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Vola - Inmazes

Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 2016-09-16
Label: Mascot Records
Genre: Progressive metal
Producer: Jens Bogren
Artist discography


For me, this debut from Danish Vola undoubtedly the best record, released in 2016. This young quartet from Copenhagen impresses tremendously with their modern prog/rock where you can hear influences from everything from Meshuggah and Porcupine Tree to Massive Attack. Even thinks that you can hear some clever pop like Downes Braide Association and the Swedish Big Money, though they probably have never heard of these acts.
What I think do Inmazes to such an enormous record is the perfect balance between the massive metal and semi-industrial elements and the progressive pop melodies. Had the band had a stereotypical singer so they had probably felt as a band in the crowd, but vocalist Asger Mygind has a very harmonious and friendly voice that makes very unique. Just listen to tracks like "Stray The Skies", "Star Burn" and "Your Mind Is A Helpless Dreamer" where these opposites meet and create pure magic. Although I think that the band's tougher tracks are their strength so I feel that the quieter and more atmospheric "Emily" and the title track has to be mentioned. Both have some tasty Pink Floyd vibes that of course is nothing but very cool!
So, if you like modern progressive rock this debut is nothing but a must as it is one of the best releases made, ever.


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