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Adam Cohen - Like a Man

Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 2012-04-03
Label: Decca
Genre: Pop Rock
Artist discography


AdamCohen'slatest album"Like AMan"came asa real surprise to me.I hadrather expected anewLowMillionsalbumwhen they hadfinished an album and had not heard thathehadbeen working ona solo album.Butdo not complainsince Adamis a clearpersonalfavorite andeven hashis Frenchalbum from 2004in my collection.Two tracksfrom LowMillionsrecord is also includedhere, soguess that we will not seeanyrealreleaseofit in the future.

This album, which was released in 2011 in Europe and Canada,will also have a properreleasein the U.S.on April 3through Decca.And thisvery finealbum hasa great chance tobe hisrealbreakthroughif it’s placedright, andwill have a fairpromotion.

Felt itwas disappointingwhen I firstlistened to itifI'm honest."LikeA Man" is a veryacousticalbumwith a verynakedand natural production.Had expecteda more pop orientated album like LowMillions,so this wasnot what I wanted fromAdamthen.But now, a few monthslater, thefeeling isvery differentand thisis an albumIwill comeback to manytimes in my life.Itis very beautifulin its kind anditis not a singlebadtrack onit actually.Itrequiresa fewlistens, and eventhe mood, but when youfind it, you’re stuck for sure!

Tracklisting 1. Out of Bed
2. Matchbox
3. Like a Man
4. Sweet Dominique
5. What Other Guy
6. Girls These Days
7. Lie Alone
8. Overrated
9. Beautiful
10. Stranger


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