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Megan McCauley
Submitted by Johan Wippsson on 2007-05-18
Megan McCauley Hard Working On Upcoming Album

It feels like the Wind-Up artist Megan McCauley have worked on her Wind-Up debut for a decade now.....
But accordning to her new blog is she in Hollywood working on TONS of new music to have the album out as soon as possible.


Melodic Net Comments 

She She
Ya.. there was a full length due out 06/06/06 called baa baa black sheep.. it was all rock.. then wind-up changed game plans, shelved the album forever and decided to make her more Christina / Pink genre
2007-05-19 16:17:17

i didnt think she had a full length?
2007-05-19 04:49:53

She She
No.. I mean Baa Baa Black Sheep.. and no, i´m not file sharing
2007-05-19 03:43:07

you mean the ep?
2007-05-19 01:33:39

She She
I have a full copy of the original album and it is f-ing sweet! ;)
2007-05-18 18:47:53

did they turn her more poppish??
2007-05-18 15:19:01

The new tunes from her is pretty different from the Ep so like Kajs says, they probably want to build up something new around her. Not sure if it will work though, but better working like two years more for an album that will break than one that will just leave without a notice. Cause Wind-Up needs something to sell since it was a pretty long time since they had something that worked really well.
2007-05-18 13:09:39

I think when the EP never caught any attention, the label decided on giving Megan a totally new image and sound. But it´s just my thoughts......and they might be true!
2007-05-18 13:01:30

All I can say is: LOL. I remember, the original release date for her debut album was 2005 september. Since then wind up posted many tracks on her site. What the hell has happened? They instructed her to rewrite the whole album or what?
2007-05-18 12:52:33