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Crobot - Welcome to Fat City

Henrik Holmgren Format: Album
Release date: 2016-09-23
Label: Wind-up Records
Genre: Classic Rock,  Grunge
Producer: Machine
Artist discography


Crobot, they are one of the coolest bands around today. I really dug their last album and its groovy, catchy songs. Nice songs combined with vocalist that has a similar vocal range as Chris Cornell, it was a surefire buy for me back then. When I got this new album in the mail I was very excited to hear more from the Pennsylvanian boys. So, how is it? Well, it is super groovy from the start and you hear traces of grunge and bands like Monster Truck and Wilson mixed with some Soundgarden and similar grunge acts. There are also bits of psychedelia and stoner rock thrown into the mix and the result is… it is just very cool and fun to listen to. I am thinking little bit of a heavier Rival Sons.

I often talk about how important variation among the songs is. Crobot does this incredibly well, as there are not too many songs that sound the same. Try not to tap your feet and nod your head to songs like Not For Sale, Play it Cool and Blood On the Snow, it is impossible! On Moment of Truth, they show that they can handle down-tempo as well, with a nice bluesy song. There are no real weak points on this album, just a bunch of really good songs.

In my book, Crobot pretty much has it all. Very cool riffs, a tight-as-hell rhythm section and of course the great vocals. Sure, they might be a bit too much stoner for some, but to me, it is just a very good blend of their styles. If you want a fun, good rock album full with great songs, look no further than this. Good work boys!

Tracklisting 1. Welcome to Fat City
2. Play It Cool
3. Easy Money
4. Not for Sale
5. Hold on for Dear Life
6. Temple in the Sky
7. Right Between the Eyes
8. Blood on the Snow
9. Steal the Show
10. Moment of Truth
11. Plague of the Mammoths


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