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Day Of Fire
Submitted by Johan Wippsson on 2007-05-17
Day Of Fire Working On New Album, Co-Writes With Daughtry

Day Of Fire have recently been doing shows with "Days of the New " and "Chris Daughtry" this month along with writing songs for the next album.

Theb band have been doing some co-writing with "Chris D " and they´re are looking forward to doing some possible co-writes with "The Deleo brothers" (STP/Army of Anyone) .

Day Of Fire is also talking with new record labels to partner with to put out the next one.


Melodic Net Comments 

I was wrong. "Used To" was Zac´s song and not "Home". I like Daughtry for what it is also. May be is not fair comparing Chad Kroeger and Daughtry. It´s legit to join the best artists to be sure of success for your debut. Some of them never trust themselves without being backed by the big names, so I´d like to see if Daughtry is one of those or if he can stand on his own in his next record (what about half of the songs?), so I can say "what a great artist" he is.
2007-05-19 11:30:52

According to several sources including Allmusic guide & Billboard is "Home", "Breakdown" and "Gone" only written by Chris. Then the other tunes are co-written with him and several other people so I see him as more than an artist. If he will stay on top in five years is hard to say, but he will sure release at least two more albums, which probaly will be pretty good. Of course is Chad Kroeger a bigger artist, TODAY, cause he has proved a lot on Nickelbacks now 5 albums. But it would be wrong to compare two guys in two different periods of their careers, can´t say that I´m a big fan of Nickelbacks first two albums.....and can´t find a better tune on Curb than "Home", so who´s the best songwriter when comparing them at same period. Is it the best tune or is the one that has written most tunes? To me Daughtry has proven that he´s a pretty good songwriter and that he have good ideas when it comes to melodies. His debut didn´t give us something new or groundbreaking, but it´s an album filled with a handfull of really good modern rock tracks and that´s enough for me. Don´t like the American Idol way, but thinks that it was probably the best thing he could have done and won´t judge him for that. I welcome Daughtry to my world of modern rock and hopes that he can deliver more albums like the debut.
2007-05-19 09:30:32

"Home" was written by Zac Maloy.. see? Daughtry is a good performer with a powerful voice, Chad Kroeger is the artist..
2007-05-18 15:13:40

The DeLeo brothers can deliver, no doubt but this Daughtry guy is an over rated artist - does he have the strength to stay on top for more than 5 years? I don´t think so - all credit to Chad Kroeger who manages to write hit after hit and he don´t even look like a model :-)
2007-05-18 13:03:39

Chris Daughtry have written like three or four tunes on his debut and to be honest, it´s just "Home" that is really good of those. But like Bengt says I think that this colloboration can be an intresting and inspiring thing for both parts. DOF is a good band, but thinks that they can be even better. And not to forget, there might be some co-writing with the Deleo brothers....!!
2007-05-18 12:34:17

I thought Daughtry was just a good singer. Did he write any of the singles of his s/t without help? That´s what it makes the difference for me. Lying in the hands of the best producers/ writers is very easy, that´s why I gave his album little credit. May be I´m just getting tired of the same kind of production?
2007-05-18 00:32:34

It´s always healthy to be open for outside insperation, and colaborations between different artists are always interesting and exiting. I have never been a fan of DOF´s music, so I welcome anything that can do a difference. Why not Daughtry as well as anyone else, at least he has a taste for good songs.
2007-05-17 15:24:45

Isn´t Daughtry an overrated writer? I think DoF can manage do write an album all by themselves without outside help from the Idol.
2007-05-17 11:32:14

Awesome news, thanks! By the way, when did DoF leave Essential records? I hope they find a record label very soon..
2007-05-17 10:17:42