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A Tragic Setback - Chasing The Light

A Tragic Setback - Chasing The Light

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Virginia Gutierrez Format: Album
Release date: 2015-03-30 Year: 2015
Label: A Tragic Setback
Genre: Metalcore
Artist discography


Talk about a completely underrated band with so much potential!

A Tragic Setback and their debut album Chasing The Light will get you off and on to your feet. No head will be left unbanged by this awesome piece of work. With lightning fast melodic riffs,dirty southern break downs and "I can't believe its not butter" smooth clean vocals the listener is locked in position for a metaltastic ride. From start to finish one is taken on a journey and confronted by meaningful lyrics.

The album titled song 'Chasing The Light' is about dealing with others who doubt your relationship with somebody and your goals in life. This we all can relate to and have dealt with ourselves or will at some point down the road. 

My favorite of the 9 tracks would have to be 'Too Beautiful For Earth' which is about a very sensitive topic,dealing with the loss of a child. This song is in loving memory of Elena Hope Arenas the vocalists daughter. You can just hear the heartbreak in the vocalists voice. It's a song that will make you think about your life for a moment. Hands down one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've come across in awhile. Tears will definately be shed. 

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Tracklisting 1. Play By Play
2. Chasing the Light
3. Game Over
4. Underwater
5. Too Beautiful for Earth
6. We Play for Keeps
7. A Shot At the Big Leagues
8. Marooned (Bonus Track)
9. Greensleeves (Bonus Track)


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