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Big Wreck - Grace Street

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Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 2017-02-02 Year: 2017
Label: Warner Music Canada
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Ian Thornley, Garth Richardson
Artist discography


If I must be honest, there are few bands from the late 90's Modern Rock scene that has become better over the years. Many are still good, but their highlights can be found from the beginning of their career. A band that is different is the Big Wreck that I think is better now than on the early records. And then you should know that I really love both In Loving Memory Of ... (1997) and The Pleasure and the Greed (2001) that are really classic stuff. But on their last record, Ghosts (2014) then band chose to move towards a more progressive and classic sound, which suited them just perfectly.
This new album is no exception and is once again a very, very good album, filled with modern rock with the little extra. As the forerunner the band choose to have some progressive elements, but would say that this is less dark and more like Albatross (2012) in the sound. Tracks like the opening "It Comes To No Surprise" is crazy good with its pompous elements and to be honest, it’s probably their best song ever recorded. Even the subsequent "One Good Piece Of Me" and "Tomorrow Down" is an almost on an equal level with their slightly more straightforward and radio-friendly melodies.
Would have preferred some more tunes like opener as I think that the band is at their best when they are a little more progressive and epic sounding. But apart from that it is Grace Street another very strong release from Canada's maybe best band in genre at the moment!

Tracklisting 1. It Comes as No Surprise
2. One Good Piece of Me
3. Tomorrow Down
4. You Don’t Even Know
5. Useless
6. A Speedy Recovery
7. Motionless
8. Digging In
9. The Receiving End
10. Floodgates
11. The Arborist
12. Skybunk Marché
13. All My Fears on You


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