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Mike Tramp - Maybe Tomorrow

Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2017-02-24
Label: Target
Genre: Classic Rock,  Singer Songwriter,  Folk Rock,  Hard Rock,  Glam Rock,  Southern Rock
Producer: Soren Andersen - Mike Tramp
Artist discography


Mike Tramp releases his highly anticipated new album “Maybe Tomorrow” on February 24th 2017.

Mike Tramp is known for his very deep no nonsense lyrics, often a reflection taken from his own journey in life.
On this new masterpiece tramp does not compromise and travels the same path he used to travel on his previous 3 albums, but this time more diverse and with an even richer sound.
The more frequent use of electrical guitars are of great  help creating this.

"Coming Home":
The opening song starts with a nice electric guitar intro accompanied by a Hammond paving the way to a fantastic storytelling song about finally finding a place called home, the place where you belong .
"Coming Home" contains soaring vocals and beautiful guitar arrangements delivered by ultra talented guitarist and co producer Soren Andersen who was named as one of the 5 most talented "unknown" guitarists by Joe Satriani recently.
This song has hit potential all over it, if picked up by major radio stations.

“It's Not How We Do It”
This straight rocker is a statement about and protest against the way society often works these days.
You have to beware what you say, your words often will be used against you.
This song contains a strong chorus and a small bridge as well.
A nice sleazy slightly southern guitar completes it in the end.

Spring is absolutely one of the highlights on this great album.
A wonderful bright hymn about everything that comes to life at Spring.
Cause all of the flowers and leafs on the trees, will come out to welcome the birds and the bees.
It's just one wonderful phrase from this song and sees Mike delivering one of his most positive lyrics ever.

“Would I Lie To You”
In this song Mike returns to more personal lyrics about his own family.
A mid-tempo ballad, that shows us Mike is still delivering heartbreaking lyrics with a catchy chorus.

“Rust and Dust”
A slightly more guitar oriented mid-tempo song.
There is a respectful Bruce Springsteen feel in this song here and there and it also contains some great background-vocals.
A nice bridge leads towards a solo which is great to jump around on.
A great song for a live gig for sure!

“Leaving One Day”
Leaving One Day starts with a moody guitar, followed up likewise by Mike's darker vocals.
The lyrics are about the depressing way the world is working today and is a place you'd want to leave.
I love the solo part with a mighty hammond sound.

“Time and Place”
The first piano notes made me think back to White Lion's Road To Valhalla, but quickly it changes into an slightly different fantastic piano ballad with an emotional heartbreaking subject.
With this song i can already see some tears rolling away from various listeners eyes.

“What More Can I Say”
Love the vibe the musicians set in this song.
About the obstacles in Mike's live journey but also about him living his life just wanting to head out and play.
Love the uplifting chorus about a beautiful day.

“Why Even Worry At All”
A lovely story about the way living your life being free and making your own decisions driving your bike down the highway and camping by the fire.
It contains great drums and a beautiful bass-line, fantastic background vocals in a superb chorus as well.
A very catchy song for creating a real party live.

“Maybe Tomorrow”
The title-song shows Mike's songwriting at his very best.
Emotional vocals about his struggles and hope with his family.
The lyrics are exactly what separates him from so many other artists.
It gets under your skin and you can really feel the emotion.
And o man, what a fantastic solo to finish this album.

So comes an end to yet another fantastic album by Mike Tramp.
Maybe Tomorrow is another showcase in high quality songwriting about love, hope, sorrow, freedom and happiness to name a few.
Mike Tramp's emotional and breathtaking vocals are stronger than ever.
The style om Maybe Tomorrow is a continuation of his last three albums, Cobblestone Street, Museum and Nomad, but this new masterpiece is even richer in sound than the previous three diamonds and showcases more electric guitars.
The high quality production done by Mike Tramp and Soren Andersen is maybe the final step up on the stairway of perfection.
But who knows we could be surprised with another fantastic album in the future to come.
Maybe Tomorrow...!

Tracklisting 1. Coming Home
2. It's Not How We Do It
3. Spring
4. Would I Lie To You
5. Rust And Dust
6. Leaving One Day
7. Time And Place
8. What More Can I Say
9. Why Even Worry At All
10. Maybe Tomorrow 


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