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Trevor Moran - XIAT - EP

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Virginia Gutierrez Format: Ep
Release date: 2014-12-09 Year: 2014
Label: Gotham Alpha
Genre: Pop
Producer: Bobby Frausto
Artist discography


Trevor Moran brings a level of sassyness that most artist are afraid to own with pride. Xiat is Trevors debut EP that surprisingly isn't as bad as most Youtubers work that I've heard.

'Xiat' describes how Trevor and so many struggle with anxiety as well as other associated disorders. I love how he wasn't afraid to speak up and raise awareness about mental health. In my opinion I think it's something many people don't want to talk about and tend to sweep under the rug,deeming a unspeakable topic. The song sets the mood for what it's like for somebody living with anxiety and how they feel often at times.  

'Now Or Never' from what I gather is about taking a risk and letting go cause life is too short not to have some fun yet alone be yourself.  

'Slay' is a positive upbeat song about owning what you do,loving every minute of it and not giving two shits what others think. 

'Echo' is my favorite off Xiat because its catchy and has a music video that honestly made me laugh a little. The attire is bizarre but the level of sass this guy brings to the dance table is intense. I don't know the meaning behind this track but I enjoy it as it is kinda club kid laced with electronic break downs.

Overall I'd have to say Xiat is a love yourself EP that made me feel comfortable in my own skin. 

You can find Xiat on Spotify and various streaming medias!

Tracklisting 1. XIAT
2. Now or Never
3. Slay
4. Echo


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