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FM - Indiscreet 30

Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2016-11-04
Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: AOR
Producer: FM
Artist discography


FM have been asked many times to re-record their somewhat underproduced succesfull debut album.
Now 30 years after they finally jumped to the gun and made it happen.

Is it any good?
Well it's better produced with modern techniques which means a much more clear sound.

But on the other hand i don't think it really stands out.

I have got the impression they were aiming for somekind of TOTO sound.
Overland off course is a great singer, but it is all way to clean.
Where is the pure energy every rock album has to have.
I don't really hear real emotion.
I am not saying it is bad, it is wel produced and it sounds as clear as crystal water.
But after a couple of songs i really gor bored somehow.

FM just missed a chance here to really spice the album up, not just by adding some more stereo guitar effects or some synths and computerdrums here and there.
What this album still misses is some pure hot pepper.
It still sounds like a little mountain stream which never turns into a wild river.

Jim Kirkpatrick does well on guitar, I he really plays some nice solo's and rythm guitar I just miss some real punching riffs.
Steve Overland’s voice has not aged really over the years.
Still soft and pure like silk.
This can be both positive as less positive.
I must give him credits for keeping his throat in such good shape.

The album has improved compared to the original release.
For those that love pure melodic, soft 80's rock this is really a good buy.
For those that love some knockouts, some riffs and rawer vocal expieriences this won't be the album for you.

Tracklisting 1. That Girl
2. Other Side of Midnight
3. Love Lies Dying
4. I Belong to the Night
5. American Girls
6. Hotwired
7. Face to Face
8. Frozen Heart
9. Heart of the Matter
10. Let Love Be the Leader
11. Running on Empty
12. Rainbow's End
13. Shot in the Dark
14. Bad That's Good in You
15. Love and Hate
16. That Girl (Acoustic Version)


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