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Minus The Bear - Infinity Overhead

Reviewer :
Tom Spinelli Format: Album
Release date: 2012-08-28 Year: 2012
Label: Dangerbird Records
Genre: Indie Rock
Producer: Minus The Bear
Artist discography


You may not be aware, but the tenure of Minus the Bear has been a long one. The band was formed in 2001 and is readying their 5th full length release “Infinity Overhead” on August 28th through Dangerbird Records. If you are familiar with the band, you will get everything you want on this album and more. The band is known for their jam sound and very smooth vocal lines. This one is a little more radio friendly and upbeat, but its for the best.

With each album, it took me a while to really get into the music. Their albums didn’t hit me right away but I found myself coming back to each one and over time, really digging them. “Infinity Overhead” is an exception to that rule. From the very beginning, this album caught me and held me in.

Vocal hooks are more present on the new album than its predecessors. “Lies and Eyes” is a nice standout upbeat track to the album. The urgent riffs in the verses turn into a nice catchy chorus. We get to the real good stuff on “Diamond Lightning.” This song features a slower version of the band and a big chorus that is memorable. This 5 minute track is a sure standout. When the chorus hits with the vocal line “Liquid concrete under out feet” the song really opens up. “Heaven Is A Ghost Town” could be considered a duller track at first, but give a few listens and you will have this one on repeat.

“Lonely Gun” is the second official single released after "Steel and Blood." This is definitely one of my favorite songs from the group so far. The very upbeat wah guitar riffs transition smooth into a shred heavy chorus. You will even hear a saxophone present in this song. My Only complaint is that I wish the sax came in earlier and more prominent. This shows the true talent of this band. Not many Rock bands these days can get away with a sax.

“Cold Company” ends the record perfectly. This longer tune is more of the jam feel I as talking about that MTB has stapled in their sound. The riffs in the songs are reminiscent of those in “Secret Country.” It just pounds and rock hard throughout. I think this will become their best record to date mixing the jam rock and the radio friendliness to create this new type of sound. Minus the Bear proves that even after 4 albums and a long tenure, rock and roll is style, very much, alive.

Tracklisting 1. Steel and Blood
2. Lies and Eyes
3. Diamond Lightning
4. Toska
5. Listing
6. Heaven Is a Ghost Town
7. Empty Party Rooms
8. Zeros
9. Lonely Gun
10. Cold Company


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