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Submitted by Kaj Roth on 2007-09-27
Arnel Pineda, New Singer In Journey!

Arnel Pineda (The Zoo) is also the new singer in Journey.
Listen to Arnel sing "Faithfully" here:


Melodic Net Comments 

Arnel galingan mo pa. Don't stop believing and always pray to God!Nothing is impossible to Him.Godbless you and the Journey!

It's just a matter of acceptance!if you know how to accept, then it means that you won't stop believing!!!


Yes,Steve Perry has the voice perhaps Arnel Pineda had similar to him because of the songs but if you will listen very seriously...Arnel have his on you agree i hope so....Just enjoy the music!!!! whoever sang it ..for me the lyrics and the melody was perfect.

face it steve perry is old and can't sing anymore! I'd like to see a showdown between the old man and the new guy arnel pineda

- Well I'm not a fan of journey, I know thier classic songs, I heard steve perry's tenor voice, wow. Now, I saw the new journey, its like something was added to their original musics, it looks like they were reborn, and their musics which was sang by this new lead vocals was WOW grrrrr, its a classic ROCK-OF-THE-AGES. Journey today sounds more catching, I like the journey sounds today, keep up the best of you Journey guys, soon I think I will be a journey fans hehehe I like their new album REVELATION. Good Work Mr. JON, NEAL and the rest of the band. I like your performance in UK DL festival 2009, one of the best. \m/

im not a fan of Journey but I think Arnel is great. for Guzzi dont be a stupid motherfucking idiot! your in denial that you had goosebumps when you heard his voice. You can't even compare other singers to arnel aside from steve. people like you dont deserve to live. if only this website could check where you located Im willing to waste my time just kill you you son of a bitch!

As someone who grew up with Perry's signature sound in Journey, I can understand people's resistance to Arnel. That said, having listened and looked at the Youtube vids,and as someone who plays in a band with changing players, I have to be objective: Arnel is a brilliant singer. His vocal similarity allows fans to still identify with Journey. Would one like or prefer Perry back? Well sure, he's the person being emulated. But Perry is not seeking to return to Journey and Arnel captures the Perry sound very well. So well in fact that Neal Schon hired him. And yes, sadly, a lot of reluctance to Arnel is due to racists who reflect a perspective that rock is owned by one demographic.

Whether we like or not, we just have to accept that bands continue without their original members or the ones that made the bands successful like Journey without Perry, Yes without Jon Anderson, Giant without Dann Huff, Slade without Noddy Holder, Foreigner without Lou Gramm, Van Halen without Michael Anthony, Styx without Dennis DeYoung, Queen without Freddie Mercury etc. I won´t be too surprised if Kiss continue without Paul Stanley or U2 rock on without Bono. There are new times and I hate it! But people accept it so what can you do.

Guzzi...what's your problem??? I am a Filipino watching every post you have made here...and I can see that you are clearly a racist...I am a Steve Perry fan, because I loved his voice, but it's time to move on...Arnel Pineda from our very own country is already known to the world as the new vocalist of Journey. Before you comment on this, I will ask you 5 questions: 1. Why do you hate our fellow countryman Arnel Pineda? 2. Why can't you move on and accept it? 3. If you are a TRUE Journey fan, why are you ONLY focusing on their lead vocalist and not their music? 4. Do you have that God-gifted talent like what Arnel Pineda had? 5. Are you so certain that anyone will listen to your comments? Send your answers to my email address: I'll be waiting...and I will examine your answers once they arrive. Good day to you!

Reality Check
Some people can't still get it into their heads that Steve Perry won't sing anymore with Journey. Its already a miracle if Steve Perry would sing under his own name. Singing with Journey is an pure impossibility. If ever Steve Perry would be singing or making an album, he must consider his age and whatever age does to do body. He should have continued singing then when he was younger. Arnel is not fake because he is using his own voice, his own effort and he is being paid to do so. Arnel can never be another Steve Perry but as of now he is a Journey. And he will stay in Journey as long as he can sing and he is liked by the group. See what happened to Jeff Scott, he can sing but I have heard he can't get along well with Neal. Neal said so. And the reason why Steve Perry left is because he can't get along well with the Neal also. You can feel that in their last interviews. Getting along well is important not just the singing.

I prefer the original over the copy ok! Some like real flowers, others like plastic ones, some like the creator, others like the re-creator, some like real sex, others like cyber sex.

Genital Voice? Lol, ok! Isnt saying "Fucking Uncivilized" alittle uncivil? Anyway, I wouldnt judge Arnel so critically if they were singing all new songs. They themselves are they ones offering comparison by having him sing those songs. All you guys crying about haters, FYI I'm not against Journey making a comeback, but let them sing new songs and leave the old songs alone, if they can make it that way. They wont make it far if they don't. So, it's just about the money. Perry sang the songs better and anyone who says otherwise is just plain deaf and/or dumb, or being way to fucking civil.

People who comparing two singers and judging them by the way they sing a song are a fucking uncivilized...Perry is not Arnel and Journey needs him because they do need him. Swedish KAJ is a fucking ABBA fans and he really admire the sounds of their DANSBAND. By the way,,KAJ is a Bert Carlsoon's friend.

to tessa: LOL!!!!!!! glad I got youre eyre up. So could you please in your oh so intelligent and educated way tell us why Arnel simply is not better than Perry?

to path, word of advice you need to learn more about full voice ,falsetto and Arnel's voice range before you post again. You simply sound ridiculous to people who know music !

wa man ko kadungog aning journey kon wa ni ma membro si arnel pineda

Perry vs Arnel: Wikipedia says "Perry's vocal classification is tenor altino, a term used to describe a man who sings in the highest possible male register (above tenor and including what would, if sung by a woman, be called alto or mezzo), using a natural or "full" voice and employing falsetto only in his extreme upper register." again: "employing falsetto only in his extreme upper register. Arnel is always singing in falsetto. He usually cant change his pitch because he is always singing at the peak of his range, he sounds very flat and maxxed out all the time (which is why he seems to tire as has been noted). He has to slowly change pitch because he is in falsetto all the time. by the end of a song from him I have a headache. Not that I am knocking the guy, he's just singing at above his max all the time trying to sound like Perry. I'm glad Journey gets to feed themselves for awhile longer but those of you who cant tell the difference--cant hear!--and probably listen to you music at less than 100kbs on your phone and think your rocking out? You're musically retarded! You buy large looking usb speakers for your laptop ignorant to the fact that large speakers need a large amount of power to play loud (ie: an amp). I got your back Steve, not to be mean but he's nowhere near as good and anyone who cant hear that is just dumber than a box of rocks!

Steve Perry WAS Journey.

This is to Blough Mee, I am proud to be an american and remember Journey is and always be an american band! Your country so great? I just want to thankyou for the lamp, my dishes,and my journeys cd;s you made me while you were working in the sweat shop for 18 hours a day! Keep your commie country with your commie dictator. Freedom is a good thing !!!

There will never,ever be a better singer or frontman for journey then Steve Perry. Thats a fact! The man not only sings with his voice, but his whole body is filled with such emotion that he puts me in a trance. If you ever watched the video When You Love A woman with Steve Perry and journey then you know what I am talking about. His hands alone have so much emotion in them when he sings, and that with his powerfull vocals says it all. The man is brillant,soulfull, and filled with so much passion. The high notes he reaches when he sings Mother-Father is mind blowing and thats something Arnel cant touch or does he try. Caine and deen have to sing the song. When Perry was with Journey the chemistry between him and Neal was so strong and the band was so insync with eachother this is what the band lacks so much now. Sure he sings good and they play the songs good but the chemistry and the magic is gone, its like a bunch of robots up there programed to performed. When Arnel helps write hit songs and sells 80million albums then I might say hes ok!!! We miss and will always love you Steve!!! Oh and for the record they needed a perry sound=a=like or the band would have failed completely!!!

Mike, you didnt read my post that well. I was referring to Chinese pirate cds. Not a word about Arnel Pineda. No wonder there are misunderstandings in the world with folks like you around!

To Kaj: I'm going to assume that you were trying to make a paralel between Arnels nationality and the quality of his apperently Chineese nationality's Music to state a very poor insult. First off, Arnel Pineda is from the Phillipines. Know your Facts before you try to be a smart ass. Secondly, The Swedish music industry is the biggest joke since MTV started, to be blunt. So i don't see how you beeing from Sweden has anything to do with you wanting your music to sound good, i mean, you are the ones that released some of the biggest plagues (Basshunter, Dr Alban, Gunther, Mans Zelmelov, Sonja Alden, all of the thousands of bad Euro Pop bands that hasn't evolved since the 90s) So, to summ it up: If you don't have any foundation to your oppinions, then don't post them. Have a nice day Sir. Hope to (not) hear from you soon. /mikey

The difference between Chinese pirate cds and movies and the official releases is the quality. I guess Chinese people are satisfied with poor quality if they only buy bootlegs but I am from Sweden and I want my music to sound good.

Blough Mee (China)
First of all, Arnel is not China - he not from my country China - he from Phillipines . China will rule world again as we did Century ago - stupid western capitalist pigs, we will EAT YOU FOR BREAKFAST. NOW That out of way - Little new Journey Man Arnel is good good sing. Very good sing, plus He jump like monkey and is funny. He cute, like little pet lizard or Kuomo Dragon. We Like in China. Journey now Rock again, we sell many bootlegged tape and CD and YOU NOT KNOW DIFFERENCE HA HA STUPID CAPITALIST PIGS - WE MAKE ALL MONEY AND YOU LOSE. Don't F with us Western World - China will RULE YOU. WE OWN YOU.

Pineda perfectly hit it every note? Oh, come on now -- that is a bit of a stretch by any stretch of the imagination! Look, I tried to be objective, but my ears were more discerning than my objectivity. Pineda absolutely cannot sing like Perry. If you have an original Journey CD and the new Pseudo-Journey CD, all the better. If not, open two tabs from youtube. They post CD's there all the time, so search for Infinity, Escape, or Frontiers audio tracks -- you'll see the album covers come up. Pick a song like Wheel in the Sky, Open Arms, Don't Stop Believing, Faithfully, whatever you want. In the other tab search for the Revelation CD and pick the same song. Alternate between tabs and really listen closely. Pineda cannot carry the Perfect Perry Pitch without handles (or Neal's guitar picking up his slack, or the audience singing for him when they play live), and it seems like a crow bar is required to pry the strained note it out of him.

...a gay lover? hahaha. not true. but youtube 'arnel pineda zoo search is over', he respects gays.

I'm so jealous , no , I do not want to hear him having a boyfriend in Hong Kong ,arnel needs pampering and I am able to provide that for him , he is very popular in the gay community . So Arnel if ever some woman break your heart , I'm here waiting for you .

I heard Pineda has a Chinese boyfriend in Hongkong? Whoaaaaaaaaa, Journey knows about this? Time to investigate.

ARNEL is so cute and small , I like him a lot , he is very talented and energenitic , gay men like him too . yep i like his style .

Hey Pav, youre 30 years too late! :-)

I am very picky about what songs I listen to or what music CD's I buy, and I don't buy much at all. I go to a gym every day for exercize and I appreciate a lot of the music and artists that I get to hear over their sound system every time I am there. Some of my favorites are, CCR, The Eagles, Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder, etc.. In the last month they have been playing the song by Journey, "When the Lights Go Down in the City," sung by Arnel Pineda. I had no idea at the time who the singer was or what his name was, or for that matter, what the name of the band was either. At first, I thought he was an African American recording artist with a very unusual but very moving and talented voice. When I first heard it, I was moved by it. Then, each time I heard it after that, I kept falling in love with it more and more to the point that I finally had to find out who the singer was. So I went to the internet and typed the words, "When the Ligths go Down in the City," and I was very surprized but also very happy to see that the awesome voice belonged to a short asian fellow. I place Arnel Pineda's talent in the level of Stevie Wonder. I am sure that Pineda will take the band, "Journey" to levels of popularity that Stevie Wonder took his singing career to. So I say, let talent in a person speak for itself and quit trying to make someone from the past like, Steve Perry, and compare him to Arnel Pineda as being better than Arnel etc. Steve Perry apparently met the need for, "Journey," during the time he performed with it and for it. But I never even came to know of him or that band until now with their new lead singer, Arnel, and, let me tell you, Arnel is dynamic and electrifying and moving. I will try to be fair and look for some "Journey" songs from the past with Steve Perry singing and I will make a final judgement for myself as to whether he was actually better than Arnel. But even if I do come to the conclusion that, Steve, was better, Arnel is the man now for "Journey." May God continue to bless you, Arnel, in your music career with "Journey."

Guzzi, shut your gook trap boy, seems like your refugee parents didn't teach you good manners, what has vietnam contributed to the world, especially to America? boat people, refugees, and pho is that it? Don't be mad son last time I checked flips are known throughout the world especially in the music and entertainment industry. Mr. E-thug do you want fish sauce with that, because you been served.

The Journey Is Over
Perry´s For the love of strange medicine sold more than Journeys Arrival and Generations. Only Revelation sold more than Perry´s solo album from 94. And the latest Journey 2 disc set contains one cd of old Perry-related material, thats why it sold so much!

What's wrong with you Flips? You have one fraud Pineda and you keep telling the whole world "I'm proud of Pineda, I'm a Filipino and "fraud" (sorry wrong spelling) proud to be a Flips. Why is that? Dang, do you have anything else in this world to contribute? I guess nothing huh? Watch out Vietnam will just overtake you. Who else there in Asia at the buttom of totem pole?

Reality Check
Gee this is such a long discussion. It only means Arnel Pineda is worth talking about. I have checked and the only thing new about Steve Perry is a compilation album of his old hits outside Journey. And only 2 songs there became popular. Steve Perry without Journey is much like any singer that's not connected to them anymore. Steve Perry had a wonderful voice but he wasted it by leaving Journey. His popularity went to his head. What is important is that people are watching them now and they are earning through ticket sales. And Arnel Pineda is helping them with that. And all other members are happy. Haters are so LOOSERS, because they aren't happy. Why don't you make your own club?

