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Tribe of Judah - Exit Elvis

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2002-01-01
Label: Spitfire
Genre: Alternative Metal
Artist discography


Many good things come from Boston like The NHL team Boston Bruins, the legendary AOR group Boston, funkrockers Extreme and now this exciting new band with members from Extreme. The head behind Tribe of Judah is singer Gary Cherone and with him the bassplayer Pat Badger plus drummer Mike Mangini from the same band. Joining in are Steve Ferlazzo on Keyboards and Leo Mellace on guitars. They have a style of their own going on with 40% Extreme,30% White Zombie and 30% Progressive numetal! Well,it?s a bit funky but in a heavy industrial way. The production is crispy with lots of loops, programmed keyboards and distorted vocals. The opening track "Left 4 dead" is like hearing Vanhalen going industrial and "In my dreams" is like an AOR version of 21st century metal! I really believe in this band and they are far more exciting than Vanhalen and Extreme were at the end! Cool album!

Tracklisting 1. Left For Dead
2. No One
3. East Of Paradise
4. Thanks For Nothing
5. Celibate
6. Ambiguous Headdress
7. In My Dreams
8. 2+2
9. Suspension Of Disbelief
10. My Utopia (Anthropolemic)
11. Exit Elvis


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