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Monte Pittman - Pain, Love & Destiny

Monte Pittman - Pain, Love & Destiny

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2011-10-02 Year: 2011
Label: Monte Pittman
Genre: Modern Rock
Artist discography


Now this album came as a surprise to me, Madonna´s guitarist Monte Pittman who now is playing with Adam Lambert, has recorded 2 solo albums where the latest one "Pain, Love and Destiny" is a really great modern rock album. Monte also used to be a member of Prong, plus he´s recorded an album with Adam Lambert that will be released in November, called "Beg for mercy". The sound on his new solo album bring thoughts to Pre-Thing and Dave Navarro, truly lovely guitar oriented rock where the song "I am the black rabbit" could´ve been an unreleased Kings X tune from the early 90´s. Other great songs worth pushing the repeat button of are "About you", "Lost", "The price of fear" and "Stay with me". Highly recommendable!

Tracklisting 1. About You ...
2. Lost
3. Somewhere In the Middle
4. Fortune
5. Keep Shining
6. The Price of Fear
7. Close Your Eyes
8. (I Am) The Black Rabbit
9. Definitely
10. Stay With Me
11. Right Back Here Again
12. Outside the Box
13. Burn Down the Garden
14. Predetermined Destiny


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