The journey is over
Where is Sharon when you need her? She forced Black Sabbath with Dio to change their name to Heaven and Hell when Ozzy isnt in the line up. Since day one when Journey used tapes for Augeri´s lost voice, I lost faith in this band. How long before Pineda is replaced because he cannot deliver? The magic is gone, now they just wanna make money. Journey ruled 1974-1996

Wilson, Wilson
Journey is reborn! I am loving every minute of it. Journey has had FIVE FRONTMENT so why are going change the name of the band now. KEEP IT JOURNEY! ABSURD to change it now because of Perry fanatic fans/ Pineda's haters wanted to change it. ABSURD!

The Journey Is Over
It isnt the same without Perry and Smith, they should change their name to Arrival or Red 13

Wilson, Commander
Pineda Pineda Pineda! you are making controversial headline man since the day you joined Journey. I guess, in times like this the best part of journey fans. Everyone is so hoaxed about you! Well done! the jboys are/were back in the road again since 2007. I will rock and see you at UK Download Festival 12-14 2009 and also Spain in the 19th of June. Haste ye back!


If everyone just enjoy Journey music, then do so. Those who only like Steve Perry, just buy the records and videos and enjoy. Let others the current Journey band with Arnel . Remember that Steve and the band are NO LONGER together. Arnel had been chosen to sing their let it be...No comparisons are needed. What has been, has been and what is now, IS!!! I love the songs sang by Arnel...really more emotion in it, not so smooth......WOWWWW!

Geez..if making it to the super bowl parking lot(btw)nice is were Neal was headed than kudos to them,But in my opinion that seems to be a step down from what the real journey with Steve is used to. Steve would never agree to such a side show parking lot event,He is too good for that! really was a bad show,not saying Arnel dosn't have good shows but I cringed when I heard that performance.


Ah.............all these comment so little time. First I bought the new cd and I have the old ones too. So.......Nothing too do with filipinos, asians...OK?. But From what I hear Steve Perr Did HIT those HIGH HIGH NOTES..... LIKE it or not. Arnel Was a big FAn and enjoyed those Song. He groomed him self to sound that way and did very well and grew from that....northing wrong with that..Good For YOU Arnel P.. My problem is saying hes better then Steve P...., Lets face it, Puch come to shove I haven't heard Anel HIT that HIGH HIGH note that Steve P. did.........On none of the SONGS.............He bottoms out/Flat lines.......Steve P. Still goes higher and retains the Quality.....OH..a not Meat loaf when he was younger didn't need to bend over so far to sing either...He does more now and that could be Part of the show. Steve P. Pulls his head back it could be part of the show or maybe he does that for an effect....LOW and Behold Anel P. does too. that settles that and Check mate. Nothing wrong with the new lead singer Arnel P.. Beside Filipino women are Adorable..... Make LOVE not WAr........ ahhhh.. You get them Pregnent take the HOMe.....POPULATION in the philippine IS STAGGERING...................lolo

I am white as you Guzzi...and you should go to school and be schooled! You have a problem! May God work on your soul! If He doesn't, you are going straight to hell!!! But I am not judging, just an opinion.


I been a fan of Journey since late 70's.... This is what I would say to Arnel Pineda.....from the quote of the movie, "Finding Nemo". Crush: Oh, I saw the whole thing, dude! First, you were like, whoa! And then we were like, WHOA! And then you were like, whoa. Marlin: What are you talking about? Crush: You, Mini-Man! Takin' on the jellies. You got serious thrill issues, dude. For you haters..... Hey, no hurling on the shell, dude, okay? Just waxed it.

Well, if there was anybody out there in the US whom Neal Schon found to be qualified to be Journey's new lead singer, he would not have resorted to youtube in looking for their new front those who are trying to say bad things about Arnel Pineda and the new Journey, please go to Journey office, present yourself to Neal Schon, and let's see if he's even going to give a minute of his time...having a platinum album, getting the No. 1 spot on the billboard charts and making it to Superbowl, aren't those enough proofs that Journey is back on track? Wake up people! More power to Journey!

I saw the Superbowl performance and was not in least impressed by this new incarnation of Journey. My ears literally hurt and actually bled a little after trying to listen to this chinese man sing. He tried so hard his voice was cracking! I also don't understand why he needs to jump around like a MONKEY!?!? Bring back the the TRUE VOICE and stop putting these yahoo's in his place. Journey has turned into a faint facsimle of its former self. Sad how things turn out but I have to say this is by far the worst guy of the bunch.

Welcome back Journey! We welcome Pres Obama and Arnel Pineda with open arms........

Ivan Pastoriza
Guzzi: I can tell that you are a racist and ignorant person by the way you express yourself all over the net. Well, I guess it'll be hard for you to accept changes, adapt and overcome. Well I can tell that America is becoming more mature with the passing time and if we get luckier, people with ignorant and old fashioned ideas like yourself will disappear from the face of the heart soon. People like you must be burning from the inside since this country is lead right now by an Afroamerican and Journey has a Filipino and very talented singer. It'll be better if ignorant people like yourself will gather together to a distant island and stay there for good! Just go with your ''Banjo and Billy Bob'' attitude somewhere else and stop judging people the way you do. You probably speak one language only; ''Bad English'', while the people you're judging are able to speak multiple or at least two languages! So who's the ignorant now? Arnel Pineda is a very respectful and humble person, he has done nothing to you in order for you to be talking about him the way you do! It is a shame to see people like you around, everytime I encounter one of your kind, I have to run to the pharmacy for a shot of Alka Seltzer Plus, otherwise, I would be vomiting fire like a ''Bad Bat Out Of Hell''. Get a Life Dude! ''CIAO From Ivan Pastoriza The Italian American Stallion.''

Posted at Journey Forum who had never heard Arnel sing and when he heard Arnel at the Superbowl 2009... Back in the 80s and 90s I was a big Journey fan. Once Steve Perry left, I became disinterested. I was just working on my PC but had the NBC pregame on and did not hear them introduce Journey and wasnt watching the TV. One stanza into Dont Stop Believing. I said, Oh My God, Steve Perry is back only to see this new singer who sounds exactly like Steve blow me and my family away. WOW. When is Journey coming to town, this guy is incredible. I cannot believe what I just saw. Amazing! Our family is still talking about it an hour later.

I wonder what is the most depressing, comparing Steve Perry to Bush that the lost person before me did.....oh my!

Guzz...Accept you idiot. Journey found AP and they vote for him to be thier Vocalist. Acccept it or not. Like Obama replacing your Bush. We are now in the future not past. It is better for you and all SP fan to live in an island and bring your SP collection. I think you are so depress person. It is OK. You are a fan of SP since the 80's. Person like you cannot be blame because you now on the menopause period and it is normal to have this kind of attitude. You need help!!!!



GUZZI: Other people said;NO ONE! and I do mean NO ONE! Will ever be able to match or replace Steve Perry. IDIOT!!!!! sleep with him He just replaced by Arnel Pineda. You guy's wake up.STEVE PERRY is no longer belong to JOURNEY anymore. Stupid.... bra ha ha...

ARNEL ignore all haters.All Asians in the Worlds knows that your the best of us. You are my IDOL. With the big smile and big hearts we salute you. Just look and concentrate with your kids love and support. You know we all behind you. Keep ROCKIN'. Thanks to NEIL SCHON,JONATHAN CAIN,ROSS VALORY AND DEEN CASTRONOVO you guys ROCKS. JOURNEY's best music that contribute for all of us. THANKS/////////////


Guzzi's arrogance is a typical example of White-American arrogance and ignorance on things. I bet you, Jon Ross don't know where America is on the map, as he classified Filipinos as Chinese. Open your eyes White People, you are now called Diminishing Race because of your AROGANCE and IGNORANCE. Accept the fact that there are people in the world that have better skills, talents and intelligence than you are. Accept the fact that the reason why America's economy is in tank is because of your AROGANCE. Accept the fact the ASIANS feed your economy now. And accept the fact that the greatest Steve Perry turned his back to his beloved fans!

Hey, Guzzi . . . were you able to speak to SP? Told him I'm applying as tormentor of AP/Journey's fanatics? A five-figure deal will be fine. Bwahhahah! That's the kind of job that I love most.

Now check this out! Steve Perry is back! Arnel Fraud Pineda should stay out of Steve's creations. He should'nt be singing any Steve's originals. Perry was mad, he thinks Pineda was hi-jacking his legacy songs, using it in a karaoke mode.

Guzzi . . . just how much did SP pay you to stir the pot? You're all over the net, buddy. Can you recommend me to him? I can do this also . . . if the price is right. LOL. I'm dead serious!

What da zhyte u r talking we r all created equal? Who said you are equal to me? Dork! Look at your intestine....i don't eat the garbage u eat. Pineda is a waste of's fake! Its not all about West & East. If you deliver the real thing....then we r ok, if fake like Pineda then it's like chinatown gucci bag.

Why SOME not all western people are so pissed off when some EASTERN become popular?. I wanna tell you that this world is not only for you to dominate God created all people equally ever try to disect a human from different places... we all have the same parts and we all have intestines the only difference is our skin because of difference in climate. Arnel already humbly admits no one can replace perry. So stop saying stupid things about hime... YOU're JUST JEALOUS because you are nothing only your neighbors knows you while arnel is known to the world.

Guzzi is back! Ok---what's going on with PINEDA? Only fans are Flips right? No one else. Darn what a shame, that's the problem when you fraud the voice of Perry. Found out all Flips are fraud and imitating everyone in the States. Hey by the way, stop eating Chihuahua will you? Worse enough the Chinese feeding us Melamine.


Are U Kidding
NO ONE! and I do mean NO ONE! Will ever be able to match or replace Steve Perry, and the band will never be able match the fame they once had when they had Steve as thier lead vocalist.

hey guzz... you are useless turd and by the way arnel has shitload of money and lots of women. what about you, did you get any piece of ass lately? jon ass.. you f***ing ignorant, you think all asians are chinese, hahaha. you know what, dont listen to AP. go out and buy SP cds and help american economy. FYI Japan and China owned America now. Thanks to Japanese and Chinese Trillions, you would have been unemployed now.

Hey Guzzi,(whoever you are or it) before making statement about Filipinos have no talents, better watch the clips on Ellen, Oprah, David Foster shows, and see if Filipinos have no talent, you shit, ignorant, bigot, son of a bitch!

Hey Guzzi, you bastard! What do you know about music? You're just jealous because you can't sing like Arnel Pineda.

hey guzzi!!!.....fuck you man!

To all diehard SP fan who cant accept the new one. MOVE ON! The best during his time is gone. Embrace the new guy for he is the best at this time. AP rocks!

Pineda is no good. I barely hear his song. If I can remember, I only heard his song one time "after all these years". Since then, station dare to play his record. Imitator will not last. You got to be a creator. Poor chink Filipinos. They are all fraud & fake like gucci bag.

To Jon Ross - Please get your facts right before making a comment. Arnel Pineda is not Chinese. He's FILIPINO and Journey hired Arnel because of his talent and charisma.

Jon Ross
I've been a big Journey fan since the early 80's. Like many I lost interest when Steve Perry left the band. As far as I'm concerned they have never been the same. I just recently started listening to them again due to the hype this new singer has generated. I will admit this Chinese guy not bad at all however like all things from China, he's just a cheap imitation of the real thing. I understand Neil wants to get the most for his dollar so I totally see why he went to Asia to recrcuit the next singer. Had it been a White man, Neil and gang would have had to shell out big bucks and would have cut into their bottom line. His decision makes the most economic sense. I mean why pay a few million when you can get away with paying 40 or 50 grand? The CD is sold exclusively by Walmart .. well known for having 99% of it's merchandise manufactured in China.

i have so many reasons why i hate ARNEL Pineda..i have too buy so many tisuues to wipe out my tears everytime i hear his music. i dont have anyomre time to pee becoz im addicteed listenning to his performance on makes my urethra i think to hurts.. it makes me groogy everyday coz i ve beeb sleeping late a tnight from wathcing his youtube vids.. his jump made me jump too that made my arm broken when i fell down the basement.. i hate him coz..the journey fans are beginning to forget SP.. ARNEL is better singer than SP..TRUE.

markmywords, i just gotta to say AMEN to that. Well said... Thumbs up!!!

TO PERRYASTIC AND ALL DIEHARD SP FANS (cum Arnel haters) for your info, SP was NOT an ORIGINAL Journey band member. He was hired too by Neil Schon &other founding members. Then he was the one that left them hanging,not the other way round,so SP´s fans have absolutely no right to expect the other band members to hang up their gloves when they still have a lot to give. Arnel has no fault here, he was simply hired and is doing his job very well (maybe too well w/c is whAT scares you) You did not whine when Steve A and Sotto took over. Actually it really all boils down to RACISM. Well, you, racists, live a country that was built by immigrants, and immigration continues, & you will have to accept the fact that sooner than you think natural evolution will give it back to the same descendants of those natives you murdered and ransacked.

Yeah you know what Boombox, they should replace the whole band with younger and more vital musicians so the band can continue for like 20 more years. The fans only care about the songs, not the magic. Kiss is thinking about it, why not Journey too. Geez

Hello Perry HOLD OUTS! Can't stand the success of the new Journey? Envious of the Sold out concerts? The massive fan interest and renewed adulation for the new singer? Oh don't you just hate cringing in futile desperation. Don't worry Perry I heard is coming out with a new album. Problem is I heard this rumor for the past 10 years now. Oh please don't get me wrong here. I'm a huge Perry fan myself. Oh yeah I went through the whole denial process. But in the end, I am now "ENLIGHTENED" by getting rid of foolish pride bordering on racism and embrace multiculturalism. I know some of you are not equipped to be converts. It only took a concert experience to get on board with Arnel. He's not perfect like my Perry was in the old days but man those were the old days. I want to feel young and the band with Pineda was able to do that to me. Almost like a religious experience. So F_CK this talk about OLD and MAN MEAT etc etc. If you can't get over it go F_CK a wall!!

Hey RRG STAR you queer, you are right Steve Perry does not eat dog meat, but he eats MAN MEAT instead, you probably wish perry will eat your man meat in your pants right.

racists will remain low life fans. shame!!!

