sang and wrote every song. Jeff really is a muscial prodigy, and he seems to be doing awesome with stereoside, i think that they are a perfect fit!
2007-04-18 04:48:21

Yeah that one, the unreleased record that never was released in the store that didn´t exist with hidden bonus tracks and extra material for the limited deluxe edition package only available in Japan from 2010.
2007-04-17 12:46:05

Jeff and Eric colaborated on a project in 2004, but I dont think it got released as a record.
2007-04-17 12:40:23

ehum... never heard of... anyone?!?!
2007-04-17 12:12:10

Me too, but he seems to have recorded a solo album back in 2005 with Eric Durrance. That one might be something....anyone?
2007-04-17 10:48:26

I have the BIG DISMAL album and it sure have some great moments. The Stereoside album sounds really interesting.
2007-04-17 09:03:06

Stereoside Bieler album will be a killer, just loves the new demos. It´s like you says Bengt some 80´s vibes in it that will work superb on arenas around in the US. Does any of you have the album he recorded with Eric Durrance of Big Dismal? That must be something!
2007-04-17 07:09:34

I like the 80s touch this song has.
2007-04-17 01:03:17

I think Jeff Shields is the best replacement the band could have found to front Stereoside. You can listen to some more goodies in his profile:
2007-04-17 00:11:39