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Glenn Hughes - Resonate

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Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2016-11-04 Year: 2016
Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Sören Andersen and Glenn Hughes
Artist discography


It has been eight years since ex-Trapeze, Deep Purple Mk III, and Black Sabbath icon, Glenn Hughes released his last solo album.
And hell it was worth the wait.

Resonate as it is titled has become an album that really is one of the top releases from this year.
Hughes promised this would be “a heavy rock album for his fans.
And it has become exactly what he promised it would be.

There are many late 70's influences like a nice groovy hammond sound.
And next to some great basslines from Glen there are also a large number of very cool guitarsolos delvered by guitarplayer and also co producer Sören Andersen.
Andersen managed to blend the groovy soulfull sound that Glenn has as his signature perfectly together with a rawer heavier approach.
The rsult is this stunning timeless rock album.

Next to Sören, Hughes’ album features his touring band Pontus Engborg (drums), newcomer “Lachy” Doley (keyboards), and guest drummer Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Hughes says, “I look at Chad as the new John Bonham. Chad’s been my right arm; I call him my wife.”

From the moment the first track “Heavy” hits you in the face, you know Hughes has indeed kept his word.
Glenn is forcing straight ahead with this hardrocker.
His bass work and soulful vocals, and a slice of funk sets the atmosphere for what is to be expected on this majestic album.

On “My Town” there is this nice raw riff and hard hitting drum.
Love the powerfull vocal parts and lots of hooks.
It is a true knock out right between the eyes.

A darker, and hounting bass intro and riff, introduces “Flow”, which is as diverse as Glenn's voice is.
Soaring vocals, a groovy Hammond sound and heavy riffing cmbines this song in all it's greatness.
Clearly one of the album's highlights.
This song has all ingredients of becoming a fan favorite at any live show for shure.

“Let It Shine” is a more straight classic rock song, with a catchy chorus.

When the fantastic Hammond organ intro of “Steady”, kicks in you know instantly this will become another magical song, and it indeed is.
It sets you on a journey to the classic 70's once again, The hammond is taken over by an impressive drumsolo which sends the song into this by many forgotten era that changed the earth by welcoming hardrock after the psychadelic 60's.
I have got only one word for this song! A-MA-ZING!

“God Of Money” and “How Long” is like a step back in the days towards Deep Purple and a slice of Led Zep.
Just listen to these fantastic vocals Hughes delivers here.
Both songs are very addictive and it is really worth to mention the unbelievable skills on keyboard/hammong by Doley.

After all the fireworks on previous songs Glenn and co take a step back in pace and deliver a sweet dreamfull ballad in first throttle with “When I Fall”.
I gives some time to breath and shows the diversity in Glenn's voice once again.

After the sweetness the album falls into a more funky song, which has this great guitar & bassline.
It undoubtfully has some RHCP influences, which are delivered with an easy feel but is in fact a very technical song to deliver and even includes a guitar talk box.

“Keep on Rocking in the Free World” was the first thing i thought of when listening to “Stumble & Go”.
But in fact is more diverse and has some nice breaks and background vocals at the end.

Sören Andersen starts “Long Time Gone” with an acoustic intro which envolves in a mid tempo song full of hooks and once again shows of what this band is capable of a fantastic groove and bringing good old classic rock of the highest standard.

And so comes an album to an end which really wants you to press the replay button instantly.
I am overwhelmed with the quality of Glenn's voice which just seems to get stronger by the year, which is amazing for a singer at his age.
Also it is clear that these musicians already played on stage many times, sounding as tight as a liveband should.
The production is done with heart and soul leaving you with a feeling classic rock from the 70's is on it's way back to the spotlights.
Also it gives a feeling like you are standing in the front row at a live gig but only without the screaming fans.
It breathes pure energy.
Some great albums have been released this year, this is absolutely one of them and it also confirms Glenn to be still one of the main voices of rock today.

Tracklisting 1. Heavy
2. My Town
3. Flow
4. Let It Shine
5. Steady
6. God of Money
7. How Long
8. When I Fall
9. Landmines
10. Stumble & Go
11. Long Time Gone


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