Why do you bash arnel for doing the job he was hired to do besides arnel is the present journey employee while sp was the past employee so what's your problem comprehending a simple fact like this. people are judgemental of arnel because they are either 1) jealous, 2) born with bad attitudes and 3) no good education from their parents and these kind of people need punishment to shut up.

AGP! if you want us to respect your opinions, learn how to spell Neal Schon´s first name ok. You know he´s the guitarist in Journey right :-)

To all those who can only accept Journey with Steve Perry, this is a free country. You don't have to listen to the new Journey with Arnel. You don't have to buy their new album(s), go to their concerts and listen to their new songs. The founders of Journey found and chose Arnel to be the new voice of the band. Take it or leave it! There are more pressing issues in this country and in the world. Let's show a little respect for each other. PEACE!

TIMMznutz, Arnel will only go back to The Zoo if Neil Schon will tell him so. Incase you forgot it was Neil who discovered Arnel and invited him over. Maybe that time will come that Neil would say "Go back to the Zoo Arnel!" I don't think Neil Schon would let go of Arnel before he could "get his fill", and i don't think Arnel would just take off and leave the band empty handed either. They need each other right now. By the time Arnel goes back to The Zoo he's already a millionaire and he's not gonna worry wether he has a material or not. Of course, his passion of singigng is always there but i don't think he will still be singing in a "smokey room".

RRG STAR... tsk tsk tsk...... you're brain is smaller than you think otherwise you won't say something like that. I don't know where you get that kind of information but as long as you don't have any proof at all, you should not write something like that 'cause you sound stupid, ridiculous and illiterate.

Enough bickering from both sides you guys! Sorry to all you fans or haters, but everyone just face reality and come to an agreement----Journey doesn't matter anymore!They old!.... so why should they even render any remote need for such a passionate argument. Can you say washed up band? They were good in the 80's. Like any generation of music, move over, let it die, so others can do their thing. Go back to the Zoo Arnel! (at least you may have a chance of being successful doing your own material---if you have your own material)


Yeah.. if you really listen closely sam cooke and steve perry have the same singing style. Hmmmmmm.... i thought steve perry had originality. tsk tsk tsk... shame, shame, shame. As a matter of fact, i thought it was steve perry who sang sam cooke's "wonderful world" cause like i said they have the same singing style. But i must say... sam cooke was the dude and steve perry was just a fraud. Have a nice day to all Arnel Pineda's fans.. ROCK N ROOOOOLLLLLL...

jimjim248 Arnel covering the classics had put perry back on Journey's payroll and is happy about it so stop bashing Arnel and Journey not unless his daft fans like you are willing to pay him to sit his butt off while recuperating from a hip injury that never happened.


you fools!!! again, there is only one original. Arnel may have talent, but pls be original. if he's so talented, then why doesnt he write his own songs and see if they become hits?? Why doesn't he make it big with his own band, surround himself with his own talented folks. He lucked into a position, a gig that's been done before. Do something that is your own and quit robbing trails that have already been blazed.Until then, he'll always be a slave to the Journey schtick!!

to all doubters(are you guys still there? or already converted believers of ap) why just enjoy this excitement !!!,it will all make us younger,have the courage to see him perform and hear and feel,see what you have missed not seen on the other frontman,yes incuding you know who.arnel you are amazing!!this the first time i feel faint with joy(swoon).

pineda will always be steve perry's shadow's bitch. there's always only one original. journey's nothing but a cover band. that's the fact. please learn when to hang it up journey, you're irrelevant to rock music today. your time has gone.

one is the original, the other one a copy. one is the creator, the other one is the copycat. one is the leader, the other one is the follower. there´s only one elvis, there´s only one perry but there will be several pinedas.

Let's All grow up and just enjoy Journey's music. Their music touched a lot of many people from all walks of life. Journey thank you and more power.

Arnel Pineda clone of Steve Perry? ummmmmmmmm...NO Pineda's voice has more ring quality than Perry specially as the notes get higher and higher. Perry voice shifts to head notes on higher notes while Pineda's voice retains it's quality and keeps coming forwards. AND THAT IS WHY JOURNEY IS BACK BIG TIME!!

Without racist and descrimination, ARNEL PINEDA was the greatest singer of all time. In this generation he is the best of them all. Listen to his music with the band JOURNEY, when he sing a songs, he will heat your heart and don't stop beleivin'!

Without racist and descrimination, ARNEL PINEDA of the band reborn JOURNEY the vocalist with his "angelic voice", he is the greatest singer of all time through out this world in now generation. Listen carefully to his music, every song he sings, he will heat your heart, how lovely his voice, like an angel voice, really its' incredible, that whats' ELLEN DeGENERES says' to ARNEL!And thats' the reality! And JOURNEYS' band of the decade!!!

Everybody check this out , Arnel should be on a band like Alice in Chains , Creed or maybe Slayer , bet you his voice can also fit like a gloves with these bands . Anyway he made it , there's a lot of haters out there specially where he came from , Singers who wants to break the american music scene , out of the blue came A.P. who was a nobody and overshadow them all . No remorse , if you got it , you got it , right ? Enjoy yourself A.P. , just be good to yourself and watch out with all them haters . PEACE .

Kudos to Neil Schon and Journey management for hiring this dude , not only they tap the big money maker asian market , they also hired a versatile frontman . I' m tellin you all , Journey doesn't have to tour Europe or the America , all they got to do is do a couple of dates in the Philippines , that's a guaranteed forty million people showing up to their gig , then they can all retire like a fat cat . I never seen an Asian rock frontman like this dude , for a neophyte in the International rock scene his performance is like a arena class performer . Mr. Pineda , stay grounded and make that money .

I am a big fan of Journey and Arnel Pineda but let's not forget the Huge contribution Steve Perry gave this group, he might not be the same as his younger days but his legacy is permanently etched in Rock Music history as the Voice and the primary cog that made this group famous. Now begins another chapter in Journey's legacy with a new frontman that I think deserves to be recognized as a Frontman that can and will bring them to newer heights of success. Who cannot like this guy? Very down to earth, big heart, nice smile and Huge God given talent. As Neil has been saying, he got attracted to this guy because of his huge Range singing style, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Toto, Nirvana, Cheap Trick, Eagles, Air Supply, nailed them all. Now who can do all of that? I say we all stop arguing and bashing, just enjoy the new Journey and the old as well.

DSLis GayTOthe bone
Classic JOURNEY had reach it's heights in the 80's with SP, that was a diffterent time and a much younger fans ( the true rockers ) . Journey is a ROCK and ROLL american band and the true to die hard fans listen to their records because its rock and roll and not because the lead singer was a Portuguese American , however this is JOURNEY in another time which will have a more mature and diverse followers ( meaning non-whites ) maybe because the singer is asian . In my opinion , Arnel Pineda will be a force to reckon with if given a chance and support , he is under the microscope at the moment and I'm sure feeling a lot of pressure . This guys has a lot of talent and was not given recognition for a long time by his own people in his own country . Lets give the guy a chance and allow JOURNEY to continue in bringing us real rock and roll . This is for all you real rockers out there and fuck all the wannabe's and flakes .

Arnel has already proved himself that he's the one. More and more old journey fans has accepted him and made him a part of their lives. Unfortunately, there are some people who just can't accept Arnel yet. They're still hoping that Steve Perry and the rest of the band will be re-united. It's like hoping Elvis Presley will suddenly appear, jump on the stage and do his thing. Well, waaaaaaaake uuuuuup and smell the coffee people. Neal Schon has spoken and you could clearly understood that Arnel was the one he was looking for, and he found him. Each and every rock artists has a unique voice. In Steve Perry's case he thought that he had a unique voice, and maybe he thought that no one could ever replaced him. But he was wrong...absolutely wrong. Now Steve Perry's fans obviously was in shocked when they heard Arnel's voice and just couldn't believe that an asian guy sings just like Steve. We all know that now of course. My point is, we should not forget that it is a big world we're livin in and there are lots of talented people out there who aren't discovered yet. Maybe Philippines is not so very popular abroad but one thing's for sure, there are lots, i mean lots of talented people there, and have what it takes to make it internationally. To those who still criticizes Arnel....well... just put an end to it. The more you throw criticism, the more the band get stronger. Sometimes critism makes you popular 'cause people are more focused on you, which for me a positive thing. When i will become an artist one day, how i wished people would criticize me so i would be a center of attraction, he he he he he... That's why some artist are very controversial 'cause obvoiusly they want to draw attention, am i right? So, to Arnel just stay humble and always put our Creator in your heart first. Keep off the stage folks 'cause Arnel is coming up.... Rock n' roll...

i have never like rock/ballad songs 50 now..but when i heard arnel with the journey WOW!! IM ADDICTED TO IT! what an amazing voice he has!

JOURNEY ROCKS!!! ARNEL YOU ARE AN AMAZING SINGER! I was never a journey fan, but hearing ARNEL sing... made me one. Revelation CD/DVD Rocks!!! I can't wait to see you guys in September.

donnel edejer
Arnel Pineda is a very very talented and awesome vocalist...this guy is a real deal...he has an amazing ranges of voice...HE definitely ROCK!!!thanks to the rest of journey band members and fans for believing in him and for believing himself too.God bless us all..i'm a big fan....

I must say that after watching arnel pineda and the band Journey on ellen, youtube, veoh and other music and video sites, I was totally amazed. I'm a new generation fan of journey. I went to WalMart to get a copy of their new cd revelation. I went on the racks for the rock category and guess what it's all sold out. I then asked a staff if there were any left and lucky me there was one left at the front display. I was so excited to listen to it. I even brought it to work. My co-workers were asking to borrow the cds. I then went home. My mom and dad wanted to watch the dvd that came with the album. Oh my gosh. we watched it three times. there are also several requests on radio shows by fans old and new and i mean old by 60 and up and new 15 and up. This just goes to show that Journey is reborn and a new fan base is emerging. It's amazing how many positive reviews and comments there are on numerous forums and sites on the web. The band gained so much success in such a short period of time. As the saying goes, "do not judge the book by it's cover". arnel is not a "clone" or "wannabee" as some people put it. if you only knew what this guy went through all his life which by the way you can read about on wikipedia, cbs interview on journey. He sings the songs with so much passion,humility and god given talent. It is also amusing how the band performs with great chemistry and respect for each other. that's what music is all about. inspiringly awesome. All my respect to ap and journey. you definitely have my support. god bless:>

Clone clone clone clone clone :.-)

whoever is saying that pineda is a perry-clone needs to look up the meaning of "clone" in the dictionary

The Zoo feat.Arnel Pineda is kinda crappy so I guess he´s not the best songwriter around, but he´s a great singer even if he does his best of sounding like a Perry-clone.

Laura, I absolutely agree with you. I am not a Journey fan, but because of Arnel Pineda, I am now. My day is not complete without listening to his voice. There's something in his voice that will get you mesmerize. I did listen to all past Journey's lead singer and all I can say is that, Arnel has more vocal range and has more emotions in his songs. I never know such artist who can do all those cover songs. He's simply amazing. Journey is so lucky to have Arnel as their lead singer because he is so very talented. I look forward to seeing them, hopefully. Good luck Arnel and more power to Journey. Just ignore those SP hardcore fans. You are better than him. Keep humble and take care of your voice. Good bless in your journey. I will sure get a copy of your album.

Success of the Revelation album speak for it self! #3 on the Billboard Chart and climbing. Top Rock Albums #1 This Week Issue Date: 2008-06-21 This Wk Last Wk Artist Name Album Title Imprint | Catalog No. | Distributing Label Peak Wks On 1 NEW Disturbed Indestructible Peak 1 Wks On 1 Reprise | 411132 | Warner Bros. 2 NEW Weezer Weezer Peak 2 Wks On 1 DGC/Interscope | 011135 | IGA 3 NEW Journey Revelation Peak 3 Wks On 1 Nomota | 4506 EX

Laura, I strongly agree with your statement. I like the original Journey even before I heard Arnel Pineda, but when I heard him, his vocalrange is a lot better than S. Perry. He can simply change his vocal to different kind of music he sings. And I'm pretty sure, If you could only listen to his voice from the video in youtube back in the Philippines , WOW!! he is so amazing. He is a borned artist with a wonderful voice that can be blend to any kind of pitch or melody. Two thumbs up!!!! Other artist could only have one tone but not Arnel Pineda. He can entertain you.He can sing the song Ever Since the World Began by Survivor and then sing Making Love Out of Nothing at All by Air Supply very similar to the voice of the original artist or maybe A LOT BETTER..... More power to your career Arnel... and I will buy a copy of your album!!!

Okay, first of all I have my own business that involves book editing at home and I work nights. So every night I have to take a break to get my "Journey" Arnel Pineda fix, and I almost forget to return to work. He's got me that mesmerized. I've listened to some of the older Journey songs sung by Steve Perry and I think he's simply wonderful too. However, I have to admit I think Arnel's got far more vocal range on a lot of the Journey classics that I've heard so far, than Steve Perry. There's just something about his vice that simply makes one break out in goose bumps. Not forgetting after seeing the Chilean concert, the kid is a ROCK STAR and he's got a certain kind of humble charm at the same that just draws you right in. It hard to believe some that that phemonemal voice is coming out of such a little guy...ARNEL YOU ROCK BIG TIME! You've got a God given talent and remember nothing happens by accident...I think you were definitely meant to be where you've landed! Now I'll try to get back to work...almost 04:00hrs in the morning!

Journey Rocks and is just amazing to hear the sounds of Journey Wow....i am new fan.

amanda sauceda
dont know if pineda is listening but youre awsome cant stop watching you tube bideos youre great im in love. if your ever in arkansas plan to come watch ya. sincerly amanda sauceda from arkansas

I can't believe I am going to write this post, I might get bashed for doing this...I wanna hate schon and cain!...I wanna hate pineda!...but what's a poor guy like me to do...It's impossible not to like pineda, just impossible! the guy is tremendously talented...I never wanted to believed he was good as what schon and cain was saying, Steve perry is God for me!, but this new guy Pineda, I hate to say...really got talent! Goddammit! I don't wanna admit it...I love journey....I still wanna be part of this journey...afterall nothing is constant in this world except change...Im starting to like the new change going on in journey right now. Hell , I'm loving Pineda too!...WTF!

