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Lights & Motion - Dear Avalanche

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Henrik Holmgren Format: Album
Release date: 2017-01-20 Year: 2017
Label: Deep Elm Records
Genre: Ambient
Producer: Christoffer Franzén
Artist discography


2017 has, actually, started pretty great for me. First, I got to review the new Deaf Havana record, now I am listening to the new album by post rock powerhouse Lights & Motion. Not that the two bands are similar at all, apart from the fact that they are two of my favorite bands. I have always in some sense felt connected to the music made by Lights & Motion.
As always, we are treated to a rollercoaster ride of slower song, faster song, and heavier songs. All this stops the album from ever feeling monotone or heavy handed. As an example, I just realized I have played the album on repeat and this is the third time the same song passes by. I keep finding new things and sounds that I didn’t hear the first or second time. I do believe that this is an album that will continue to grow, even though it is already excellent.
It is quite hard to describe the songs as I feel that you must hear them to experience them. Picking favorites from this collection would also be hard as there are no bad songs, none at all actually. I do like the guitar riff in Pandora. But then again I like the melodies of Silver Lining and This Explosion Within and I like the piano parts of many other songs and the drums and the bass and… well I could go on forever with this. Let me just say that I will have one favorite song during one spin of the album, but the second round I will fall for another track.
It is a grand feat, but every album just edges closer and closer to perfection. It is, in my opinion, impossible to get tired of this man’s music. I do not know how it does it, but I do know this: He has done it again. This is just marvelous stuff. Closing song is call We Only Have Forever. You know what? Forever is just fine with me, as long as I can bring Lights & Motion with me for the duration!  If you ever considered yourself a fan of the post-rock genre, this is an album you NEED to get.

Tracklisting 1. This Explosion Within
2. Feathers
3. Silver Lining
4. Anomaly
5. Pandora
6. Perfect Symmetry
7. Everest
8. Lucid Dreaming
9. DNA
10. Anamorphic
11. Exhale
12. As They Sleep
13. All the Way
14. We Only Have Forever


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