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Five Finger Death Punch - American Capitalist

Reviewer :
Troy Kramm Format: Album
Release date: 2011-10-11 Year: 2011
Label: Prospect Park
Genre: Metal
Producer: Kevin Churko
Artist discography


Five Finger Death Punch have released the metal album of the year. Yah, I said it! They have simply outdone themselves yet again on American Capitalist. This album is HUGE!

Their first single "Under and Over It" only gives you a little taste of what this album has in store for you. Ivan Moody's vocals are better than ever, if that is possible. He is metal's new voice! Jason Hook and Zoltan Bathory absolutely shred on every song. Their solo's seem to blend into each song without feeling forced this time around. With previous releases, I felt that they tossed those in just for the sake of doing so.

Jeremy Spencer is OK on the drums, I guess…Just kidding! He is as integral as the rest of the band and ties the songs together while he pummels the double bass drums throughout. I had to turn the headphones down while listening to this album for review, I thought my ears were going to start to bleed. It was a beautiful feeling. Spencer also has some range as he slows things down nicely to match Moody's dark anthemic vocals on songs such as "Coming Down", "Remember Everything" and "I'll Fall".

Everything on this release feels much more prominent, while still keeping with their original angry thrash infused sound. Credit for this has to go to producer Kevin Churko, he has been working with the guys since 2009's War Is The Answer. The man is a legend, he doesn't make bad music! When you add him to the mix with a band that is already this good, it is like polishing a diamond. It doesn't need it, but it just looks better when it's done. Five Finger Death Punch couldn't be a better example, The band produced their debut The Way of The Fist by themselves in 2007 which sounded incredible. Now with Churko's help they seem to be getting the best from every band member and getting better on each release.

The biggest surprise for myself was how impressed I was with the well thought out and clever lyrical content provided by FFDP on American Capitalist. Moody touches on everything from selling out and commercialism to family issues and raw personal emotions. There are going to be a lot of words to live by coming from this album, none more powerful than "If I fall, I'm taking everybody down!" from the song "I'll Fall". This truly sums up the power this band has.

Simply put, this album will inspire a new generation of metal heads alike. If they take notes from Fiver Finger Death Punch then metal/hard rock music will be in good hands for years to come!

Tracklisting 1. American Capitalist
2. Under And Over It
3. The Pride
4. Coming Down
5. Menace
6. Generation Dead
7. Back For More
8. Remember Everything
9. Wicked Ways
10. If I Fall
11. 100 Ways To Hate


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