Arnel Pineda on GQ
HE DIDN’T STOP BELIEVIN’ When the legendary rock band Journey needed to replace their lead singer, they turned to the Internet, where they found clips of an unknown 40-year-old singer from the Philippines. Arnel Pineda was just a small-town boy, living in a lonely world, covering Journey songs in no-name bar bands, but he had the voice—and the hair—of a natural-born rock star. Now he’s living a dream that goes on, and on, and on, and on… arnel pineda, who turns 41 this year, has been performing in bands since he was a teenager, and by now he has mastered virtually every kick-ass lead-singer move known to rock. He can launch his compact body off the drum riser and land without twisting an ankle. He plays excellent microphone-cord air guitar. He knows when to do the reach-out-and-touch with the fans in the front row and when to turn the microphone stand upside down and lift it above his head, as if calling down the lightning. He knows how to do these things because he is a professional lead singer and a good one, which means he is a virtuoso whose instrument is his own charisma. He is also adept at the parts of the lead-singer job that involve singing. Until recently, the only place you could see Pineda doing any of this stuff was in Manila, where he and his band, the Zoo, appeared regularly at bars and nightclubs, or on the YouTube channel of an industrious Zoo fan named Noel Gomez, who has uploaded more than sixty video clips of the band performing live, usually on stages that resemble discarded sets from early-’90s late-night talk shows. It was thanks to those videos, in which Pineda sings the songs of Deep Purple, the Goo Goo Dolls, Heart, Stryper, Styx, Toto, Aerosmith, Bob Marley, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Simple Minds, Bryan Adams, Men at Work, the Beatles, and REO Speedwagon, that he wound up here at the Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas on a Saturday in early March, playing his first U.S. show as the new lead singer of the legendary ’80s rock band Journey. It’s a little after 8 p.m., and we’ve reached the point in “Any Way You Want It” where lead guitarist Neal Schon, who cofounded Journey in 1973, plays a precise yet impassioned hairspray-torch of a solo. This is Pineda’s cue to sidle up to Schon and make your-guitar-playing-is-rocking-me-so-hard faces at him, prompting Schon to make equally ridiculous not-as-hard-as-it’s-rocking-me-my-brother faces back. It’s the kind of thing singers in arena rock bands have been doing during the guitar break since arenas were invented, and usually it’s only entertaining if you know, for example, that the guitarist and the lead singer actually hate each other. But when Pineda does it, it’s more than a gesture. He has performed this song live many times before, but he’s still getting used to performing it with the band that made it famous, so when he does the grooving-on-the-solo thing, he appears genuinely awed,1 not only by the force of Schon’s rocking but by the fact that he, Arnel Pineda, is actually being rocked by Neal Schon. When he turns to the audience—where fans have been waving the Philippine flag and their own homemade banners (arnel for president) in his general direction all night long—the look on his face is equal parts glee and disbelief. “My life is a fairy tale,” Pineda told me earlier. “But I’m awake, and I’m dreaming it.” ***** if you’re in a long-running classic-rock band and you find yourself without a lead singer, as Journey did last summer, you have several options, aside from retirement. The minute it’s announced that you and your frontman have parted ways, aspirants to the position will begin sending you their CDs, whether or not you have asked for them. But if you’re Journey, at least a few of the innumerable bedroom karaoke-ists, tennis-racket axpersons, and car-dashboard drummers your music has inspired will have gone semipro, forming tribute bands that play your music in a Civil War–reenactment kind of way, which means you’ve also got a vast pool of ready-on-day-one understudies from which to draw. When Judas Priest made their first album without original lead singer Rob Halford in 1996, they drafted Tim “Ripper” Owens, an Akron office-supply salesman who sang Halford’s parts in a Priest tribute band; thanks to the 2001 film Rock Star, in which Mark Wahlberg played an Owens manqué named Chris “Izzy” Cole, this is probably the most famous example of a band calling a singer up from the farm team. It’s a major crossroads, this frontman decision. You can bet on the future by tapping a singer who may have his own thing happening, or you can reinvest in your legacy by recruiting a singer who’s been practicing your stuff for years. But when Journey parted ways with frontman Jeff Scott Soto last summer, Neal Schon began to wonder if there was another way to go. What you need to know here is that the lead-singer slot in Journey has always been a high-turnover position, somewhere between “Mr. Pamela Anderson” and “drummer for Spinal Tap” on the volatility scale. Soto was either the third, fourth, or fifth guy to have the job, depending on whether or not you count keyboardist Gregg Rolie (responsible for some of the vocals on the band’s first three albums) or Neal Schon (ditto) or Robert Fleischman (who sang live with the band and cowrote “Wheel in the Sky” but never appeared on a studio album). But as far as Journey’s fans are concerned, there is but one true Journey vocalist, and his name is Steve Perry. Before Perry, Journey were a chops-flaunting jazz-rock outfit whose first three albums had sold poorly; when Columbia Records threatened to drop the band, their manager, Herbie Herbert, prevailed upon them to hire Perry, who had a supple tenor, a gawky, earnest stage presence, and one of the worst haircuts in rock. Together, he and Journey began writing new songs that showcased two of these three qualities, and by the turn of the decade they’d become one of the biggest bands on earth. Sometimes pop songs are poetry, and sometimes they’re art, and sometimes they’re poetry transformed into art and written in airbrush on acid-washed denim. During the Perry years, Journey sang about dreamers on the run, about summer nights, about the lonely road. They once rhymed “walkin’ a high wire” with “caught in a cross fire.” They made videos so singularly ill-conceived—like “Separate Ways,” which is clearly supposed to take place in the kind of gritty urban environment where one might find oneself caught in a cross fire while walking on a high wire but appears to have actually been filmed in the parking lot of an Ikea—that they now resemble Flight of the Conchords skits. Pete Townshend once said, “If you steer clear of quality, you’re all right,” but Journey played everything with an aerobic professionalism that suggested that quality was Job One. Most rock critics despised them; they were frequently lumped in with Styx and Foreigner and characterized as “faceless,” an allegation the members of Journey say they neither appreciated nor understood. They were never cool, and they were never dangerous. Cool, dangerous bands advocated the use of drugs, or at least testified to their allure; Journey signed a then groundbreaking endorsement deal with Budweiser and once arrived at a St. Louis gig in a carriage pulled by the brewer’s iconic team of Clydesdales. Cool, dangerous bands lured their fans to the dark side using satanic iconography; Journey tempted their fans into arcades to pump quarters into Bally Midway’s Journey video game.2 Cool, dangerous bands made parents nervous; any kid who tried to rebel by cranking the soaring and saccharine sounds of Frontiers or Escape deserved to be laughed at through his or her bedroom door (and sat down by an elder sibling for a stern talking-to about the greatness of Black Sabbath).3 But for about a decade, they could basically do no wrong in the eyes of the record-buying public, who fell hard for future classic-rock radio staples like the shamelessly inspirational “Don’t Stop Believin’,” the shamelessly sentimental “Faithfully,” and the shamelessly self-explanatory “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’.” 4 Cool, dangerous bands are rarely accessible; Journey wanted to speak to as many people as possible. It didn’t matter what kind of car you drove; if you’d ever wished it were a Trans Am, Journey were singing to you. Between 1978 and 1986, every record they made went platinum. In 1984, Perry made a solo album, Street Talk, which spawned the hit singles “Foolish Heart” and “Oh Sherrie”; Schon says its success put a strain on Perry’s relationship with the rest of the band. Perry returned to the Journey fold to make one more record, Raised on Radio, before taking an indefinite hiatus in 1987, citing vocal and emotional burnout. Journey didn’t play together again until 1995. They made a comeback album, Trial by Fire, and scheduled a reunion tour; then Perry injured his hip on a hike in Hawaii. He needed to replace the hip in order to play live, but put off getting the surgery; Schon says the band waited until they couldn’t wait anymore. The next time Journey toured, their singer was Brooklyn-born Steve Augeri. He took flak from hard-core fans for sounding too much like Steve Perry, and then he stepped aside, citing a chronic throat infection, and handed the mike to Jeff Scott Soto, who took flak for not sounding Perryish enough. A subtext was developing: Journey’s fans felt that no one other than Steve Perry was fit to sing Journey songs in the shower, let alone onstage. In conversation, the members of Journey jokingly refer to Steve Perry as “He Who Cannot Be Named,” like the evil wizard in the Harry Potter books. Later, I ask Schon about this, after reading an interview with their former manager in which it is alleged that Journey are somehow legally enjoined from speaking on the record about Perry. “Oh, y’know,” Schon says. “There’s no legal issue. We just try not to. I mean, I didn’t say anything inflammatory. I didn’t talk about how he still gets paid like a motherfucker even though he shouldn’t be. It’s stuff like that I’m not allowed to talk about. He sorta just bitches and moans and whines about everything. And he just assumes that every time we bring up his name, that we’re sayin’ bad things.” ***** no one in journey was excited about auditioning new singers, and none of the tribute-band Steves they looked at seemed like the answer. “I didn’t think they had anything new to offer,” Schon says, “other than making us a nostalgia act, and I wasn’t interested in that.” Instead, Schon says, “I sat in my house for a couple days, hoping the almighty Internet would bring some relief.” He trawled YouTube, looking at all the live footage of male rock vocalists he could find. “You never know what you’re getting on a CD,” Schon says. “It can be all doctored in Pro Tools. You never know if somebody can sing unless you’re watching something live.” He found a few singers with potential—a couple of guys in England, doing “a Justin Timberlake–type thing.” And then he stumbled on Noel Gomez’s Zoo videos. There are a few clips on YouTube of Pineda singing Journey songs like “Faithfully.” His Steve Perry is almost eerily flawless; he nails both Perry’s girlish quaver and the grit and pacing Perry borrowed from soul singers like Sam Cooke, and the fact that you can occasionally hear his accent makes the rest of the performance that much more uncanny. But Schon insists that what grabbed him about Pineda was his range. He slam-dunked Survivor. He tore up Toto. He made something out of “Makin’ Love out of Nothing at All,” and—spoiler alert—what he made out of it was love. “The hair stood up on my arms,” Schon says. “I got up off the computer and told my girlfriend, ‘No way—this guy sounds too good. I don’t believe it.’ ” He went for a motorcycle ride. Thus are important rock-star decisions made. When he got back, he watched the clips again. Then he started calling his band. “I said, ‘I found the singer,’ ” Schon says. “And they go, ‘Where is he?’ And I’m like, ‘He’s in Manila!’ “And they go, ‘Great—so you found a singer who can’t speak English.’ ” ***** pineda’s english is actually fine. Right now he is trying to save his voice for tomorrow’s show, so he speaks softly, which makes him seem as if he’s in a state of perpetual awe (and maybe he is). Pineda may have the most Dickensian backstory in rock history. His mother died when he was 13; his father took Pineda’s siblings to live with relatives, and Pineda struck out on his own. He collected scrap metal, bottles, and old newspapers, usually bringing home the equivalent of thirty cents a day. Sometimes he’d sleep at a friend’s house; more often than not, he’d sleep in Manila’s Luneta Park, alone or with a group of other homeless kids. They drank from a fountain there and bathed in it, too; most mornings, Pineda would wake up sick from the dew. (“All clogged here,” he says, pressing two fingers to his sinuses.) His friend Monet Cajipe played guitar. Sometimes when Pineda wasn’t working, he’d go over to Monet’s house and they’d sing songs together. “He would bring me to his family,” Pineda says, “and say, ‘Come on, give some food to my friend,’ because I was starving. They would make me sing, and then they would feed me. They would just bribe me with food.” At 15, Pineda tried out for a group called Ijos Band. He’d never sung with a real band before; during the audition, his voice was strong but his timing was weak. The bandleader saw something in him anyway, and when the other members of Ijos groused about having to split their nightly take with an extra man, one of the bandleader’s friends came to the rescue, offering to pay Arnel’s salary—thirty-five pesos a night—out of his own pocket. Perks of the job included a tiny room under the guitarist’s front stairs, where Pineda could sleep. He went on to cofound a band called Amo, which evolved into a band called New Age, featuring Cajipe on guitar. Like many Filipino bands, they played a mix of original material and covers of American and British rock and pop. While the U.S. occupation shaped Filipino musical culture during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the Philippines truly became a cover-band nation in the ’60s, when the islands served as a way station for troops en route to or from the Vietnam War and every nightclub needed bands who could entertain American servicemen with Top 40 rock ’n’ roll. To this day, Pineda says, “if you only play original songs, [audiences in the Philippines] will not appreciate you 100 percent. They want to hear you singing other bands’ songs that made it to number one. Like Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Journey.” In the early ’90s, New Age relocated to Hong Kong, a time-honored path for -Filipino musicians seeking their fortune. It didn’t go so well. Playing the same cover tunes every night began to drive Pineda crazy. He was bored, so he drank, took drugs, and generally pursued any and all forms of rock ’n’ roll self-destruction available to a boy from Manila adrift on the Hong Kong bar circuit. Before long, he’d wrecked his voice. When he found he could no longer hit the high notes in Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight,” he went to a doctor, who told him to retire. He was 27. “He said, ‘You’re finished. Your vocal is just done,’ ” Pineda says. “I did not believe him. I told myself, I can get it back.” He returned to the Philippines, got straight, learned to sing again. He recorded a self-titled solo album in 2000; he and Cajipe started the Zoo. They recorded their first album, Zoology. For a man who’d been told he’d never sing again, it was a happy enough ending. Then, last summer, the phone rang. When Pineda went to get his visa, the guy who interviewed him at the embassy—“His name is Ben. I can’t forget his name,” Pineda says—was a fan who’d seen him play with the Zoo a couple of times, so Pineda took a request, and everybody in the office looked up from their desks at the guy singing “Wheel in the Sky.” He flew to San Francisco, spent a day jamming with the band at their rehearsal space. He hadn’t slept much on the flight over, so his voice kept cracking, and he assumed he’d blown it, but he almost didn’t care. He’d come to America and sung with a band he’d loved since he was 12 years old. He’d shot some home movies of them on his camcorder—a YouTube-able epilogue to his crazy YouTube adventure. He was ready to settle for that. But that jam session led to a long day in the studio, where Pineda sang two new songs and four or five of the Dirty Dozen—nailing most of them in one take—and by the time it was over, he’d passed the audition. “Arnel cared about getting it right,” band member Jonathan Cain says. “There wasn’t this arrogance—the Lead Singer Disease that so many guys have when they have fantastic voices.” ***** let us consider the New Guy. In life, the New Guy gets the office that was once a closet full of printer paper, or maybe still is; the New Guy is told about bogus traditions involving the New Guy picking up the lunch tab; the New Guy spends a lot of time wondering what’s so funny. The New Guy’s phone rings, but it’s not for him. He disappoints people just by picking it up. No, I’m sorry—he’s not here anymore. Is there something I can help you with? In rock, being the New Guy is the same, except harder. The jokes you don’t know go back to some long, snowy between-concerts bus ride circa 1984. And you’re trying to inhabit a stadium-sized myth, not a cubicle. You might win over a few late-to-the-party fans, but your presence alone will always be proof to some people that the band has outlived its awesomeness. A band with a New