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Kansas - The Prelude Implicit 

Kansas - The Prelude Implicit 

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Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2016-09-23 Year: 2016
Label: InsideOutMusic
Genre: AOR
Producer: Kansas
Artist discography


It has been 16 years since American progrock band Kansas released their last album – “Somewhere to Elsewhere” (2000). Last year, after the longest wait in history, we get to enjoy their latest effort titled “The Prelude Implicit”. Sadly, Steve Walsh, a founding member, lead vocalist and keyboardist of Kansas is no longer with the band as he retired back in 2014.
His absence is compensated by the voice of new singer Ronnie Platt who absolutely kills it on this record.

David Ragsdale’s heated violin playing was definitely another highly anticipated moment and he delivers quite the performance,
The exciting rivalry between the diverse guitar riffs, the emotional violin, the distinctive drum sound, the mighty organs and keyboards create something really special together.
This new Kansas album, one of the classic progressive rock bands that come from the United States is definitely a must-listen for the fans.
Although sadly missing the voice of Steve Walsh is something we all have to take for granted.
Kansas surely dealt with so many line-up changes along the way,

“The Prelude Implicit” is everything but monotonous.
There’s an obvious variety and a little something for every die-hard Kansas or progressive rock fan (or as a matter of fact every person who understands and appreciates good music).
The soft but charming opening rocker “With this Heart” sets the tone quite low but that’s also a good thing.

The absolute finest point of the record is the progressive 8-minute bliss “The Voyage of Eight Eighteen”. “Camouflage” is also one of the highlights from the album with a haunting intro, captivating vocals and the catchy tasteful chorus are impressive.
The lyrics are also beautiful, needless to say. “Camouflage”, along with “Crowded Isolation”, are bringing us back to the classic Kansas years.
“Rhythm in the Spirit” is the classic hard rocker from the album. “Unsung Heroes” is a sensitive ballad that is a bit like been there done that, but it still sounds good.
The album's instrumental closer “Section 60” is a great and spectacular way to wrap things up, alhtough i never have been a fan of instrumental songs..

Great arrangements aa good new voice and musicians that know what they do.
an album worth the wait for die hard Kansas fans, but i still think despite the new singer does a good job Kansas lost their heart and soul when Steve called it quits.

Tracklisting 1. With This Heart
2. Visibility Zero
3. The Unsung Heroes
4. Rhythm in the Spirit
5. Refugee
6. The Voyage of Eight Eighteen
7. Camouflage
8. Summer
9. Crowded Isolation
10. Section 60


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