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Tonic Breed - On the brink of destruction

Reviewer :
J├Ârgen Andersen Format: Album
Release date: 2010-12-22 Year: 2010
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Metal
Artist discography


Tonic Breed is a metal band from Norway and they recently released their debut album "On the Brink of Destruction". This is an unsigned band and I personally think that someone should give these guys a chance because this cd is really well produced and the the sound is very good and it gives an overall solid impression. To try to place this album in one genre is very hard because Tonic Breed are flirting with a lot of different styles such as metal, trash and progressive melodic hard rock. I think it feels fresh and different from many other bands and that is something that I personally always value. Its not that easy to stand out from the crowd these days but I think Tonic Breed are doing that really good.

The musicians in Tonic Breed do a great and solid job. The lead guitarrist Anders Bekken is really skilled and shows it in a lot of great solos and riffs on this album. And along with Rudi Golimo Olsen on bass, Daniel Pettersen on drums and the singer Patrik Svendsen, who gives a personal touch to this album and sometimes reminds me of an young James Hetfield, Tonic Breed really delivers a great album. I personally like the mix of different styles that Tonic Breed give us on this album and if you are looking for a group with a special sound and style and like the early metal/trash groups with melodic elements then I absolutely think you should check out this album.

One good example of what I am talking about is the great song "Oblivion" with a lot of melodic changes in it. More songs I personally liked on this album and that I think you should give a chance is "The wait is over"," Desperate Call" and the title track "On the brink on destruction" that sends me back to the eightes metal and reminds me a lot of early Metallica. This is really good and absolutely worth to checking out!

Tracklisting 1. The Wait is Over
2. Survive This
3. Lowball
4. Oblivion
5. Desperate Call
6. Don't Fail Again
7. On the Brink of Destruction
8. Suit the Day
9. Death in Small Doses


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