Guy on vocals is like a late-period Happy Days episode, one of the ones where nobody’s left except Ted McGinley and a middle-aged Fonz who can barely zip the leather jacket. And because the only way for a band in this position to shake off the taint of the glue factory is to reunite with its original singer, the New Guy in a rock band is always a dead man rocking. Tim Owens got seven years with Judas Priest before Rob Halford returned. Anyone not named David Lee Roth who agrees to sing for Van Halen is basically keeping the leather pants warm for Diamond Dave. And however comfortable Pineda’s been made to feel during the past few months, he must know on some level that Steve Augeri and Jeff Soto once felt comfortable, too. Toward the end of our interview, as dusk bleaches the color from the desert outside the window, I ask him if he’s thought about how long this is going to last. “Well, of course,” he says. “Of course I did. I’m a very realistic person. I like to plan. I like to see the future. If I’m lucky, if I’m still strong, I want to be with them for the next three years. And if they still like me after that, I still want to be with them. And hopefully we will create new Journey music that people will love.” And at some point, I suggest, you’ll become essential. People will say Journey without Arnel, who wants that? “I just want to be a part of a band that will be able to reinvent themselves, you know?” Pineda says. “And I think they will be able to help me build a future, with my family. They will help me financially. They can help me with that. Because all of us need a good future for our children, for our families.” It’s true, we do. The members of Journey talk about Pineda like he’s given them their youth back, the way thrice-married men talk about the young wives who’ve got them doing wheatgrass shots and yoga, listening to the Killers. It’s never too late to feel like you’re going to live forever. “I think we’re reborn, right now, with Arnel,” Schon says. He talks about the band’s first show with Pineda in Chile, how Arnel was all over the stage, jumping around, surprising everyone, and making Schon—who’s playing a cordless guitar for the first time since the ’80s—feel the need to step his game up. “I’m gonna be riding my bicycle a lot, and skating,” he says, “and getting myself in tip-top shape so I can keep up with this little guy.” When Journey were off the road last year, during the gap between singers, it gave Schon time to get sober. When we talk, it’s been nine months. “I believe I was a functioning alcoholic,” he says—he’d stay straight for shows but kill a bottle of vodka on the tour bus afterward, and that went on for years. So this moment is also a rebirth for Schon; he’s facing all of it straight for the first time. “I feel like I have 100 percent of myself here,” he says, “and I’m really excited about getting out there and being completely in control.” Pineda’s arrival lets them zero out the odometer. “Had I known Arnel was around fifteen years ago,” Schon says, “singing even better than he is now—Goddammit, I would have called him!” ***** journey may not want to be thought of as a nostalgia act. But they are clearly totally fine with being an act that benefits from nostalgia. When I ask Cain why people still care about Journey in 2008, his response is basically a definition of the term: “It’s music they grew up to,” he says. “Fell in love with. Had sex with. Got married to. Graduated from high school or college with. It’s a moment frozen in time, and when they remember those moments, they remember those songs. Y’know, the ’70s and ’80s were awesome times. There was a lot less trouble in the world. And it’s like people wanna go back to that simpler place and time. We see these housewives—they used to come to our shows when they were teenagers, and now it’s like The Big Chill. They come back, they get a room, and they come see Journey. And I see ’em in the bars and buy ’em a drink and talk to ’em. Or there’ll be a daughter that’s bringing her mom to a Journey show as a birthday present, because she didn’t get to see us back then. And you’re like, ‘Oh my God—I’m part of this.’ ” How Journey’s fan base will respond to the band’s new incarnation is another question. Journey’s new album, Revelation, will be available in June, exclusively at Wal-Mart. In this regard, they’re following in the footsteps of the Eagles, who’ve sold 2.9 million copies of their album Long Road out of Eden through the big-box retailer since last October. The album package will consist of a CD featuring eleven new Journey songs with Pineda on vocals, a DVD of the Planet Hollywood show, and a third disc featuring Pineda-sung rerecordings of eleven Journey classics whose original iterations featured you-know-who. Depending on how you look at it, this rewrite of the band’s history is either a huge vote of confidence for Pineda or the rock ’n’ roll equivalent of trying to prove to yourself that you’re over your ex-girlfriend by dating a woman who looks exactly like her. And it’s a move guaranteed to piss off more than a few Journey fans—even the album’s producer, Kevin Shirley, compares it to “xeroxing the Holy Grail.”5 I get a hint of the backlash that may be on the way when, a week or so before the Vegas show, I post a thread on the Journey message board at, an Internet forum for people with strong opinions about power balladry and Night Ranger side projects. I ask people to tell me their Journey stories; I ask people what they think of Pineda. I give out my e-mail address. Within minutes, my in-box fills up with e-mails—angry, passionate e-mails. I hear from a few thick-and-thin super-fans, from plenty of reasonable people ready to give Arnel a fair shake, and even a few early Pineda converts. But I also hear from people frustrated by the band’s -inability to hold on to a lead singer and from people who resent the band for continuing on at all. But mostly, I hear from people who have not stopped believing in Steve Perry. They compare him to Elvis, John Lennon, Freddie Mercury, and God. They describe the post-Perry band as “a second-class rendition of Journey.” They send me all-caps e-mails—Steve Perry really brings out the caps-lock in people—that begin “IT HAD BEEN BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION THAT YOU ARE LOOKING TO WRIGHT AN ARTICLE ABOUT WHY JOURNEY IS NO LONGER JOURNEY BUT NOTHING MORE THEN A TRIBUTE BAND TO THE BEST SOFT ROCK BAND EVER.” They send me photomosaics of Steve Perry created out of many, many tiny little pictures of Steve Perry. “You want to know why the ‘fascination’ with Journey all of a sudden?” writes Thomas Cordea of Fort Wayne, Indiana. “With the hiring of a blatant ‘sound-alike’ singer, the world is ‘re-awakening’ to the fact that THEY MISS STEVE PERRY LIKE MAD.… That is the real ‘hidden’ storyline of your article, not this latest frontman hire.” Maybe. But this latest frontman hire still seems like the first smart move Journey have made in years. They’ve got a guy who can sing the Perry material on tour. They’re excited about making new music with him. And the fact that they discovered Pineda on YouTube has given them a ready-made PR hook. In a clicky, viral, cell-phone-delivered media moment where even the twice-weekly cult-of-the-amateur hour that is American Idol seems like a rusty piece of star-making machinery and Simon Cowell like a snooty gatekeeper, Journey—Journey!—seem like innovators, in touch with the forces shaping the culture. For a band prominently featured in people’s memories of the Carter administration, this is pretty impressive. This doesn’t change the fact that they’re Journey—emblematic of the way ’70s rock betrayed the ’60s in the ’80s, part of the problem that punk’s loogie-hawking historical rebuke supposedly solved. The middleman-eliminating YouTube story line can’t make them cool; neither can the existence of a Journey-branded “Virtual Island” in the online nerdiverse Second Life. But coolness accrues in unexpected ways; once-verboten things slip out of cultural jail under cover of irony. five signs the journey revival is imminent or possibly already here, in descending order of cultural impact: 1. David Chase uses “Don’t Stop Believin’” in the last scene of the last episode of The Sopranos. It either is or isn’t the last song Tony Soprano ever hears. (A week after the episode airs, Hillary and la famiglia Clinton parody this scene, right down to the onion rings, in a viral-video campaign ad.) 2. Drolly doleful indie rockers—Badly Drawn Boy, Of Montreal—begin slipping ironic-but-maybe-sincere “Don’t Stop Believin’” covers into their live sets. Kanye West does, too—at the shows he played in Europe shortly after his mother’s death, it often followed “Hey Mama,” the one he couldn’t get through without crying. 3. Literate classic-rock obsessive Craig Finn and his Brooklyn-via-Minnesota meta–bar band, the Hold Steady, reference Journey in song: My name is Steve Perry, but people call me Circuit City.… My name’s Neal Schon, but people call me Nina Simone. 4. Petra Haden, formerly of the late, lamented three-girls-and-a-guy alt-rock band that dog., records an a cappella cover of “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Haden: “My favorite part is singing that guitar solo. I always end up laughing at the end. I shouldn’t, because it’s supposed to be so serious. But I always do.” 5. Some aspiring George Romero with access to a camcorder and a backyard uploads a no-budget horror short called “Journey of the Dead” to YouTube. Synopsis: “Steve Perry (former lead singer of Journey) saves a Rock and Roll loving couple from an attack by Rock Star Drummer Zombies. After a violent and bloody battle with the zombies, Steve Perry emerges victorious (as always) and then finds himself engaged in a karate showdown with the ultimate evil lead singer mastermind, Freddie Mercury!” Best quote: “Hey, zombie-breath—you picked the wrong day to not be dead! Now you’re going to have to face Steve Perry!” ***** tapping somebody who can do Perry as well as Pineda can may indicate that the band want that uncomplicated approval they got from their audience during the Perry years, as opposed to the problematic tough love they’re getting now. Or maybe Neal Schon—who started Journey, spent years building an audience through tireless touring (traveling, in the early days, in four-door station wagons, rolling into the venue just in time to jump onstage and play—who says Journey weren’t punk?) before having Perry foisted upon him in 1977 for reasons of commercial expediency, and has spent the post-Perry years being accused of sacrilege for daring to continue playing in the band he founded in the first place—wants to prove that it is he and his bandmates who make it Journey. But when I ask Schon if he’s at all tired of Journey being defined by Perry’s presence or absence, he answers, “Um, no. I think he contributed so much to the sound of the band. Those songs are gonna be embedded in everybody’s heads and hearts forever.” I get a slightly different take from Steve Perry, who calls from his home near San -Diego. Perry, who’s finally started working on his first album of new material since leaving Journey, doesn’t want to talk about the vocalists who’ve followed in his footsteps, Pineda included. “I only know that they’ve been through three guys,” he says, “and I’ve never heard any of them. I stay away from it, because it’s really none of my business now. We have children together, which are the songs we wrote, but that’s about all.” But he will talk about what it was like when he joined a Journey already in progress in 1977, shedding a little light on what it might feel like to be Pineda now. “You’ve got to remember, they didn’t want to make it with a lead singer,” he says. “They wanted to make it without one.” I ask him about the scene in VH1’s Journey Behind the Music episode in which Perry declares that he “never really felt like part of the band.” Was that because Schon resented having to hire a frontman? “What that meant,” Perry says, “was that there was a period of time where I always felt that I had to prove myself. But along with that, you have to print that I can’t blame them. It was [Neal’s] band. Herbie Herbert built that band around Neal because he’s a star on his own, from a guitar standpoint. There’s nobody who plays like Neal Schon, to this day. I still miss his playing. We don’t get along, but I love his playing. “They wanted to make it on their own goalposts that they had in mind. There’s nothing wrong with that. And I hope you print that, because it’s important that people know that. I’m not bitchin’. I’m not whining. I completely understand how they felt and why.” ***** the security people at the Planet Hollywood show—even the women—have the hired-muscle intimidation factor of pit bosses. For all I know, they are pit bosses. But at the end of the Planet Hollywood show, when Journey come back out to redo a couple of songs for the DVD—“We have to do one of the new ones again,” Schon says cheerfully, “because we fucked it up!”6—the crowd-control policy is relaxed and people are allowed to come down the floor-seat aisles and up to the stage to scream and clutch at Pineda, presumably because this will make the show look more exciting on-camera. Someone hands him up a tiny Philippine flag on a wooden stand, the kind a diplomat keeps on his desk, and he stares at it for what counts, in rock-show time, as a long moment, before handing it back. The do-overs end the night with a sort of anticlimactic thud, but overall it’s been a good show, particularly for Pineda. Almost half the crowd—and this is an unscientific estimate based on what the nonwhite people looked like when I turned around—appeared to be Filipino, and from the first note he sang, they were his. And while none of the new Journey songs will make anybody forget “Don’t Stop Believin’”—as always, the words “Here’s another one from the new album” are the classic-rock-show audience’s cue for a bathroom break—some of them are pretty affecting. Kevin Shirley described “After All These Years” to me as “like ‘Faithfully: Part 2’—it’s a gem,” and it kind of is. Like “Faithfully” (Journey’s greatest gift to wedding DJs), it’s a soaring, soulful ballad, readable as both a pledge of eternal fealty and a love letter to the fans. But the “all these years” theme adds the weight of long-term commitment to the mix; a song like this is how you tell your audience you’d marry them all over again. And while it’s not anywhere near as good as “Faithfully,” you can imagine it someday becoming part of the canon. Someday it will be performed by a singer in a smoky room—some Hong Kong piano bar, maybe—and traveling salesmen far from hearth and home will shed a tear or two, and maybe that’s all that matters. Afterward, there’s a bottleneck in the lobby of the theater. As everyone shuffles slowly toward the doors that lead to the mezzanine above the casino, someone in the crowd starts singing the Nah nah, na nah nah / Na na na nah nah refrain from “Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’,” the last song of the night. (It’s the one song in Journey’s catalog where you can most clearly hear the Sam Cooke mannerisms in Steve Perry’s delivery, and Pineda nailed it—an Asian guy imitating a white Californian imitating a black guy from Chicago, on a stage in a Las Vegas hotel with “Hollywood” in the name. The mind reels.) Then, as if the air-conditioning has started pumping karaoke spores, other people join in and start singing Nah nah, na nah nah / Na na na nah nah, too. It only lasts for a few seconds, but those seconds are maybe the most sincere moment of community I’ve experienced at a rock show in a long, long time—and they feel like proof that the Pineda-fronted version of Journey has succeeded in giving people the kind of life-affirming Journey experience they were looking for. Later there’s a VIP meet-and-greet in a high-ceilinged Planet Hollywood banquet room. Trickling in like they’ve timed their entrances, the band pose for pictures and sign T-shirts, albums, ticket stubs. The energy is a little flat until Arnel appears, wearing a shiny long-sleeve T-shirt, his hair pulled back in a ponytail. People immediately crowd around him, waving digital cameras; somebody shouts, “Move back, move back!” He makes it to the other side of the room, still swarmed by fans—many of them Filipino, many of them girls. I try to ask Arnel a couple of questions about the show, which yields a brief interview, reproduced here in its entirety: Q. How’s it going, Arnel? A. Hey, man! Then someone else gets his attention and he’s off, posing for another photo. Instead, I interview Patty Zaragoza, who’s a flight attendant “representing the Cathay Pacific cabin crew.” She doesn’t know much about Journey, but she’s a fan of Pineda’s—she used to see him perform in Hong Kong, at a bar called Grammy’s. She gives me a blue Cathay Pacific lanyard, in case the one that came with my Journey backstage pass ceases to function. I turn around to try to get another word or two with Pineda, but he’s mobbed. The crowd swallows him. He is, at least for now, a rock star. ***** the day before the show, I ask Kevin Shirley if he feels Pineda has fully processed everything that’s happened to him during the past few months. “No,” Shirley says. “No, I don’t think he has. I think the record needs to come out. I think he needs to go on tour. I think he still has a lot of fear about whether he can play this set every night. But he can. I feel very confident. But yeah—once all that settles in, and maybe once he gets his first royalty check. In the meantime, it’s like, ‘Can you buy me a sandwich? I’m the lead singer of Journey!’ ”

