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Vanaprasta - Effie House Sessions

Johan Wippsson Format: Ep
Release date: 2012-03-09
Label: Independent
Genre: Alternative Rock,  Indie Rock
Producer: Dave Schiffman
Artist discography


Oneof the bestrecords of 2011 was undoubtedlyVanaprastas"HealthyGeometry". With progressive elements, alternative ideasand above allgreat songs they are one of today's most exciting bands for sure. This new Epcalled "Effie House Sessions" is a new five-track album featuring reworked, and semi-acoustic versions of five tracks from their 2011album. And this is yet another clear demonstration of their musicalability and that they are a band to be reckoned within the future. With very beautiful arrangements and new elements they takes the songs to a new calmer and pared down location, but no less exciting. Just listen to the dreamlike “Supernumerary” and “Nine Equals Nine” and you will know what I mean!

I am also impressed by the sound thatis really good. It sounds alive and natural, but still with a small production that representsthe band in a great way. A real check up and just let’s hope they will follow up with number two later this year!

Tracklisting 1. Supernumerary (Effie Version)
2. Color of Sin (Effie Version)
3. Healthy Geometry (Effie Version)
4. Come On (Effie Version)
5. Nine Equals Nine (Effie Version)


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