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9ELECTRIC - The Damaged Ones

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Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 2016-07-15 Year: 2016
Label: Another Century
Genre: Hard Rock,  Electronic
Producer: Kane Churko
Artist discography


9ELECTRIC released their debut album The Damaged Ones on Another Century in 2016. If you like Numeral / Alternative Rock with a little more electronic tones like a mix of Awaken The Empire, The Dreaming and Skillet, it's worth checking up. Have to say that it's a cool and qualitative album, filled with both tough and a little more melodic tracks. To help with the production, none less than Kane Churko (Five Finger Punch, In This Moment, Papa Roach) has been involved so The Damaged Ones has the right sound and production for this type of rock.

Should I be a bit hard, I think that the album lacks of any stand out tracks that could take it to the next level. So it will probably disappear among all the other releases from the last year, even the band deserves a better fate.

Highlights: "Beautiful", "Goodbye" and "Filthy"

Tracklisting 1. The Damaged Ones
2. New God
3. Naked
4. Beautiful
5. Lies
6. Goodbye
7. Take It Away
8. Little Things
9. Filthy
10. Toxic Angel
11. More More
12. I Die


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