I trust Schon and Cain.Hey! if they say Pineda is the right man for journey,then so be it! I think the kid is tremendously talented. I've always admired journey for a long time and I still wanna be part of this journey...after all these years! So let us celebrate the legacy of journey!

I love steve perry! But hey I love this new guy too! That kind of enormous talent should be appreciated! I heard he is very nice and very humble too. Well I've never met him but I'd love to meet him one day

To Wolfe: I also had the chance to read the GQ article regarding journey and their new singer pineda.I must say this guy deserves to get huge respect for his enormous talent ,hardwork and humble beginnings.If what happened to him would have happened to me, man I would be celebrating 100x over! I salute these guys ( shon,cain,ross and castronovo) for continuing there music and giving this new lead singer the chance that he truly deserves.That kind of talent should be showcased to the world to hear and see and not be waisted.Now I'm interested to see them perform and listen to their music.

So I decided to post a comment yesterday regarding this new guy from journey, after hearing some of his videos on the web.I was off from work so I decided to just surf the web and find out more about this kid , I happened to read this new article about him and journey on the latest editon of GQ magazine...I've learned about how he was discovered , so I went to you tube to listen to him some this is the first time I've heard someone with that much range! neal was right he can sing artist from A to Z ...that was awesome!... fuckin unbelievable!...I couldn't believe what I was hearing! I thought he was really good already after hearing him sang those journey songs, buy my god after hearing him sing all those songs from different artist, he can really cover so much ground! this is fuckin carzy! Dude , I really think this guys talent need to be recognized and given a chance! he totally exceeded my expectations...whew!

Wow! this new lead singer of journey, is it Pineda? he is great! I saw his performances from videos uploaded in the internet ,and it literally is awesome! so much energy and I can feel his passion for journey music, It feels weird but I feel the music ,af if literally flowing through my veins whenever he sings it, I can't believe it ! this is the first time this has ever happened to me, this guy has just earned my respect!

I heard this new guy arnel pineda sing from video clippings , and MY GOD, I WAS TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY! I never really thought he is that good..but I really must say he is damn good...I never really knew journey before but with all this fuzz going around regarding this new guy , I must say...journey caught my attention and after hearing them now...I am a fan! What an exceptional talent this new kid is!

edcha (corrected)
It's really amazing how change affects people's attitude and reaction. ARNEL PINEDA is the hottest CHANGE in the music world--at least in the JOURNEY world. I have read quite a number of comments in many websites about this change. Some like it, some don't. By far, most do like it. But it's really amazing to me how some people can be negative about any change, especially if the change doesn't match their personal preferences. I personally like mellow music, and I didn't know Journey and Steve Perry before. I became interested only recently because of this fuss with the band’s new lead vocalist. I tried to be as objective as possible by listening to the original clips with Steve Perry and the new clips with Arnel Pineda. Both of them are very good. Both of them are not perfect. I like some aspects of Steve's singing, and I like some aspects of Arnel's singing. It would be nice to combine all the good things in both of their singing--but that's not possible. Realistically, I need to be satisfied with what is practically available. I learned that Journey had 2 or 3 previous lead vocalist changes after Steve Perry, due to various reasons. It's Journey's SOLE prerogative to make those CHANGE decisions. People need to RESPECT their decisions. It's THEIR band. It's THEIR future that is at stake—not anyone else’s. No one can claim to know what they want, except for them. Again, it's their exclusive right to make the decision. People can talk endlessly and uselessly about what they don't want about the change--but that's all talk, really. What people think doesn't have any effect on the decision--because the decision-makers didn't really care. Otherwise, Journey should have asked/consulted with/gotten votes of, the "people" or fans--especially the old, devoted fans. Well, they did not. What I'm trying to say is-- people need to just cool down and be realistic and practical and flexible. Give the new guy a chance, just like the past Journey vocalists were given chances. This is America. Arnel may have been lucky, being at the right place at the right time. But that's life. Accept it. The reality is --the better you are and the harder you work--the luckier you become. I did not know Arnel but based on my readings--he paid his dues--perhaps more than most of the people writing comments in this site. He had a difficult life, due to no fault of his. He has 25 years of singing experience. And he actually won as champion vocalist in real singing contests two years in a row in the late 80’s. I believe he deserves this opportunity. And he seems to remain very humble an unassuming--about this thing. He even continues to idolize Steve Perry. Oh, about this discrimination and racial issues--- We are talking vocals, and singing ability here--not skin color, not height, not race, not gender, not looks. I'm actually fed up with racial discrimination discussions. When can people start to realize that each one of us has his/her own talents and strengths. In this knowledge-based, internet-dominated world of ours---what matters most is one’s ability and talent and--I might add---good character and good relationships….Other stuff, real or imagined--are marginal—whether one accepts it or not. Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods are African American (black-skinned) but people respect and idolize them in America and worldwide; Albert Einstein was short (and was an immigrant)--but people respected and idolized him in America and worldwide. Elvis Presley was white, and people respected and idolized him in America and worldwide; I can go on, and on, and on….hopefully, I got my point across. RACE & SKIN COLOR DON'T MATTER, GUYS. RACE & SKIN COLOR CAN'T MAKE ONE SUCCESSFUL OR USEFUL IN THIS WORLD. SUCCESS IS EARNED. IT'S WHAT GOOD THINGS ONE CAN DO, AND ACCOMPLISH THAT MATTER MOST. Discrimination, arrogance, envy, back-biting, fault-finding can do nothing good. Let's be positive--for once. Let us be happy for someone who has a chance to become successful--in his/her own right---with honesty and integrity. Let us strive to carve out our own contribution to society—without trying to “bring down somebody.” Let us remove the speck from our own eyes first before we judge other people. Let us examine ourselves honestly---before we throw the first stone at somebody........And now….I can rest my case.

It's amazing how change affect people's attitude and reaction. ARNEL PINEDA is the hotest CHANGE in the music world--at least in the JOURNEY world. I read quite a number of comments in many websites about this change. Some like it, some don't. By far most do like it. But it's really amazing to me how people can be negative about any change, especially if the change doesn't match their personal preferences. I personally like mellow music, and I didn't know Journey and Steve Perry before. I became interested only recently because of this fuss with the new lead vocalist. I tried to be as objective as possible by listening to the original clips with Steve Perry and the new clips with Arnel Pineda. Both of them are very good. Both of them are not perfect. I like some aspects of Steve's singing, and I like some aspects of Arnel's singing. It would be nice to combine all the good things in their singing. But that's not possible. Realistically, I need to be satisfied with what is practically available. I learned that Journey had 2 or 3 previous lead vocalist changes after Steve Perry, due to various reasons. It's Journey's SOLE prerogative to make these CHANGE decisions. People NEED to respect their decisions. It's THEIR band. It's THEIR future that is at stake here. No one can claim to know what they want, except for them. Again, it's their exclusive right to make the decision. People can talk endlessly and uselessly about what they don't want about the change--but that's all talk, really. What people think doesn't have any effect on the decision--because the decision-makers don't really care. Otherwise, Journey should have asked/consulted/gotten votes of the "people" or fans--especially the old, devoted fans. What I'm trying to say is-- people need to just cool down and be realistic and practical and flexible. Give the new guy a chance, just like the past Journey vocalists were given chances. This is America. Arnel may have been lucky, being at the right place at the right time. But that's life. Accept it. The reality is --the better you are and the harder you work--the luckier you become. I did not know Arnel but based on my readings--he paid his dues--perhaps more than most of the people writing comments in this site. He had a difficult life, due to no fault of his. He has 25 years of singing experience. I believe he deserves it. And he seems to be very humble an unassuming--about this thing. He even continue to idolize Steve Perry. Oh, about this discrimination and racial issues--- We are talking vocals and singing ability here--not skin color, not height, not race, not gender, not looks. I'm actually fed up with racial discrimination discussions. When can people start to realize that each one of us has his/her own talent and strengths. What matters most is ability and talent and--I might add, good character-- Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods are African American (black-skinned) but people respect and idolize them in America and worldwide; Albert Einstein was short (and was an immigrant)--but people respected and idolized him in America and worldwide. Elvis Presley was white, and people respected and idolized him in America and worldwide; etc., etc. RACE & SKIN COLOR DOESN'T MATTER, PEOPLE. SKIN COLOR CAN'T MAKE ONE SUCCESSFUL NOR USEFUL IN THIS WORLD. IT'S WHAT GOOD THINGS YOU CAN DO, AND ACCOMPLISH THAT MATTER MOST. Discrimination, Envy, back-biting, fault-finding can do nothing good. Let's be positive--for once. Let us be happy when someone has a chance to become successful--in their own right. Let us remove the speck from our own eyes before we comment on other people. Let us examine ourselves carefully---before we throw the first stone at somebody. I rest my case.....

A. Whiteman
Music is the universal language of the soul, transcending color, race and even faith. No one can claim real ownership of how a particular song should be sang. People are created differently and no one race is 'better' than the other. Just because someone says something in a different accent does not make him necessarily 'wrong' What is right anyway? Even Americans have the 'southern drawl', the English have their 'cockney' and Autralians have their 'lingo'. Journey's latest lead singer is the epitome of someone who has dreamed, worked hard for it, had faith and realized it. He is not just a typical Filipino who rose from the ashes, he lays inspiration to some child in Africa who dreams hunger would disappear, some child in the Middle East whose dream is peace; some child in Europe who hopes there would be no exploitation.There is too much differences in the world today, the quarrel about religion, race, socioeconomic background, political affiliations, lets make music something that will unify everyone. Arnel Pineda is a great singer in his own right. SP is irreplaceable, AP is just a simple sincere guy who was chosen by the gods (Schon and Cain) to fill the void. He has big shoes to fill but if you listen to his voice and watched Journey's concert in Chile, the people there loved every minute of it. Just proves to you music goes beyond race, color and creed. More power Journey!

V. Gray
Just noticed there's a lot of "Pulang Liog" comments about Arnel Pineda. Don't you know that SP and AP might be distant relatives? The Philippines was discovered by a Portuguese navigator named Ferdinand Magellan in 1521 and SP is of Portuguese descent mind you, "mga uwat mong dagko". For those who didn't know anything about the Filipinos and put down Arnel you are definitely ignorant. We are a group of nice, reserved, polite, hospitable people of Spanish, Chinese , Malay, etc. ancestry due to over 300 years of Spanish colonization of the Phils. So, enough said with that racist disgusts me... we're not in the 60's anymore. What matters now are talents and perseverance,not ignorance and bigotry. Arnel has such an amazing voice that fits perfectly with the band "Journey". Accents doesn't matter in singing, and even if you don't understand the words but, the tune is right be it. Don't judge Arnel by the color of his skin, and his accent but his true character. He is a well grounded person who came from humble beginnings who came a very long way through perseverance from being a street kid to where he is right now. Nicely done inspire rock. Proud to be your fan and a Filipino like yourself. Mabuhay ka, Arnel Pineda of Journey.

V. Gray
To those who criticize Arnel Pineda well, what you gonna do about it, "Jump Off the Roof" . Our man Arnel is at the "Helm" of Journey right now and he's doing such a great job. Bravo! to you Arnel...such an amazing voice. Love your new song, "After All These Years," can't wait to buy the CD. Mabuhay ka, Arnel. You make us Filipinos proud. Best of Journey.

to Sky...... tell your co workers to go so they can listen to preview of the songs.....If i did not know it was arnel I wont't be able to tell if it was AP or SP singing..

AMAZING VOICE!. UNIQUE TALENT! The most important discovery in the music World! Good thing. U.S.A. got him 1st. Go!!! Arnel. Its your Destiny! You rocks!!!

