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Absinth3 - Retropolis

Reviewer :
Virginia Gutierrez Format: Album
Release date: 2016-04-09 Year: 2016
Label: 601896 Records DK
Genre: Retrowave
Producer: Ethan Gray
Artist discography


Retropolis captures the youth of the 80's and leaves you in a state of tranqulity. 

With an album like this it's hard to imagine life without a synth.
The 80's are making a come back folks and this album is proof.
Very impressed to find out the younger generation is becoming part of it.

Look forward to future work to come from this artist within time.

You can find Retropolis on iTunes,Amazon and Soundcloud.
Also be sure to check Absinth3 out on Facebook and Twitter!

Tracklisting 1. Long Island (feat. Kaye Kiernan)
2. Firewall (feat. Lisa Marie Perkins)
3. Trust Is a Curious Word (feat. Chelsea Owen)
4. North Point Mall (Interlude)
5. Set Me Free (feat. Occams Laser)
6. Retropolis
7. Skyscrapers
8. Farewell (feat. Dimi Kaye)


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