Too much criticism and the world is full of it. Too much racism and the world is full of it as well. These things are not new to us anymore. Criticism and racism always comes together specially when "someone or "some things" appears differently. In Arnel's case he's a type of guy who has an amazing voice and could sing great songs, and got the job as a lead singer of the band called Journey. Now, for some Americans he's a threat. Why? Because he's an Asian singing "All American Songs" and it also happens that he's a lead singer of Journey which is an "All American Band". He has a voice of a white man but his looks and the color of his skin is unfortunately his SIN and they are throwing stones at him because of that. Like Jesus said; "He who has not sinned cast the first stone" We are in the world of music, not world of politics. Why can't we just get along? If the bus driver is Asian... well, get out of the bus and find another bus. That seat will not be empty anyway. What i'm trying to say is that if you're really a fan of Journey then stick to them no matter what. But the bottom line is.. if you want to stay then stay otherwise Steve, Hunsicker, Augeri, Sotto or whoever that is, may need you as one of their fans i guess. By the way, the band is looking for an ICON not a Steve-CLONE. To Arnel Don't stop believing and rock n roll..

Good luck I'm from North Carolina I'll see you in Raliegh NC August 10,2008 I cant wait.Also I'm originaly from Pampanga.

to arnel.... goodluck to you!!! me and jolly wiish you all the best in life. ignore all the destructive criticism.. they are jealous of you,... keep up the good work.. you are always in our prayer...

hey guys.... I never heard arnel's voice live, only in yotube but i belive he deserve to be chosen as the new lead singer of journey.... if you hear the voice of arnel's younger broher, my fiancee, exactly the same as arnel.....

To Journey and Arnel, you guys are all so good and wonderful. We are looking forward to your new Album and your Concert tours here in the East Coast. Arnel is such a wonderful addition to Journey and the whole US Music Industry. He has such a golden voice, powerful and unwavering. And to all detractors, please all grow up. Steve Perry, Steve Augeri & JSS were all great but they had moved on and so all of you should. The new Journey is so much better now to watch and to listen. In your recent concert in Chile and Las Vegas, you all look like having the time of your life. They also look classier and cleaner. It is such a beautiful sight and thank you very much for giving such joy to your fans!!!!!! We can't wait to hear your music in the radios and in our Ipods and will be a constant companion in our everyday chores. Good luck and be safe.

when it comes to music it's the voice that matter's most not the race or the color of the skin, i think most those people who count on the race or nationality are caucasian, maybe it's because of jealousy, YOU HAVE NO TALENTS.

There is absolutely no reason for people to complain about Arnel because of his ethnic backround. Who the heck cares if he's Asian? After all, America is basically the fruit basket of every kinds of nationalities out there anyway. People should not bother about his blood type or skin color but his performances. I'm sure he makes some mistakes here and there like pitch or accents, tone, tempo - whatever they may be- but EVERY performer is susceptible to those. He certainly has the "Journey" spirit and that's all that matters...:)

Journey fan
Pineda's ethnic background should not be relevant to his ability to sing well. And although I have so far, only seen many videos of him singing, since I just found out about it, it is very apparent that the band members are happy with him. Journey is pretty much SP but sice SP is no longer there, I say Arnel is perfect for them, and suspect they will do well together. People who are die hard SP-fans, etc. may not like it, but who cares. They don't get paid to like it.

I was in Vegas for the Journey concert on March 8 just to be able to see and hear it myself how arnel sounds. Aside from his asian look I didn't see anything wrong much less any sound that could offend all the diehard caucasian fans of the Journey. Arnel is awesome! All I can say to all his detractors is: if you guys know how to appreciate music you will be able to appreciate it no matter where the sound is coming from. Afterall, no race has the monopoly of it. Good luck Arnel!

To Sky2012- Don't you worry about where Journey goes. Venues will be filled whether it be from Chula Vista, CA to Bangor, Maine or fom Goteburg, Sweden to Christchurch, New Zealand. There is a Pinoy in every freakin' place in the USA or any part of the world. They founded some of our biggest cities in the USA, like Los Angeles, some of the coastline towns in California and some of the cities in the banks of the Mississippi River in Lousiana. Filipinos are so assimilated in the American society that they dont even have their own town( Except Historic Filipinotown in Los Angeles and Stockton, CA). Have you been in some of the small cities of Texas? All hospitals are staffed with Filipinos. White House is the same thing. I guess you have not been in Northern California. Some of the cities near San Francisco are mostly Filipinos. And you know its Journey Country. Neal did it for marketing purposes. Smart move. They can easily go global with Arnel in the vocals. Even Dubai stadiums can be filled up. The country of Gambia have mostly Filipinos running their business and financial establishments. They are the most Global of any nationalities. Call Dell or email AOL and you will know who is answering you! Our American history was not made to mention about this nationality, unfortunately!

to Sky: You were not in Las Vegas just watched it in You Tube so keep your comments about the Audio..THE CONCERT WAS AWESOME!!!! and i was thereeeeeeeeeeeeeee

All is possible in this world and one of them is having an asian sing in an american band. I mean their even playing in the all american favorite sport (basketball). Give this new guy a break. He has the talent that not everyone has , lets not put it to waste. In one point of our time we all want to be given the chance of our dream so try not to hold back someones dream. Steve P has taken a diffrent direction of his career and you can still support him on the things he love to do. So let journey do what they also want, and that is to continue to give the magic of their music and more with arnel. Let's all reminisce with the music they've given us and have the new songs be part of our life as it unfold it"s new chapter. peace everyone!

I think that lots of people find it hard to accept Arnel Pineda as a lead singer of the band Journey. Most people say it's because it's an "All american Band". My goodness he's just a lead singer.. How would these people feel if one day a person with an ethnic background becomes a president of the USA? Just look at Anold S. He became a guvernor in LA. Maybe 30 years ago this wasn't possible but hey that was then this is now. In this world we're living in nothing is impossible anymore. There's no such thing as you can't do this and you can't do that. Arnel has the voice and talent. Let him enjoy the moment and give your support. To Arnel.... Rock N' Roll......

Guys, i watched few video clips of the bands show in vegas from youtube. i determined that the problem source came from ovedriven speakers and audio reverb set to low. Probably why the sound kind blurred or was flat and the treble set to high. it was just a mixture problem thats all! I heard Pineda say "faithfully" as clear as daylight many times over the duration of the infamous song. To each his own.I guess I listen better than others. Maybe those people have a problem hearing who knows. Like they say, better you than me. Hey I can play that game too....LOL

Guys, hate to offend anyone but my co-worker went to the show in vegas and eh told me that there was this caucasian couple in a group in front of him saying that they can't understand a word he's singing. That one said, "are we in the US? this is the legendary journey right? man i've never seen so many asians in a rock concert before ever. maybe they can undenstand their own accent better than we do". And the other said, " that maybe reason why they are here in planet hollyweird". My coworker also said that he recall there were more flips than americans in the show. man I think this is just the start. Pineda will need some huge shoes to fill! What if they go to some small little bitty town in the midwest or east coast and they weren't that many filipinos to watch the show. What if they go back to houston where there are more caucasian journey die hard fans than filipinos. What do you guys think will happen? Just hope Pineda will be welcome where ever he goes. In God We Trust...

I agree with Apollo R, the repertoire is very taxing for Arnel because he's also jumping and moving around, shaking hands, dancing. They need to mix in Dean to sing a few of the songs before Arnel sings Faithfully for example so he gets rested. Right now, he's spending a lot of energy with all the stuff he's doing. I do like the charisma, stage presence, his voice and how he interacts with the crowd. Journey feels reborn! Also, Las Vegas isn't exactly the best place for a singer debut with the dry air, it's known as the Las Vegas Throat where singers lose their voice. They use humidifiers to help out.

Apollo R
Saw them in Planet Holly in Vegas ... Great concert - although I noticed that he needs to conserve his voice from their grueling repertoire - although it's great to hear Dean Castronovo take on a couple of songs while Arnel recoops ... he was not going for the high notes in the last few songs they sang ... he also went off key in one of the last songs - I think that’s why they had to re-do a couple of songs in the end after the show - they had to call the people to come back in as they were recording this for DVD release ... but overall it was a blast!! The new songs were not so popular yet for many of the audience as they try to absorb it for the first time but the song “Wildest Dreams” should be a kick ass hit!! Can’t wait for the disks to come out in a few months ... I liked Steve A - a little smooth though and not much power, never liked Sotto as he could not really hit the notes . . . Arnel's got the range and power but I think what he need is more stamina on his vocal chords as their repertoire is just really vocally demanding!! Arnel will rock!! Go Journey Go!!

Apollo R
Saw them in Planet Holly in Vegas ... Great concert - although I noticed that he needs to conserve his voice from their grueling repertoire - although it's great to hear Dean Castronovo take on a couple of songs while Arnel recoops ... he was not going for the high notes in the last few songs they sang ... he also went off key in one of the last songs - I think that’s why they had to re-do a couple of songs in the end after the show - they had to call the people to come back in as they were recording this for DVD release ... but overall it was a blast!! The new songs were not so popular yet for many of the audience as they try to absorb it for the first time but the song “Wildest Dreams” should be a kick ass hit!! Can’t wait for the disks to come out in a few months ... I liked Steve A - a little smooth though and not much power, never liked Sotto as he could not really hit the notes . . . Arnel's got the range and power but I think what he need is more stamina on his vocal chords as their repertoire is just really vocally demanding!! Arnel will rock!! Go Journey Go!!






the new guy is great

For the first time in years I can't wait for a new journey album to come out. The thing about journey was that it wasn't just the music that people listened to it was hearing steve perry sing to it. I feel that way again I want to hear arnel pineda sing to the music journey makes. I've never felt that way with the other post perry singers except this guy, he's awesome.

where are the haters after the debut concert proved that Pineda passed the acid test with flying colors?

The Chief This is the link of Journey concert in Vina del Mar, Chile. Arnel rock the house.



Rock Fan
Ross, I don't know where you got all the information you posted, but some of it is not correct. You make it sound like Journey wanted to hire Jeremey Hunsicker and when they couldn't get him, they had to make do with Arnel Pineda. That's not what happened. For some unknown reason, Journey decided to fire Jeff Scott Soto (as the story goes, Soto doesn't even know why himself as he was not given a reason and didn't talk to the guys in the band.) Prior to Soto's last appearance with the band in Virginia, USA, rumour has it, they contacted Kevin Chalfant to see if he could do the gig. Supposedly, Chalfant had other commitments so they went ahead with Soto. They had become aware of Hunsicker (not sure how) prior to that final Soto show and had contacted his management. They went to see Hunsicker perform with his tribute band around that time and extended the invitation for him to audition. Shortly after Soto was informed he was fired, Hunsicker flew out to San Francisco to audition. In his own blog, Hunsicker talked about the audition. He thought everything was ironed out and when he went home, Jonathan Cain called and told him he had the job. Shortly thereafter, management called and told him it was not a "done deal" and the band members were not all in agreement with his hiring. Hunsicker called Neal Schon to ask what the problem was. He then called Cain and, it seems, he got a bit angry and blurted out something to the effect of he might not be the right guy for the job. The next day, he called Cain back and said he still wanted to be considered. Cain told him he was still in the running. If you read between the lines there, I think his words to Cain ticked him off. However, Hunsicker still hoped to get the job and still wanted it until August when management told him they were auditioning someone else. Hunsicker did not "step out" as you stated. The "someone else" being auditioned was Arnel Pineda. He was flown into San Francisco in late August. He did two live auditions before going to Cain's home studio to see how his recording voice was on Journey's greatest hits. That audition went well and he was offered the job. He went back to the Philippines for a while, then returned to the US in November and stayed till right before Christmas to record a CD of new music, produced by Kevin Shirley. Your statements about Pineda's lack of big-band-long tours is also not accurate. Pineda has been a professional singer for the last 25 years. He started out performing with a band called Ijos when he was just 15 years old. At Budokan Hall in Tokyo (where Journey played with Perry in the 80's), Pineda and his band entered a World Band Explosion and Pineda won Best Vocalist in 1987 and 1988. His band then transitioned into AMO, a band that toured the Philippines and played to audiences of 10-15 thousand people. While that size audience is obviously smaller than some of Journey's audiences over the years, it appears to me to be significantly bigger than Hunsicker's audiences for his Journey tribute band. I can't speak for the size of Chalfant's audiences though, as I don't know enough about the concerts he may or may not have performed. Pineda has been performing 6 nights a week with shows lasting anywhere from 3-6 hours a night since the late 80's. Every song wasn't in the high Journey register, obviously, but many of them were (see his videos on Pineda has also had two record deals with major labels: a solo self-titled album in 1999 with Warner Brothers, and a Zoo album in 2007 with MCA Universal. He's performed plenty of original music, but like ANY actively performing band, when you work the crowds, you find yourself having to do covers that the audience knows, as well as being able to throw in a few originals. Pineda's not a Journey tribute singer. He's just a guy who fronted several bands with original music who had to play covers to please the crowd. Isn't Journey in the same boat? They have to perform their "hits" to please the crowd or everyone goes to the bathroom or beer tent when they perform originals. In my humble opinion, he has plenty of experience to do the job. He wasn't their "second choice" by any means. They hadn't even heard of them when they auditioned Hunsicker. It was after Hunsicker's call to Cain, that they decided to look for someone else, but they hadn't told Hunsicker a decisive "no" even as Pineda auditioned. As far as Hunsicker knew, he was still in the running at that point. After they auditioned Pineda, they made their choice and he became their pick for the job.

listen to this song of arnel pineda's self titled cd

steve perry is steve perry, arnel pineda is steve perry, air supply, led zep.bryan adams, bon jovi, survivor, rod stewart and so on..... arnel is a real package deal ....

Ok, change is a constant and Arnel is proof. Go with the flow. The fact that he is 40 years old is proof that he has been singing a long time. If Schon thought he is good enough, then let it be. Besides, I have been a Journey fan since DAY 1 and can't wait for the new material.

Jeff Scott Soto was the vocalist of Yngwie J.Malmsteen. If you don't know Yngwie, he's one of the legit electric guitar virtuosos on the planet. Listen to Jeff and Yngwie on Rising Force and Marching Out albums. Jeff's got pipes, the guy is good .A virtuoso like Yngwie will not get Jeff if Jeff is not good. Now if Journey fired Jeff, then that's Journey's problem. All I care is that the voice now of Journey (2008) is Arnel Pineda. And Arnel is the "man"! There are many others vocalists and bands here in the Phil. who could cover Van Halen, Eagles, Queen, Led Zep, Bon Jovi, etc. who have not yet uploaded their videos on youtube. These guys could re-create the recorded sound in a live concert and you will not hear a difference (except for the looks). Arnel is lucky, Neal Schon went to youtube to find a replacement. Does Eddie Van Halen need a new lead vocalist? We have one here. To Arnel: melt their faces!

'tangna niyong lahat. we'll just see you at the tailgait party at the concert...we'll have a big cooler full of cold san miguel beer!

The negative comments about Journey’s new lead singer mounts a lot spewing foul-smelling and trash-talking mouths out there! They’re doing tons of nonsense blabbering everywhere because of one thing. THE DEMANDS OF THESE SICK RACIST CREATURES WERE NOT MET! IT’S LIKE REVIVING A ROTTING CORPSE FROM THE GRAVE! LOL..! Sounds funny but they really are! I know Steve Perry is a great lead vocalist but he can no longer tour for health reasons, et al. Can these sick people who are questioning the band’s decision just shut up for a while and let the band prove themselves again? YOU GOT BETTER THINGS TO DO THAT JUST WASTING YOUR TIME CRYING OVER SPILLED MILK!

Arnel Pineda, you make me cry every time I listen to you, your voice is so beautiful that you bring my feeling up and down and you bring my memory back in time. I wish you the best and your welcome to the world will never fail of being well reserved.-Sincerely, Max

Want to make a correction on the statements i wrote on 03jan 2008 23.02. . 1: Its not Real Estate economics who are collapsing but offcourse housing market economics 2: U.S. deficit is,nt 16.000billion dollars but sadly even worse it,s 66.000billion dollars. But enough politics,back to the music! I ,ve been a journey fan for almost 29 years i followed them from back the seventies. I am from Europe so maybe i have different sentiments for Journey than most Americans have, but if you really are a Journey fan,you stay with them no matter what happens. If some people want to leave and turn their backs to Journey for whatever reason, than leave.No one stops you! But i,ll stay,because i am a "REAL" Journeyfan !!

Another little known fact about Arnel, he won the Best Vocalist prize in Japan at the 1988 World Band Explosion. Must be awesome If we can find a video of his performance in that competition. Kinda eerie to find out if it were also staged at Budokan Hall in Tokyo. Remember Journey's gig at Budokan back in '83? Here it is. Would've been nice to get some feedback from the crowd back then, if they could hear his words if at all. Maybe Steve thought, What the heck the audience don't speak english anyway. Hehehe..

hey guys,,AP loves journey also like we do...he's a great guy..loves fans and very likeable--unless a journey fan is a racist like the kukluxklan poster i've seen..then you're bound to love this guy,,,wait till their new album comes will definitely a big hit...this guy is like neil schon said"the real deal"..there's no doubt about that,,, .....arnel's voice quality is almost as good if not better than the original singers recording on studio...SP is sweet and great but AP brings more passion and power and "attitude" on his performance and voice quality...this guy will outperform any original band singer LIVE...i mean anybody

Winner:Hate and resentment Loser:humanity and love.

Winner: Journey Loser: spike05

Some say dish Journey because they are way out of line by using up singers like toiletpaper. But I think lots of them mean dish journey because they,ve taken an Asian as their frontman. lets face it, if the guy was Swedish or German nobody would make a big deal out of it. I see in lots of reactions the reason why there is such resentment. Its all about foreigh(Asian)outsourced labour and Asian products. Offcourse no one should be unemployed ,but to blame asians or foreighers for that is to say it mildly "to simple" To all does people i say read this: Privation,capitalism purely in the persuit of profit without regard for the public interest is precisely the trend, which has negatively set America,s economy in a downward spiral. U.S. economics are disrupted by uncontrollable loans&credits. Real estate economics are collapsing. U.S. deficit is 16.000billion dollars. Who do you think is the blame? Outsourced labour and foreigh products? Or your U.S. Government not doing a good job to their country and people. Its time to wake up and open those eyes!!!

Ross from Prestwick
Those of us done with this band but still very much in contact with the players (or ex-players) knew this was coming (since August), albeit he wasn’t actually first choice (didn’t stick that in their statement I note). I understand the passion people still have for this band, their music, and wanting to see it performed live, and I genuinely respect that - but personally I have no time for what this band have become and how they went about their business over the last few years. I was lucky enough to see them in the 70’s and 80’s and would rather keep those memories. I just hope people can respect this alternative view, too. As regards this latest instalment of the saga: Jeff Scott Soto shafted, Kevin Chalfant considered - again, and then Jeremey Hunsicker (vocalist with Tribute band Frontiers) was offered the gig in June but stepped out after some soul searching, primarily because of family commitments. So Pineda it is, and I can only hope the hardcore fans who were up in arms a few months ago now regret the almost xenophobic and semi-racist rants, and disbelief that Journey would go ‘out of town’ for a replacement. There were even JSS critics which, even with my total ambivalence, I found sad as that was a genuinely brave move and a true chance to progress as well as lose the stigma of the Syncgate expose’. For the record, it wasn't the JSS detractors that helped Journey make their decision to drop him, it was because JSS had the audacity to be a true front man, bring something different to the band and be an active part of the whole – albeit taking some of Schon's thunder, and Journeys 'trademark' sound, away in the process. The last two being the real clinchers in the decision to drop him (while he was in Europe – nice). Pineda can hold a tune as they say, but his highs aren’t as clean as Hunsicker's and his lack of experience at big-band long-tours level make him a curious choice over the likes of Kevin Chalfant (passed over once for Perry himself, and now for a tribute singer). And, sadly, the ‘cheap labour’ gag used by some 'fans' should not be dismissed out of hand - with his limited stature (thus far) in the business Schon and Cain have probably got who they wanted not just vocally - but contractually. The band are so happy with him that they have accelerated plans and have already recorded new material with producer Kevin Shirley for an album due in early 2008. Shirley has since stated that not only is Pineda “Just phenomenal”, but the recorded songs are “….sensational”. They may be proven right of course and he may well be the ‘real deal’, but what statements would you expect when trying to convince fans and critics alike after hiring their third lead vocalist in two years? It’s ironic Karma that having tried to shake off Perry’s shadow for so long they now acknowledge their ‘legacy sound’ is where their future lies, and Greatest Hits tours with post-Perry vocalist No.3 trying to recreate that legacy sound would seem to be the answer (with Schon recently divorced for a fourth time he needs Journey to be as lucrative as possible). Some welcome that, others walk away. Good luck to Arnel, he may need it. Ross Muir, author of ‘A Personal Journey, The Rise & Fall of the Scarab’

I agree Callipto ,Arnel is by no means a clone of Perry. But he can sing perryesque(i hope i spelled that right) I heard several clips on Youtube and the man is almost a vocal chameleon and i mean that in a positive way. This means that the man has a great vocaltechnique and certainly will filter out a style of his own that will be revealed on the new CD.

Arnel is not a Perry 2. They may sound the same somehow but Arnel has his own style if you listen well, besides he can also adjust to a different vocal range. One thing you can notice is... all the song he is singing is with almost the same theme... rock ballad, classic rock... songs that have a high range and ruspy voice.

Why can,t Journey fans understand that Perry never ever will sing in Journey again and Augeri and Soto are also a past station. Don,t get me wrong i loved all of the former singers, but when its over its over. When the remaining members of Journey choose a new singer you,ll have to respect that. Journey say they want to return to there heritage sound and why would Arnel Pineda not succeed in doing that, the man has a classical rockvoice with a tremendous reach. Ofcourse there is only one Steve perry and God bless him but Perry and Journey are on "Seperate Ways" so stop wining about the past and bring on the future and the future is Arnel Pineda if you like or not!

john 5150
Are you kidding me! Bored? Tired? Who are you to say that will ever or even happen. Of coarse he won't get bored or tired. You act like he is ABOVE Journey and just he is just doing them a favor. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Comment by simple at 17 Dec 2007 6:21 -i am very concerned. not for journey but for arnel. the dude Arnel's been singing songs by oh so many great bands like Van Halen, Led Zep, Heart aside from Journey classics. It will be a big DRASTIC change for him to just sing Journey songs for months or years on end. has anyone even considered this? that is freakin drastic. it's like being plucked out of the seas and into a salt-water aquarium. i hope he just tried it out for a year or so and have an option to join other great bands too --- like Van Halen, again for a few months! keep singin the same set for one band only, arnel being who he is will meet permanent boredom not so far down the road. i hope hisopt out is stipulated in his contract with Journey.

For those pessimists out there, QUIT THE NEGATIVITY!!! View life from a positive perspective. Arnel is a good thing and leave it at that and move on...

Why can't people just be happy for someone's potential success, and yes, Arnel is all potential. He is not in any way replacing Steve Perry but you have to give credit when it is due. The dude can sing and I will leave it at that. I just wish people give this guy the chance and don't be so caught up with the "what ifs". For all those who has something "not so good to say", I'd like for you to take a whack at it and get on stage. If you can come half as good as this guy, I might think about listening to what you have to say. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the music because in the end, this is what it is all about...

Alvin and the chipmunks
To all of you out there that really knows music, Arnel is the REAL DEAL!!! It bothers me to see people comment that he may only be good for a short period of time because he has different vocal ranges....that is actually what you call REAL TALENT!!! And to all of you that are angry because he is dark-skinned, we know that there is only one STEVE PERRY but there is always one out there that is better!!! Arnel might not be better yet that S.P. but listening to him sing with my eyes closed have given me goosebumps. I have been a Journey fan all my life and I welcome Arnel to another chapter in this band's legacy. As their band's name say JOURNEY...this will be another exciting part of their lives as musicians. Let us all wait for their album in 2008 and walk with them in their JOURNEY with Arnel Pineda!! God bless you guys!

I dont understand why the accent thing bothers alot of people yet, they dont realize that Scorpions has alot heavier of an accent since theyre from Germany. Hell you cant even undestand it when the singer talks. But ofcourse no one has a problem with it since theyre white.

typo: is NOT something that cannot be fixed in a short time. i hate that double negation thing.

i've seen his rendition of Love Walks In and Jump. different sound, not like Sammy Hagar nor Dave Lee Roth but as good in a different way. i trust the accent (just a bit) is something that cannot be fixed in a short time. i hope there is some kind of artists exchange. ok, i will stop my wishful thinking now. hey, anyone can dream.

i am very concerned. not for journey but for arnel. the dude Arnel's been singing songs by oh so many great bands like Van Halen, Led Zep, Heart aside from Journey classics. It will be a big DRASTIC change for him to just sing Journey songs for months or years on end. has anyone even considered this? that is freakin drastic. it's like being plucked out of the seas and into a salt-water aquarium. i hope he just tried it out for a year or so and have an option to join other great bands too --- like Van Halen, again for a few months! keep singin the same set for one band only, arnel being who he is will meet permanent boredom not so far down the road. i hope hisopt out is stipulated in his contract with Journey.

OMG! Journey has become a cover band. I don't care what "new music" they put out this summer it's not Journey. Stop already! It's been 20 years of waiting for this band to get it together. When Steve A joined the band it was the start of the New Journey. How many New Journey starts do we have to sit through. Someone tell Perry to suck it up and sing already or tell Schon/Cain to give us a break and put the nail in the Journey coffin. I've given 30+ years to this band. This new line up feels like a slap in the face. I don't want to close my eyes and pretend that Perry is singing. I want Perry to sing.

Hey, Reading all this comments and arguing about whos the new frontman of journey,sounds like a broken record.Will you stop about this racist thing or the accent of Arnel. Arnel Pineda was chosen for a PURPOSE. I think that was the purpose of his life given by God, to be a blessing to the Band and to the Fans.God is not a respector of person, as long arnel use his talent for the Glory of God then Succes of the Band and individually will be shown.Neal Schon and the rest of the band are musicians for a long time and their old enough to make the right decision on whos the right frontman. As long they make good music with a good message, then they're in the right track. And to those people who keeps on Arguing... if you dont like Arnel's voice you better Audition just to stop your wasted anger. By the way Arnel Pineda's voice and accent is far better than MANNY PACQUIAO's voice!!! LOL.Journey should change thier name to PILGRIMAGE just for a change.LOL

-i was so sad i am really fannatic of journey band but it was big break for Arnel pineda so, keep up the good work and gudluck for the new album.

Arnel is very talented and the voice range is impeccable. He is no Steve Perry but you can’t deny he can hit every note Steve was known for. I’ll give the guy a change & look’n forward to see their new album.

It is a sad day in the history of what was once Journey. Being a life time Journey fan I was concerned when Steve A was hired. But the quality of music on the Arrival CD set me at eaze. I am sure that the band could of found 100 Perry soundalikes. But there is only one Perry. With the current reunions of The Police and Van Halen, I was hoping to see the band put there pride aside and get back together. There comes a time in life when if you cannot do better, you should not do at all. I wish Journey all of the luck in the world, but you have lost a lifer.

He sounds more like Bruce Springsteen and Steve Perry had a kid that got kicked off of American Idol? I wish they'd put Bad English back together instead of continuing to to butcher Journey.

Andy Braban
I heard a rumour about arnel ages ago and so listened to some zoo stuff on you tube and i have to say, i was excited at the prospect at him becoming journeys new vocalist. hes so close to perry its unreal. i do have to say though that steve augeri was for me, top notch and i would have loved to have seen him back or even deen castranona has the ideal voice. my only concern over arnel is the fact that i have also seen him singing numourous other bands covers and i wondered wether his voice is a natural perry esq style or was it just adjusted to the journey style as he does have a different vocal range for each individual type of song that he performs, is he natural perry esq or just multi talented vocal range. great luck to him anyway,cant wait for the new journey.

NOT SO FAST.... I want that spot Dave sings Journey and the Twisted Finster Link on the friends list TWO MORE JOURNEY SONGS DAVE